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I rode my bike to the forest last week and I got lost for a while! It was amazing :’) also this is last week’s spread! (I’m actually spending most of the time doing nothing but watching movies haha)

The Hardest Part About Being Vegan

It’s not finding vegan restaurant options. It’s not self control around devilled eggs at Christmas. It’s not keeping up your health. It’s not getting in enough calories. It’s definitely not getting in your protein. It’s not finding non-leather shoes. It’s not finding cheap cruelty free makeup.

The hardest thing about being vegan is watching Earthlings with your mother, and not ten minutes after it’s over, watching her prepare chicken for dinner.

It’s hearing nonvegan friends talk about standard factory farm practices and realising that they aren’t ignorant, they just don’t care.

It’s hearing your brother say “they’re just animals” and ordering a lambskin coat online, not caring that it was made out of slaughtered children.

It’s hearing your grandmother laugh out loud while reading about dairy cows being raped so they can begin producing milk.

It’s seeing your pregnant sister eating pork chops, eating a pig’s body, and feeding the tiny helpless life inside her that dead animal body too.

It’s knowing about your fathers dangerously high blood pressure and watching him eat the milky, cheesy, scrambled eggs your mother prepared for him.

It’s hearing a dog-loving classmate say that it is ethically wrong to eat dog-meat, but perfectly okay to eat chickens, pigs, and cows, because she ties what is ethical to what she personally wants.

It’s realising that the world is not as compassionate as you. It isn’t actually as normal as you thought to care about the wellbeing of others. Your heart is abnormally large and the rest of the world is apathetic and cruel. The rest of the world doesn’t care who suffers for their tastebuds.

It’s seeing the selfishness, greediness, apathy, arrogance, evilness, and coldheartedness of humanity and living in it every single day.

why you should stop eating meat
  • reduces risk of heart disease
  • reduces risk of some cancers
  • vegetarians live longer than meat eaters
  • vegetarians have a lower body mass
  • you will become healthier
  • you’ll avoid toxic chemicals
  • animals desire to live just like you do
  • eating meat is egoistic 
  • if you wouldn’t eat a dog, you shouldn’t eat a chicken
  • eating meat is one of the most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems
  • you will save money - animal products are expensive compared with foods of plant origin
  • you will become a peaceful person
  • vegetarianism is moral and ethical 
  • animals will thank you

My friend picked me up after work yesterday and I found vegan butter and bought veggie spring rolls! 🙌🏼
I worked a little this morning but was let go super early bc he knew I had a family event so I was able to spend the whole day with my wonderful family!! 😭🙏🏼💗
my cousins and I were blissfully reminiscing about our childhood and growing up together and it was just really nice plus there was so much fruit 🙊

Vegan Youtube Channels

There is an extremely diverse community of Vegan Youtube Channels.
It’s all about finding the right content for you!

Bite Size Vegan - educational vegan content simplified
VegSource - educational vegan content 
Tim Shieff - vegan athlete, be blown away by his parkor 
Vegan Break - variety of vegan topics and overviews 
Brown Vegan - down to earth approach to family meals 
Vegan Cooking With Love - delicious and familiar recipes
Veggietorials - plant based recipes and how to’s
Happy Healthy Vegan - high carb vegan couple in their 40s
Izzy Davis - high carb vegan teenager
Fully Raw Kristina - long time fully raw lifestyle and recipe videos
Rice and Raw - raw till 4 - 80/10/10 - high carb vegan
40BelowFruity - inspiring raw vegan in canada
VeganVeins - high carb recipes from a college vegan
Kerry McCarpet - educational vegan content 
NaturallyStefanie - Scottish raw till 4 vegan
Mantras and Mangos - raw till 4 - high carb vegan, Australia 
High Carb Hannah - high carb vegan lifestyle
Essena ONeill - vegan nutrition, fitness, and beauty
Eco-Vegan Gal - all things vegan with a focus on the environment
What a Vegan Eats - a sub channel of Eco-Vegan Gal
Jason Wrobel - professional vegan chef
Tastemade - raw vegan not gross recipes
Plant Based Guerilla - educational videos from Australia
Bananiac - vlogs about a variety of vegan topics
Plant Riotic - nutrition and fruitarian bodybuilding
NinaAndRanda - vegan twins, variety of content, musicians 
Light Twins - raw vegan exercise twins 
PlantbasedAthlete - competitive jiu-jitsu athlete 
Vegan Gains - commentary on vegan weight lifting
Freelee the Banana Girl - fruitarian from Australia
DurianRider - fruitarian biker from Australia
Gary Yourofsky - animal liberation activist and public speaker
Farm Sanctuary - educational awareness about farm animals
Whole Future - 80/10/10 diet and exercise
The Raw Boy - raw vegan, advice for people with acne
Bananablondie108 - long time vegan yoga instructor 
Annie Jaffery - vegan beauty guru living in Thailand 
Funeralformyfat - the inspiring weight loss of Sharee Samuels
Vegan Cuts - monthly vegan product subscription service
Kalel Kitten - famous you tuber, ethical vegan.

Feel free to add commentary on what content you consume or message me to request a Vegan channel to be added to the list.

Remember that the content creators that helped you might not have the correct approach for another person - we all have our own paths and reasons for learning about Veganism. 

I’m literally so sick of uneducated people trying to demonize dairy farmers. Like… Do you know how cows work? Unhappy cows =/= milk. Dairy farmers want to be successful so they take good care of their cows. Seriously people, stop pretending you know what it’s like just because you’ve seen stupid propaganda from PETA or whatever. Go harass the factory farmers or someone who is actually doing bad stuff, for fuck’s sake.


on monday, my 46th birthday, sadie and i went down to atlanta to stay the night in a tiny house. we ate at TWO vegan places, woohoo! the next day, i took her to the airport to go out to idaho to visit friends. they leave from idaho this saturday to go to california for a big concert. i’m going back to the tiny house on sunday and will pick her up and drive home monday. shoo!! so much love for this girl going out into this big world on her own. ♡

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