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what’s all you makeup wearing peoples favourite brand of vegan liquid liner? I’m using an ELF one right now ( the ONLY ELF liner if found where i live ) and i absolutely hate it. the consistency is trash and doesn’t stay on at all. i also tried lights, camera, lashes, by tarte and i hated that one too.

my favouite liner of ALL TIME was tarte’s multipleye lash enhancing liner but they discontinued it because they hate me.

things i look for:

tapered brush tip (I’m not big on sponge nor just a brush tip with no tapering)
very pigmented (i dont want to have to apply 3 layers just so it looks black - my issue wirh the Elf one)
looooong lasting formula (doesnt smudge or rub off just from usual wear)
preferably pen applicator but I’m ok with a tube and brush applicator too. pen is just easier.

thank you hunnies xx


i love, love, love a cat-eye.  i’m not a make-up person at all, i usually put sunscreen and a smudge of lip salve and i’m out the door, but i don’t feel ready for the world until i have a wee bit of liner on.  it’s hard to find a good vegan liner, but these three are in rotation.  my favorite is the urban decay 24/7 (it’s super black, easy to apply, and washes out easily).  i love the josie maran pen applicator, but it’s not a pure black (more grey).  the zuzu was my go to, but i end up having racoon eyes whenever i washed my face at night (literally have to rub my eyes out to get it off).  now, you know, urban decay good, zuzu meh.  i found the cute eyeglass girl photo above for inspiration.  i can’t do that with my eye being that i have no eyelashes, but if you do, you should go for it.

anonymous asked:

I just found urban decay's liquid eyeliner and it's pretty great however I saw that you said that urban decay just sold to l'oreal! Have you found another brand that makes a liquid eyeliner that compares?

It wasn’t exactly recent, that’s just how long I’ve been looking for a new foundation that compares.
And to add to the trauma, both eyeliners i was going to recommend (stila and tarte) recently became uncruelty free (boo)
So I’m also on the lookout for a vegan felt tip eyeliner.
I know some people love the ELF waterproof eyeliner, and at $2 it would be worth a try.

If anyone has any recs, please let us know.