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*whispers at PETA and extremist vegans* y'all need to stop being assholes to everyone like,,,, stop. Please. I eat animals and consume animal product but I'm a person who cares for them as well. I love them. I'm not some murderer. Stop accusing people of being so terrible. Honestly. Shoo fly don't bother people who consume animal product or take part in the dairy/egg/meat/animal industry.

Also my sister has become a crazy vegan extremist so now she’s even MORE insufferable

I swear, I’ve basically been a vegetarian for two years, but almost as soon as she became a vegan six months ago I started eating meat. Her constant. Fucking. Nagging. It drove me towards meat again, because if she’s going to be critical of me not being a vegan, critical of me not agreeing to that dogs can and should live off vegan diets, of me not agreeing to that humans are actually herbivores and dismiss all my presented facts disproving all her opinions, well then she can go fuck herself.

I’ll have extra ham on my pizza, thank you very much.

In case you’re wondering, because I often reblog vegan recipes. 

I’m not vegan, I’m a vegetarian who is gradually reducing consumption of animals derivated products such as eggs or dairy which I buy locally. 

I’m not here to spread vegan philosophy, which i don’t agree with in some aspects (for vegan extremists, my brother is a criminal because he trains his dog to search & rescue, and I shouldn’t watch equitation on TV…).

I’m fed up with intensive farming which lead to indescribable suffering of animals. I don’t want to collaborate with it anymore. In 2017 in my country, eating meat at every meal is no more a matter of survival, even not a matter of health. It is tradition, a habit, a matter of taste. So I decided about 8 months ago to raise animal welfare above the comfort of my stomach.

It’s also why I joined the newborn French animalist party to make animal rights a central subject in politics.

I just wanna make it clear, since I’ve reblogged some anti-vegan sort of stuff

Veganism is ok with me! Whatever lifestyle and diet makes YOU happy and healthy is fantastic.

Trying to force others to conform to your lifestyle choices through lying, manipulation, and exaggeration is downright evil and militant vegans/extremists need to stop.

I eat meat. I know the meat industry is fucked up and it needs to change, agreed. There are ways to encourage change besides “No-one ever eat meat ever again!”

And it is not anyone’s place to make everyone else feel like shit for making the food and lifestyle choices necessary for them to lead a happy life. You be vegan, and let me be an omnivore, and let’s all do our best to take care of ourselves and the world around us as best as we can.

Extremists Armed With Sausages Attack Popular Vegan Cafe

A brawl erupted at a vegan cafe after a group of extremists turned up armed with sausages and hurled meat at customers.

The Kiwi Cafe in Tbilisi, Georgia, was targeted by a group of more than 12 men who were said to have been carrying pork sausages.

Eyewitnesses said they went inside the restaurant and began throwing the meat at staff and customers, starting a brawl inside the premises.

The chaos soon moved outside into the street where local residents soon joined in.

Several people suffered minor injuries during the brawl, while the attackers escaped before they could be arrested.

Attack: Customers and staff were pelted with meat (Google)

The Kiwi Cafe described the men as “neo-Nazis” on their Facebook post about the incident, calling the attack an “‘anti-vegan provocative action”.

The post added: “They pulled out some grilled meat, sausages, and fish and started eating them and throwing them at us, and finally they started to smoke…

“They were just trying to provoke our friends and disrespect us.”

The men reportedly visited the cafe previously to ask if there were any members of the LGBT community inside.

Top pic: Facebook/Kiwi Cafe

Last week there was another truck accident. One of those trucks that carry animals to their horrible fate: the slaughterhouse. This time its passengers were 1,000 broiler chickens. 46 could be saved, and 30 of them are sleeping in Gaia Sanctuary right now. They have plenty of space, but they’ve chosen to sleep like this, all together.

Some neighbors from nearby houses took advantage of the accident and several chickens ended up in their hands. They just killed them right there and took their bodies home. The truck drivers did the same. They laughed at the activists. “We’re hungry too”. One of the neighbors snatched one of the rescue chickens from their hands, just like that. It was a nightmare.

Imagine how different things would have been if this truck had carried dogs. Imagine the petitions, the protests, the outrage, the tears, the judgment. But who cares about a broiler chicken. Or a thousand.

Tell me again how vegans are the extremist ones.

I think extremism is what gives a bad name to really positive things, like people think feminism is a bad thing because mainstream media usually associates it with extremes, “women shall hate all man, no exceptions” when in reality is not like that at all (or at leat what true feminism looks for) but there are a small amount of persons who portray it that way and those are the ones who get attention. Gun control? people think they won’t ever have guns in their power again (for whatever reason they want them) when in reality it’s just being quite a little more strict on who get those weapons, as in “you are mentally stable and know how to handle a gun safely”. Same thing with veganism or vegetarianism, I’ve had so many people rolled their eyes when I tell them I’m a vegetarian because they think I’ll lecture them about not eating meat, I will just share my point of view and my (very valid and scientifically backed up) reasons if the other person wanna hear about it, but there is no need tho shove them down. If you are extreme on your views and how you approach them to people of course you’ll give your cause a bad name, people are way to stubborn and unless a person decides to learn about something for their own initiative being aggressive and rude about your views won’t change shit. 

anonymous asked:

You can eat meat and still be vegan. A lot of the community understands that we don't need to be so strict. It's okay to treat yourself occasionally, you still are supportin the cause. A lot of vegans on YouTube are moving into this direction and don't understand all hate coming from vegan extremists.

Wtf is with all you morons sending me messages today! VEGANS DONT EAT MEAT END OF STORY

Non-vegan: Aww! Look at this cute piglet video! I can’t wait until he becomes my bacon, lol!

Non-vegan: Yes, I would totally kill my dog and eat it.

Non-vegan: I like the sound my food makes when it dies.

Non-vegan: I’d beat a calf to death with a hammer if it meant I got my cheese faster.

Non-vegan: I’d totally eat a human if given the chance. Please give me the chance.

Vegan: Animals don’t want to die. The good news is they don’t have to because we can get by just fine without murdering them. 

Non-vegan: UUUUGH! Fucking look at this fucking militant vegan extremist! SOOO EDGY!!!!!!!11 Don’t cut yourself on all that fucking edge! Lol! Fucking attention seeking loser!!  …So anyway, as I was saying, I would totally feed a vegan’s corpse to a cow before I slaughter it for steaks because I’m 100% positive the compounded suffering would make it taste better. 

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry I love vegan food but I hate vegan extremists who harass me and call me a murderer for eating meat. Go to Hell I would never hurt any animals. Fuck you for calling me a killer. A coward for not giving up Eating them but beyond that no

Sorry pal but you probably made a big mistake submitting this to a vegan blog. If you eat meat, you support the meat industry, and in effect are killing animals. You can’t eat a carcass without killing it and that’s that. If you can’t handle the idea of killing something don’t eat it’s dead body.

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If you buy products that are tested on animals, you are still vegan. You're being a vegan extremist. People such as myself that are really into makeup don't plan on wearing makeup such as elf. I don't consume animal products or wear any animal-derived clothing items. So yes I am vegan. My house is filled with tons of cleaning products that have been tested on animals. I don't have money to spend on cruelty free cleaning products. You're scaring away people who are interested in being vegan.

“People such as myself that are really into makeup don’t plan on wearing makeup such as elf.”

So what you are saying is that your love for make up is more important than the animals who suffer and are killed so you can wear “high quality” fucking lipstick? Fuck off. You aren’t vegan, you are a plant based dieter (which is fine, just call it what it is). And if I am scaring away anyone, it’s apologists and fake vegans. 

I support EVERY SINGLE PERSON who comes to me with questions about going vegan. I don’t support people who twist the meaning and ethics behind veganism to support their own selfish desires. Don’t message me again.

PS. Vegans who need to take nonvegan medication, NONE of this applies to you. You are vegan, and awesome as shit. Medication is necessary…nonvegan makeup is not. 

Extremist Christians and extremist vegans are pretty much the same thing to me. 

They both want to convert me to their beliefs and feel that berating my current lifestyle and making me feel like shit is the way to do it.

And they both don’t seem to understand that if you put 2 of each animal on a boat, eventually some of those animals will have to be killed and eaten by the omnivores and carnivores. 

277) My own mother literally told me that becoming vegan would make me, and I quote, “a social pariah.” She later forbade me from ever bringing it up in conversation, declaring that I would have no friends and no one would ever want to talk to me if I said I was vegan. She’s gotten better about it since, but I haven’t forgotten she said those things. Remind me how vegans are supposed to be these hateful extremists again?
676)  I am the only vegan in my family and I am 15. I am also the only person with healthy bloodwork, not overweight, and exercises regularly. I am scared that in the next 10 years my mom will literally eat herself to death. I wish I could help them be healthy and live longer lives but if I mention veganism I will just be seen as the "extremist radical vegan". I've shown my mom documentaries before, and she will simply feel guilty for a day or two before forgetting all about it.