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Hi Alexa! I hope you are having a great night!

Hi cutie pie! 💜 Thank you! Your message definetly made it better! I hope you have a wonderful night as well! c: and when you decide to hit the sack, I wish you a good and restful sleep! 🌙

How to educate yourself on veganism

Today I’m going going to give you 5 tips on how to educate yourself better on veganism. I’ve noticed some people talk about how it was hard for them to go vegan or they had a negative time going vegan, but most of them were undereducated on the topic, and weren’t eating properly. I hope this post helps people on their vegan journey and helps others get a better understanding of veganism. Please enjoy :3
1. Watch YouTube videos
YouTube is a great source for vegan education. I suggest watching what I eat in day as a vegan videos, vegan recipe videos, peta videos, vegan education videos, vegan youtubers, vegan tip videos and more! These videos are easy to watch and fun to listen to!
2. Read books
There are many books out there on nutrition and plant based diets which are very helpful. I would also highly suggest recipe books so you can figure out what to eat.
3. Watch documentaries
There are various nutrition documentaries and documentaries on the meat and dairy industries that can educate you better on where your food is coming from, a few examples are: earthlings, supersize me , fed up, cowspiracy, forks over knives, and more. These can be found on sources such as Netflix and YouTube. I recommend watching these things so you know what to eat and so u can better educate yourself on the horrors of the food industry.
4. Read articles
Keep yourself updated on vegan articles from sources such as mercy for animals and peta. This will help you get involved in the vegan community and keep you up to date on vegan events. These sources also offer articles on how to go vegan and what is and what isn’t vegan.
5. Talk to a vegan
Find a vegan that is willing to help you out on your journey, wether they are online or in real life, this can be extremely helpful. It’s good to have a person to guide you on your vegan journey.
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, the last time I posted I wasn’t in a good place and I knew I had to be positive to provide good content for you guys <3 I bettered myself and I’m very happy right now! I made myself a promise once I reached 1000 followers I would come back to tumblr, I reached this point a few days ago and I’m happy to be back! Thank you guys so much for your support and help! And thanks so much for 1,000 followers!!!
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How cool would it be if there was a Lemony Snicket café or restaurant and all the dishes that are mentioned in the books would be there? Maybe we should name it after Sunny since Sunny is the chef.

  • There would be several beverages: Aqueous Martinis, Coconut Cordials and Parsley Soda
  • And then there would be Alphabet Soup (The Hostile Hospital)
  • Beatrice’s Salad (a salad of sliced mango, black beans, and chopped celery mixed with black pepper, lime juice, and olive oil)
  • Ceviche (Beatrice used to make this and it was what the people on the island ate for lunch everyday)
  • Cheer-Up Cheeseburgers (The Anxious Clown)
  • Coconut Cream Cake
  • Cold Cucumber Soup
  • Custard Eclairs (one of the pastries served at the Brunch Picnic of Kit Snicket)
  • Horseradish
  • Lox
  • Onion Soup (The Island)
  • Pasta Puttanesca
  • Pesto Lo Mein
  • Wasabi
  • Seaweed Salad
  • White Beans

So lucky to have connections to so many vegans here in Davis: one of my cohort besties is also vegan (what are the chances there would be 2 of us in a class of 20?), her (randomly chosen) roommate @quantumdrops happens to be vegan, and @grace_amico and I happened to follow each other on instagram before running into each other at a vegan event! And so, vegan dining club is born 😍 For our first adventure we went to @piecespizza in Sacramento, where they made a really unique teriyaki pizza covered in sesame seeds, with an incredible veggie-stuffed crust! @veganmiche

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If you were in LA or willing to travel there do you think you would be asked or accepted to speak as a guest at Vegfest or promoted as attending? or Freelee for that matter?

I have heard some rumors that I was paid to fly out to LA last year or paid to speak at that event. I want to say I wasnt paid a single cent by anyone to go to LA or promote any event etc. I did it because I enjoy meeting my fans and wanted to give the event promoter a bit of coverage. Ive promoted more vegan events/products/channels etc than anyone on the planet - for free. The ONLY exception is WFF and they flew me out every time and every time I was the one speaker who gave the most time to the audience.

Last year was last minute. One minute we were on the list and then off and then on. Someone said they were going to bring a gun to the event and drama blew up on facebook lol. The organiser didnt understand how many people were going to turn up because of us and when he saw that, he was shocked. He also appreciated how we were the last speakers to leave and we stayed around for everyones questions. (FL hates speaking to her fans in real life (hence ZERO potlucks/meet ups since we split) but I always would force her to do it - because you have to give back to the dedicated fans!)

I had a great day out though and always enjoy meeting hundreds of crew one after the other for 12 hours straight answering pretty much the same questions each time and posing for selfies etc. If Im in the hood when an event is on then I go regardless if Im invited or not. Im not that pretentious and Im ONLY there for my fans anyways. 

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I don't think all arguments with a vegan is wrong but i hope people will someday understand that not all arguments against vegans are right: I mean, i know some vegans try to forcefully convert people and shit but i've seen people reply to a post about a vegan awareness stand in a vegan event by saying "I'm gonna kill a chicken tomorrow morning just because i saw that ;)", it's just very rude and cruel. [I'm not arguing against the last post, i'm just sharing my opinion about vegans in general.]

True, I don’t really hate vegans (hell I tried to go on a vegan diet but im broke as hell and it’s expensive) I just hate vegans who try to push their beliefs on others and have no respect for other humans and animals.

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do you have some more information on why freelee and her boyfriend are bad people? i am actually curious - i only heared them speak up about veganism (which i consider to be a good thing) and bring this subject to a wider audience. like if she started to donate (how do we know she doesn't?), it would 'only be for her image'. is there even a chance for her to do it right at this point? don't get me wrong, i'm not a fan of freelee's. i am honestly curious and would like to know more. :)

Please firstly, do not watch her videos, it is how she makes money. 
where do I begin with what is wrong with these two?

This is some screencaps from Durian riders instagram, he was in China and taking VIDEOS of fat people in public so he could mock them about their weight. 

And it is NOT just him doing it, Freelee makes videos about other youtubers weight gain, about how they need to lose weight. She says that EVERYONE can and should have a thigh gap.

Now we know she makes these  video titles controversial to gain views, but that is not where the problem lies, I have watched most of these videos before realizing she made money from me watching it. She trys to disguise her fat-phoboia in “concern for health” but it is all fucking bullshit. She pushes veganism as a diet, she makes money from people viewing it as a diet. She promises weight loss, and she knows that’s why the people are coming to it…. Because she titles her videos “how to lose 100 lbs”.

See how many of those screencaps are about eating disorders? It is not okay for an unprofessional woman to give people advise about their eating disorders. It is not okay to publicly shame someone in a video online about their weight to get fucking money. Do you want to know why I don’t want to see them in person? because i don’t want them to make a video about me. It literally terrifies me. 
I have been vegan for over 3 years, and in that time I have gained weight, and I’ve lost weight but it is none of anyones business. The truth is you don’t know what someone has been through, so you have no right to judge their weight, or reduce their entire worth to their weight.

Her partner posted a video not to long ago saying that depression is just someone being “undercarbed” and that people “choose” to be depressed. And her video claimed that everyone can have a thigh gap, when it has been proven that biologically some people just can’t.
Do you know how harmful these ideas and opinions are?

Studies have been done that PROVE fat shaming does not cause weight loss, in fact it causes weight gain.

Essentially freelee’s videos are made to prey on those who are insecure, just the same as advertising to market weight-loss products. You look at freelee’s most viewed video and it’s about weight-loss.. And if she is promoting an ethical lifestyle it is a seconadary point, not the main event (like veganism should be)

And of course they could redeem themselves, if they actually apologized for their harmful behaviours. But this won’t happen, they have been called out many times and always act arrogant about it.
Saying you care about someones health and not actually caring that there are more reasons to someones weight problems is not actually caring at all.
Caring about weight over mental health, is not caring at all.

All the cares about is the outside, she hides her fatphobia in “concern” for health, but That’s all it is.. fake concern for health. 

She said she hasn’t had her period in years, yet she is shaming everybody who doesn’t look like her.. she spews health health health yet
Based on current information, a woman must have a minimum percent body fat of 13-17% for regular menstruation. If a woman’s percent body fat is too low, her periods may stop and she may experience infertility. Her menstrual irregularities may also compromise the health of her bones, normal hormonal function is necessary for bone health.” (x)

Why ultra low body fat is unhealthy 
She doesn’t even meet the standards for health, she is just a fatphobic, body shaming POS. (I realize I am shaming her here, but I’m not the one going “ew overweight is so healthy, we need to stop the overweight people” when i’m underweight, unhealthy and a hypocrite)
For the record a healthy body fat % for females is 21-32%
Freelee may feel good at whatever low body fat % she has, but I can guarantee that not everyone can (or wants to) achieve that, for someone so concerned with “health” she sure is promoting/doing lots of unhealthy things and she is not a very nice person.

Now about her hatred for obese models, I’m sorry but seeing how clothes would look on a body type similar to yours is not promoting obesity. In fact it would promote self confidence instead of self hatred.

9 FACTS that shatter the stereotypes about fat people

And as for the “how do you know she doesn’t donate” because she would talk about it…. she would say “hey guys I just donated to freedom hill, you should all head on over there and do it too”
And then her thousands of followers would donate, fuck I do that and I only have 4,300 followers. It’s what you do for things you care about.
But the truth is she DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THEM, because it doesn’t make her any money. It also takes nothing to volunteer, she lives in the hills, not far from freedom hill and I’ve not once seen her there (i go to every volunteer day) 
She could actually do good for the people and animals at Freedom hill, but chooses not to? just her posting photos of it, would raise awareness and generate donations, but she does NOTHING.

Fuck I get less in a year than she makes in a month and i have a mental illness, and i still go and donate and volunteer. A few months ago i raised over $1,000 to donate to Fairview lodge and Freedom hill and I am not famous like her. Imagine if she did that?

I currently sponsor 8 animals at freedom hill, that’s $400 a year, that I.. a poor as fuck unemployed mentally ill person, donates. But her, a wealthy internet famous person, who earns $13,000 a month, does nothing.
I remember in one of her videos she said she spends $350 a week on food… and then she has the nerve to go bragging about how she makes that money? by harming other people. She is trash. Nothing could change my mind apart from her changing and aplogizing. And actually living by the values she claims to hold.

OK now that the vegan nomad event is over, I can spare some time to address all the recent drama. I really didn’t wanna get into any of this because I never wanted my Maniacs to have to take sides. I can handle all the shit people say about me, but when people stick up for me and they are being banned by other influencers they admire, from a festival they look forward to for ages, it literally breaks my heart. I never said anything bad about @askdurianrider or @freeleebananagirl, but I have every right to my own opinion about their diet and I’m not gonna keep it to myself just because they have more followers than me. I always said that if rt4, fullyraw, starch solution or any other hclf combo works for you, go for it, but if it doesn’t, you can still be vegan! Whether you like it or not, not everyone wants to cycle and eat gigantic fruit and rice meals all day. Fact of the matter is, a lot of people are trying it out and they give up because it doesn’t work for them and they go back to eating meat. Raw till 4 started When Freelee and Harley were offering a “back up plan” for people following the 80/10/10 diet (They were banned from WFF for that BTW). They saw that fullyraw wasn’t working for everyone and people were going back to eating meat. This is what we wanna stop. Converting people is hard enough as it is, and making sure they stay vegan should be our #1 priority. By showing that you can just eat regular vegan food and still be healthy and happy we can help those people stick around and feel better about their lifestyle choices. For some reason they think this is a personal attack, but that has never been the case and my loyal Maniacs know exactly that I don’t give a Fuck what type of vegan you are as long as you’re a vegan. Someone wise said on our tumblr: “if we can’t embrace all types of vegan diets we are screwed”, which is only partially true. The ones who are really gonna get hurt from this are the animals. Hundreds of billions of animals are being exploited, raped, tortured and brutally murdered in factory farms and we’re here making a big deal over banana Smoothies and avocado on toast? If that’s the case, they are really doomed and I have no hope for their salvation. As I said earlier, I don’t want anyone to have to take sides between 2 people they love, this is not a custody battle. I only wish people take the animals side. #animalsoveregos

2k14 Donnie is Vegan

When I went into that Enter The Lair thingy on facebook before the movie came out, I saw this little gem right here:

Now I like to think that Donnie was a vegetarian, but made the transition to full-on vegan after the movie events, here’s my best explanation as to why…
Don thinks a lot about what he and his family are, has a lot of internal struggles with his identity, and because of this has a hard time even THINKING of eating meat. The turts are very compassionate with animals, and keep some as pets (Klunk, Ice Cream Kitty, Spike), and I bet that Don knows how animals are treated in factory farms, and just hates to see them get so mistreated and abused simply because they’re animals. 

Donnie relates to this big time, so from a young age, he could have made the switch and turned vegetarian…only to turn into a VEGAN later on after the movie events. Donnie’s mind keeps doing flashbacks to that horrible time that he, Leo, and Mikey were electrocuted with taser batons, and taken to a lab to be drained of their blood. Don and his brothers were stripped of their dignity and their rights…just like animals in factory farms. So now, he’s a vegan turtle, that doesn’t eat one single thing that comes from animals. 

I’m making this canon for my Don. T-T

It kills me how it’s all over the news that meat can literally cause cancer but people are still making excuses.
“Lean red meat is still a great source of protein and iron,” says the news anchor. Hello, so are lentils… You don’t need meat to live, people, you really don’t. You’re better off without it.

  • *Vegan goes with non-vegan friends to the restaurants they like, even when there isn't anything for them to eat there*
  • *Vegan attends events with non-vegan friends that may serve meat or other things there, like a fair, because they care about their friends*
  • *Vegan puts up with non-vegan friends' bullshit when it comes to veganism, even though the vegan never brings it up*
  • Vegan: Hey guys, my birthday is coming up. I would love it if we all went to a vegan restaurant I really like. :)