vegan custard

Chocolate and caramel glazed custard filled amazing donuts, vegan donut shops are the best places on earth.

Brammibal’s Donuts
Berlin - Germany - Europe

Right donut is the “Special” which was a chocolate coated donut with secret custard inside, and the left donut is brown sugar and almond glazed. 🍩🎉

Donut Shop
Fitzroy - Melbourne - Australia

Hers; banana custard! Did you know Birds custard powder is vegan? I make it with unsweetened almond milk and it is such a comforting childhood food 😊 And that yellow colour just makes me feel like I’m eating a bowl of sunshine ☀️

Vegan Custard????

I made a trifle for my husband yesterday, not from scratch! a boxed vegetarian one! lol and it got me thinking about custard, when I was heating it up, it smelled lovely! and a thought sprung to mind, Vegan custard! I googled it and it seems like there are alot of mixed opinions about it :S Some people say that all custard powders are vegan, just substitute the milk for soy milk etc but then others are disagreeing saying there’s actually dried egg in custard powder and that soy milk doesn’t actually ‘set’ like cows milk does!! So now I’m really confused, can we make vegan custard from scratch?? Can we actually buy it from the shop?? I’m in the UK by the way, so we don’t usually have all the fancy 'Vegan Ready’ things like the USA does :( I’m just curious that’s all lol :D

Thanks for all your replies!! :D I’d completly forgot about the Alpro Soya custard pots, which are gorgeous and can be quite addictive!! lol I’ll have a go at some birds custard with a vegan milk (I don’t like soy lol) so thanks for that! :D