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It Started With A Waffle: Baked Chickpeas

“By now, you probably know about the Baked Chickpea rage. If you’re unaware, all you gotta do is go on Pinterest to see what it’s all about. I back the trend wholeheartedly. Baked Chickpeas are a delicious, easy-to-make snack that’s full of protein and vitamins like calcium, zinc, and iron. Being vegan, this is a go-to snack to help me power through the day.

My variation of Baked Chickpeas has half peanut butter and half sesame oil. I like to think that if I’m going to be using oil, I may as well use something like peanut butter to pack in even more nutrition. This snack not only has the nutrients of chickpeas, but also all the health benefits of peanuts. It’s a delicious protein filled snack! You can also use this as a topping for countless salads, soups, noodle dishes, etc.”


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Hello loves, in case you didn’t know, I make all natural bath & body products & sell them in my shop, Appalachia Apothecary.

My products are 100% handmade with organic, natural ingredients. I use only essential oils, as well as earth-derived, sustainable ingredients.
I have a true love for herbalism & natural alternatives to bath & body care, & I handcraft everything in my humble home in Appalachia with love & intention.

Lately I have fallen upon some really hard times, as my mental health is in very poor condition. I struggle very severely with BPD & OCD, as well as two other anxiety disorders, which have held me back in the last two years from basically everything. My quality of life is very poor & I’m entering recovery for a second time soon with hopes of being able to eventually begin driving, pursue a career & go to school. I’m receiving very poor hours at my current job & don’t have the means just yet of getting another.

Right now, my little shop has become my passion as well as a source of income & has helped me better shape my ideas of what I love to do, as well as who I aspire to be.
I write each of my recipes & make them in small batches, & I have endless plans for new products coming this year. I am constantly creating & it brings me so much happiness & peace. I take pride & joy in all of my creations, as well as the way they have helped me & others.

I would honestly appreciate it beyond words if you could take a look at my shop, & possibly show it some love!

Even if you cannot make a purchase, boosting this would make a world of difference for me & my shop & is so appreciated.
It’s been very slow lately & I’m needing some help.

Love & light

Berry nicecream with nutrigrain, fruit, and tableofplenty crunchy chia !! 👅👅👅❤️⚡️💞 #vegan Instagram: alysaslifestyle