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All the amazing amazing amazing food I got a Vegan Soulfest in Baltimore on Saturday. This was like one of the best days of my life. A vegan festival filled with Black people. I was in heaven! It was an awesome event, I enjoyed it way more than the 2 vegfests I’ve been too. There were tons of vendors selling tons of stuff but I’m a sucker for food so that was priority #1

But yea everything was delicious. I brought a lot of it home because I couldn’t eat that much food in one day! I got lots of mac & cheese and vegan chicken, a rib sandwich, a cheese steak, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake. The mac and cheese in the last 2 pictures is my fav, it’s from Sweet & Natural and the drumsticks above are too good for this world. I had way too much fun throwing money at people… Black people :))))


ICE CREAM COOKIE SANDWICHES Vegan Gluten Free and Oh sOOo Drool Worthy Style😛🍦🍪💃🏽ahh these are sooo fun and gooood! let me know if ya want the recipe ! ~ no oven needed for this slightly crunchy slightly chewy sweet n salty cool'n creamy sink your teeth into goodness 😉 inspired by my mom who use to always make ice cream sandwiches with Rice Krispie treats growing up! This is a healthy vegan alternative of that fav treat growing up! (Oh and as you can see you can also make lil energy balls with this recipe too). Yew !! Will be posting 4 more entries from #talineandandyschristmascomp on insta story today ! And one recipe feature tonight ! It’s the season!!🍦🍪🍦🍪🍦 📹 shemmy xo (at North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii)

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That swirl… These are the cravings you get when you are out of bananas 🍌😿
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Tomorrow morning I will also be uploading a video on how to make #vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches 🍨

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New Video up on Vegan Foody’s YouTube Channel!

Vegan Chocolate Chip Mashmallow Filled Sandwich Cookies (with a secret ingredient!)