vegan colorado


HI! Such a busy, but surprisingly great day! We were literally on the go for twelve hours. The boy and I spent the morning moving my crap from one storage company to another because my original place turned out to be greedy jerks. We also got a really nice mattress and box spring from his mom for free and I can’t wait to sleep on it tonight!

We then rushed downtown for my first ever Rockies game. I guess you could say our seats were pretty good. We lost, but it was still fun! One of my best friends (since 7th grade) arrived today with her husband and was able to meet us which was fantastic. I’m a little Minnesota home-sick so this was great seeing her. I will see them more later, plus I have another best friend and her boyfriend arriving Friday! Jeff and I also tried Native Foods Cafe for the first time with them since they are mostly vegan, meaning all of that food is vegan! It was seriously really good and I’ll definitely have to go back.

A few splurges happened today (half a hotdog and some nachos at the game), but all within moderation. I’m at almost 14k steps because of moving stuff, downtown walking, and my video for the night. Not too bad if you ask me! Yesterday I did great and ate about 1300 cals which I think my body needs once in a while. That’s all right now. I got homework and some Beachbody stuff done too tonight so I’m just on a roll. Have a good evening, friends!