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Fur is incredibly heartless and futile.

The way fur is produced not only hurts the poor animals but also the underpaid workers who are being exposed to toxic chemicals and have to work in horrendous conditions.

Please never buy anything with fur on it. Take your time to check if that coat you are about to buy has real fur on it and think about what that means and if you want to support something like that. 

Inktober Day 9

The Story - Part 1

Day one of recording the fifth Mars album was here. My boyfriend of two years, Jared, had asked me to prepare a special meal for the guys tonight.

It was going to be Jared’s favorite. Vegan pizza. I was using Tomo’s famous vegan crust recipe and coating tomatoes in olive oil and pepper to be roasted in the oven when I was joined by Jared.

“Hey baby.” He greeted me with a quick kiss on my cheek.

“Hi sweetheart.”

“That’s gonna be awesome.”

I started to place the tomatoes on a sheet pan when, Jared’s older brother came up from the lab. He labored a moment, his arms still aching from pounding away on his drums.

“You want some water?” Jared asked before I could.

“Yeah.” He replied sounding spent. “What’s for dinner?”

“Jared’s favorite.” I replied.

“Tell me it isn’t that cardboard shit.”

“Nope!” Tomo called out as he came up the stairs. “I helped her with the crust this time”

“Listen.” I defended myself. “I tried ok”

The guys laughed and I continued my work. The next few months were going to be difficult. They usually were during recording and rehearsals. Shannon, was going to be staying with Jared and I. Which, of course, wasn’t really out of the ordinary. Jared was constantly on Shannon to go ahead and move in permanently, but he put him off.

But I had no idea how much my life and their lives would change.

notpunk  asked:

Hi there! I need to buy a new winter coat that will be verrrrryyyy warm and I'm having trouble finding one that doesn't use down feathers :( Do you have any idea of what brands/where I can find warm vegan jackets? Thanks!!

Hi there! I don’t use coats but I found a couple of options, hope this help a little :)

Again, feel free to leave your comments if you have found any cool brands or sites too :)