vegan calcium

You do not need to drink dairy milk to get calcium. Cows get their calcium from greens or supplements; you can do the same.

Cows originally got their calcium from grass when pasturing. Now in factory farms where the cows don’t get to pasture, they give the cows supplements so they can continue making calcium claims on the nutrition labels. You could get calcium from greens or supplements or you could get it from the supplement the cow got plus the pus, hormones and animal protein (which leeches calcium from your bones because the herbivorous human body cannot handle acidic animal protein so calcium comes out of your bones to neutralize it) that comes in dairy milk.

Watermelon is amazing!

One medium watermelon also contains:
99% of your daily Vitamin B1
55% of your daily Vitamin B2
40% of your daily Vitamin B3
99% of your daily Vitamin B5
101% of your daily Vitamin B6
33% of your daily Folate needs
31% of your daily Calcium needs
514% of your daily Vitamin A
609% of your daily Vitamin C
144% of your daily Potassium
113% of your daily Magnesium!

Not to mention water and fiber, too!


  • carnist: I would totally go vegan but I can't! It's unhealthy, I need B12, Iron, calcium,...
  • vegan: hey, then you'll be happy to know that all of those nutrients can be found in a plant based diet!
  • *lists 173758279 vegan foods for every single nutrient that you can find in every supermarket*
  • carnist: *suddenly doesn't care anymore*

Instead of eating an egg… feed it back to a chicken!

Why, you may wonder? Hens from the egg industry lose calcium from their bones and protein because they lay 3-5 times more eggs than normal. At Animal Place, we collect eggs daily, boil, crush, and feed back to the birds. It’s a great snack to help replenish lost calcium and protein!

anonymous asked:

Dude, fight me. Your bones are weak because you don't drink milk, your entire body is weak because apparently you're too good to be an omnivore like the rest of the human species. Fight me!! Fight me!!

I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.

Seriously though, you should read up on Harvard’s stance on dairy consumption. Especially the bit about increased risk for ovarian and prostate cancers. 

Plus, there are plenty of vegan sources of calcium. You know, the kind that doesn’t rip a mother from her newborn calf, who will only live a short, miserable life.