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vaquitatje  asked:

I have lost all respect for you. You're way too extreme. Zoos can do a very good job at educating the public, but people like you who spew anti-zoo bullshit only see the bad side. What are you more against, pets as well?

Yes I am extreme, and that is more a compliment than an insult for me. I don’t care being seen as extreme for saying that zoos are only there for profit. Support Animal Sanctuaries, Refugees, Wildlife Reserves, where animals are not treated are properties, and by that I’m not saying they’re physically abused or beaten, but they’re are there are objects, they’re owned by someone that grows his wallet each day at expense of their freedom. So I will continue spillng my anti-zoo bullshit until people start seeing animals as living beings and not as something with dollar signs in front. 

Amusement is an important function of zoos because people want to be entertained.  If a zoo wishes to remain financially sound it must cater to the people.

Remember, a zoo is a business.