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Heyhey! I already wrote here something before, so decided to come back since I know you're English friendly. :D I'm looking for a nice inexpensive blush that can be bought in dm, but also apart from that, somewhere in Europe? I prefer dm since they have stores in the city where I live, so that's the easiest for me. I think I prefer a creamy over powder one, but I'm new with blushes, so maybe you could give me your opinion about this matter. Thanks a lot in advance! Natasha

Hey Natasha,
glad to hear you find my site helpful :3 

unfortunately it seems like there is no vegan cream blush currently available at german drugstores as far as I know. dm does not have any options that would meet the criteria you listed at the moment.

Here are some alternatives (powder blushes) from other drugstores instead:



Budni / Budnikowsky

I also stumbled across this rosy highlighter by Lavera while researching, but I’m not sure if it’s sold in organic stores or just online, but I thought I’d include it anyway.

Readers, if you can think of any other blushes that would suit feel free to let me know! <3