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Whenever I’m a lil sad I watch this guy go. Makes me lose my shit every time. XD Cooking has never been more epic.

the best pad thai recipe ever

So you guys have probably seen that “Vegan Black Metal Chef” show on youtube. I must have seen the first episode at least 10 times out of pure enjoyment o__o But I bet you haven’t tried to make the pad thai recipe he makes in that episode! It actually makes the best fucking noodle dish in the world.

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½ cup sugar (NOT a typo hah)
½ cup crushed peanuts
2-3 tbsp tamarind paste
about a tbsp sea salt
2 tbsp garlic powder
½ cup water
less than a ¼ cup vinegar (i used white wine vinegar)
2-3 tbsp chili flakes
2 tbsp sriracha (a.k.a. rooster sauce!!)
5 cloves minced garlic
handful of chopped cilantro (save some to garnish later, it tastes better!)
2 tbsp peanut butter

Everything else
A pack of rice noodles, one of those brick-sized ones or whatever
2-3 tomatoes, chopped
a bunch of green onions, chopped
bean sprouts (optional)

Soak or cook rice noodles while you prepare sauce. All you do to prepare sauce is combine everything in that top list. Stir fry the tomatoes for a few minutes to get them a little mushy, then add everything else: the green onions, the bean sprouts, the rice noodles, and the sauce. Mix everything really well so that the noodles soak up all the flavor. Ta-da! Finished! Add some fresh cilantro as garnish if you want! :9 
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In which Vegan Black Metal Chef instructs you how to make an egg-and-dairy-free Yule log cake, complete with Carpathian forest accents.


The Vegan Black Metal Chef shows us how to cook seitan

I totally forgot about this guy but just saw that he’s done four more black metal cookery videos since I last checked. These are all so amazing. I might need to cook along to one of these soon. Epic.

anonymous asked:

I've been vegetarian for about 6 months now and I would love to go vegan. I want to start by eating vegan one day a week and slowly making my way towards everyday. I've heard that going vegan from vegetarian can be hard, but I want to do it for ethical reasons so I don't care that I could be hard. Do you have any suggestions to make the transition easier?

I was a vegetarian for quite a while before I became vegan, and I can honestly say that the best advice I could give would be to “just do it.” I do not know your specific situation, but to be frank, for majority of people, especially if you’re already vegetarian, going vegan is not hard at all. I see that you’re wanting to start off slowly, but instead, try going one day without eating animal products, and then once you see how easy it is, try again the next day. Keep doing this and before you realize it you will have been vegan for a month!

Make sure to check out Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s talk “From Excuse-itarian to Vegan” here because it really breaks down all of the reasons why someone might not want to become vegan right now, and then gives practical, helpful answers to those things.

The next biggest piece of advice is to go grocery shopping!!! One challenge in going vegan is that for the first few days you may “forget”. You’re not used to making sure that you don’t consume cheese, eggs, etc. and so you end up eating something with one of these products and you feel like you’ve somehow failed. Get rid of the non-vegan food in your home (this is assuming you live alone, otherwise just get rid of YOUR non-vegan food) and go grocery shopping with a list and STOCK UP. Get lots of staples. Different types of rice, quinoa, pasta, lentils, bread, and grab several bags of frozen vegetables. These will be some of the cheapest foods in any store, so get as much of this as you can. Next, depending on your financial situation, you could splurge on the slightly more expensive “specialty” vegan food. Vegan meat by Gardein is wonderful, the vegan ice cream from So Delicious is great. You could get some vegan “junk” food so that you don’t feel like you’re eating completely new things. Oreos, sour patch kids, Twislers,skittles, Pringles (original flavor), are all vegan. This could help if you have specific cravings. 

Next is to GET EDUCATED! I cannot stress this enough. Once you listen to and understand the animal rights theories that are taught by Gary Francione here, , and Dr. Melanie Joy here,  along with books like Introduction to Animal Rights, or The case for Animal Rights, or the classic Animal Liberation, it will be clear to you that making the switch to a vegan life is the only logical option. Once these ideas become rooted into your moral philosophy, you won’t be tempted by the smell of bacon or the sight of melting cheese. You won’t need “cheat days” because you will be able to appreciate that your convenience and pleasure does not justify exploitation and suffering at all.

Check out sites like for a lot more information on animal rights, and check out different people on YouTube like The Vegan Zombie and Vegan Black Metal Chef  for cheap and easy vegan recipes, along with cookbooks by vegans like Colleen Patrick Goudreau.

Let me know if you have anymore questions! 


What do Norah Jones, Christopher Walken,  the band “ ****edUp”, Vegan Black Metal Chef,  Sam Brown, nightmare of Eastern European folklore Krampus, the Catalonian Pooping Log, Dave Arnold, chefs Lidia Bastianich,  April Bloomfield, Kurt Gutenbrunner, Eder Montero, Alexandra Raij, Carlos Llaguno Morales and the voices of Adam Richman and Andrew Zimmern have in common?

They all foolishly agreed to appear in our scandalous, dark, action-packed fever dream of a Holiday Show which airs this Monday, December 12th at 10PM—when, presumably, the kiddies will be asleep.

Frankly, I think it’s our finest (and most disturbing and deranged) hour yet, a holiday classic. The above artists were—all of them—heroically good humored and generous with their time. And I’d like to give particular thanks to Sam Brown—whose appearance is particularly fearless, frightening  and so far from her “brand” as to make us all look like wussies. Thank you Sam. Never shall I make another snarky remark. You ****in’ rule.  Now wash that mouth out with soap. Your language is appalling! Thanks Norah Jones for learning to sing scatological ditties in Catalan—and for all your work on the show.  Christopher Walken. Now I can scratch a major item off my bucket list. And the rest of you…I am forever grateful.

Do NOT miss this. Christmas has never been stranger.


Vegan Black Metal Chef returns with episode 13: vegan lasagna! Have you ever chopped mushrooms with an axe? (Is that an axe?) Then you haven’t chopped a mushroom, friend.

I will note that adding salt to boiling water doesn’t help your noodles boil any faster, so save your NaCl for the rest of the recipe. Now let’s get cooking!


Vegan Black Metal Chef - episode 18: Ultimate Nachos and Tacos

Honestly this episode is really great. He’s gone a long way since episode 1.


Vegan Black Metal Chef Holiday Hell Roast from last night’s No Reservations Holiday Special in all its glory


Vegan Black Metal Chef episode 1, Pad Thai (2011)


Vegan Black Metal Chef - Holliday Hell Roast.


Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 13 - Vegan Lasagna (by VeganBlackMetalChef)


Vegan Black Metal Chef is back with a second video! This time he’s making a few different dishes. To be honest, I haven’t watched it yet (I’ve got this thing called WORK, people!), so you tell me what you think!

Also Wired* has an interview with him! I guess we know what it takes to get some mainstream attention for being vegan now. Way to go, Brian Manowitz. Well-played.

*Disclosure: I work at Wired but had nothing to do with this, I swear.


Vegan Black Metal Chef


Guess what’s still awesome? Vegan Black Metal Chef.