vegan bicycle

Felt good to be out in nature 🍃 (even if today was wet and cloudy 🌧☁️) due to an injury to the tendons in my ankle I’ve been ordered to stop running 😅😩 and either REST (which I have been doing for 2 days) OR do low impact cardio exercise such as bike riding! 🚴 using this as an opportunity to start riding my bike just in time for summer and the beach! (Which is 2km’s away 🙊)

I love zines but my problem is this: I think that a Spock/Kirk fanzine written in the 80s by a teenage girl struggling with her own sexuality is more cool and radical than your “polyamory, vegan cupcakes and bicycle activism” zine that you crowdfunded so you could screenprint your shitty line drawing of a skinny white kid in converse sneakers sitting on a sidewalk or whatever onto the covers by hand and then held a launch party for at the most pretentious local cafe you could find. I don’t care which hipster doing their masters in poetry can most impress a bunch of people who are pals with the dude who came up with the concept for a “cultural appropriation award” in Canadian literature with their chapbook that they made by typing every page individually on a hand-built typewriter made of upcycled skateboard parts. I would rather read a thousand overly sincere treatises on Harry Potter coffee shop AU’s than one more “sex positive qu**r smut” zine that dedicates five pages to the idea that consent is totes hotttt and then features some bad comic by someone who everyone knows is abusive. Give zines back to nerds!!!!!!