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Some brand new stuff in the shop!

So I’m trying to save like mad for RTX, so that we can actually eat when we’re down there, so I totally revamped the shop! It’s got a whole new layout that I think is a lot easier to navigate. Plus I added a really great summer sale!

The new products (from top to bottom):

Everafter Body Butter: My favorite thing in the world. It smells so damn good. It’s lilac and a sweet peppermint. You wouldn’t think it would smell good but oh my god it is the best

Enchanted Forest Sugar Scrub: It’s like a walk through the forest. Super pine-y and woodsy. It’s a more masculine smell and it’s amazing.

Mermaid Scales: A new bubble dust I’ve been working on. If you’ve never seen me talk about bubble dust, let me tell you I love them. It’s bubble bath in dusty, crumble form. Mermaids scales turns the water a beautiful blue green and smells like a tropical paradise

Mermaids Pearl Bath Bomb: I’ve been working with this recipe since I first opened my shop and I’ve finally gotten it to how I like. It’s super pearly and lovely and turns the bath a lovely ocean color. And it smells like a well crafted mojito. ❤️


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