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I'm raising my daughter vegan because I care about her best interests
I’m the father of a child who has been vegan since birth. If recent news stories are to be believed that should have you recoiling in horror, but you need not – she’s thriving, along with millions of other vegan children around the world. That’s because a plant-based vegan contains everything we need nutritionally and, in my experience, gives children the very best start in life, for their physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Christ taught this.
Confucius taught this.
Socrates taught this.
Dr. Martin Luther King taught this.
Rosa Parks taught this.
Bruce Lee taught this.
Nelson Mandela taught this.
Kahlil Gibran taught this.
Mother Theresa taught this.
Dali Lama teaches this.
Wayne Dyer taught this.
Life teaches this.
Spirituality teaches this.
Water teaches this.
Nature teaches this.
Physics teaches this.
Alchemy teaches this.
Qigong/ Tai Chi teaches this.
Meditation teaches this.
Creativity teaches this.
Times of chaos and confusion teaches us this.
Healing teaches us this.
The neurons and cells teach this.
The digestive track teaches this.
The heart teaches this.
The muscles, lymphatic and nervous system teaches this.
The emotional body teaches this.
The mind teaches this.
The electro-magnetic energy/field teaches this.
Your journey and your higher-self is teaching you this (continually).

》'C A L M’ is a super power and the ultimate STRENGTH.

As Requested: Workout Hygiene and Beauty Routines! 👟💦💅💄

Pre Workout:


  • cleanse with a gentle cleanser
  • if working out at the gym: moisturize with a non spf moisturizer
  • if working out outside: moisturize with a spf moisturizer


  • I didn’t previously wear makeup to the gym but my skin got quite bad recently (due to poor skincare routine - will talk about later) so I sometimes put a dab of concealer on especially red marks.
  • I leave other pimples/eye bags alone - just cover the healing red spots from popping pimples that stick out like a sore thumb.
  • I’ve also started applying soft eye makeup to enhance my eyes (bit of dark brown shadow in the upper eyelid crease with a small line of eyeliner on the top outside corners of my eye, and along the upper waterline) as I’ve noticed it makes me feel super put together at the gym and is awesome for post gym selfies!
  • no mascara so removing is a breeze. which brings me to…

Post Workout:

I jump in the shower! but of course its never as easy as that…


  • I use a gentle cleanser to get rid of all of the sweat/concealer and most of the eye makeup
  • then I just wipe the excess makeup under my eyes post shower and leave the remaining makeup above my eyes for the rest of the day! it leaves my eyelashes looking really long and black and looks like a totally effortless smokey eye!
  • I then moisturize with a gentle moisturizer all over, followed by an antibacterial moisturizer along my hairline, on pimple threatening areas, and on the back of my neck/upper back. prevention is key!


  • For my body I first use a soap bar - as they remove more bacteria than most body washes.
  • I then (if I’m not being lazy) use gentle moisturizer to nourish my skin after being stripped from the soap.

Washing Hair

  • Since my hair is so long, I don’t always wash it after - it depends on how sweaty I got/where I am in my hair wash cycle.
  • If I got very sweaty all over my scalp, or it has been about 2-3 days since I last washed it, I’ll wash it.
  • If I got semi-sweaty but just washed it yesterday, I’ll clip it up and only wash the sweaty bits- around my face and behind my neck and ears.
  • For shampoo I use any brand and focus on lathering my scalp (not actually the easiest task) but make sure you’re getting to the scalp and not just the hairs above it.
  • For conditioner, again I’m not loyal to one yet :) I focus on applying to to the ends, but apply it all over my hair even my scalp a little bit. Shampoo can be so drying, and stripping it from all moisture is pretty rough, so I let the conditioner apply a little bit back. think about it - you can either wash it more often (2-3 days) and apply moisture to your scalp each time so its clean and nourished and not over producing oil, or wash it less often (3-4 days) and not apply moisture to your scalp, but this is still stripping it and waiting for your body to produce sticky oil to make it nourished again. I know which I prefer!
  • I then use a wide toothed comb to comb out knots, then a thinner toothed comb to make sure every strand of hair got nourished :)
  • Then I leave it in for 5 mins before rinsing with cold water to lock in the moisture and keep it soft :)

Drying Hair

  • This is different for everyone, but my hair type is long, thick, brown but highlighted-to-blondish hair.
  • I leave it in a towel turban for about 5 mins to remove excess water.
  • Then I apply a leave in treatment and (leave-in) for -10 minutes depending on whatever I do in that time (find an outfit for the day/check emails)
  • Sometimes I just leave my hair to dry naturally, but its kind of like Russian roulette as to whether its gonna look cute, or look like Hermione from earlier harry potter films (still cute, but not the cute I’m going for)
  • So if I decide to dry it, I always first spray hair protector all through. Make sure you’re hair protector is good quality - some have oils in them that actually cook your hair if you apply heat! so props best to find one that makes your hair soft afterwards, not burnt.
  • Then, after combing out any knots, I dry it to the bone - no moisture leftover otherwise we’re back to Hermione again (sorry Hermione, again, just not the look I’m going for)(why do I feel the need to apologize to a fictional character) ok back to drying hair - I find clipping up sections helps a tonne here (must-not-pun) and allows you to dry the roots without burning the top layers too much.
  • Once dry, I style. different for everyone, but one time my hair dresser put curls in my hair for my birthday and since then I’m addicted. they look super cute and bouncy on the first day, then drop and look even better on the second, and then on the third it looks like long natural waves. It is a bit of effort on the first day, but being able to just wake up on the second and third, even fourth, with effortless soap opera hair is fab!

Styling hair

  • I do it in 3 sections: bottom, middle and top
  • I first clip up the middle and top sections so I’m left with the bottom third, part in the middle and bring the sections to the front on each side and apply more hair protector, comb out any knots, and curl in the direction away from my face. this opens your hair out and back which I find looks better than curling in towards your face :)
  • I then repeat for the middle and top sections, tying the already curled sections behind my head to keep them out of the way and avoid mixing sections.
  • And voila! ready for the day!

This looks like it takes a lot of time but I can assure you that’s just my writing style and me going off on tangents haha. Takes about 30-50 mins to go from sweaty beast to effortless beauty, depending on the extent to which I wash/style my hair.

Hope I helped! and let me know any other workout/routine/vegan/beauty related stuff!

Disclaimer: all products I use are vegan and not tested on animals. Even if I say “any product” I mean any vegan & not tested on animals product. :)


How to educate yourself on veganism

Today I’m going going to give you 5 tips on how to educate yourself better on veganism. I’ve noticed some people talk about how it was hard for them to go vegan or they had a negative time going vegan, but most of them were undereducated on the topic, and weren’t eating properly. I hope this post helps people on their vegan journey and helps others get a better understanding of veganism. Please enjoy :3
1. Watch YouTube videos
YouTube is a great source for vegan education. I suggest watching what I eat in day as a vegan videos, vegan recipe videos, peta videos, vegan education videos, vegan youtubers, vegan tip videos and more! These videos are easy to watch and fun to listen to!
2. Read books
There are many books out there on nutrition and plant based diets which are very helpful. I would also highly suggest recipe books so you can figure out what to eat.
3. Watch documentaries
There are various nutrition documentaries and documentaries on the meat and dairy industries that can educate you better on where your food is coming from, a few examples are: earthlings, supersize me , fed up, cowspiracy, forks over knives, and more. These can be found on sources such as Netflix and YouTube. I recommend watching these things so you know what to eat and so u can better educate yourself on the horrors of the food industry.
4. Read articles
Keep yourself updated on vegan articles from sources such as mercy for animals and peta. This will help you get involved in the vegan community and keep you up to date on vegan events. These sources also offer articles on how to go vegan and what is and what isn’t vegan.
5. Talk to a vegan
Find a vegan that is willing to help you out on your journey, wether they are online or in real life, this can be extremely helpful. It’s good to have a person to guide you on your vegan journey.
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, the last time I posted I wasn’t in a good place and I knew I had to be positive to provide good content for you guys <3 I bettered myself and I’m very happy right now! I made myself a promise once I reached 1000 followers I would come back to tumblr, I reached this point a few days ago and I’m happy to be back! Thank you guys so much for your support and help! And thanks so much for 1,000 followers!!!
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Darn shame they don’t teach us in school or at the doctor’s office that greens and other superfoods powerfully and quickly raise our ‘vibration’ and that the earth is full of sacred medicine for thriving, healing and elevating on this journey on so many levels. But so glad the masses are awakening (wooohooo) and taking matters into our own hands, day by day.

The Main Point Here:
GREENS and other SuperFoods powerfully and quickly raise your vibration, regulate the blood stream, detox your system, regulate emotional energy and elevate your mind/body frequency. It’s the shizzle!!!! (Snoop Dog voice).

Cheers, cheers, cheers to being whole, taking control of your mind and body and to being in awesome-high vibrational health! Now drink up!
》Sending love always, Lalah Delia | Vibrate Higher Daily

plantbased-beauty  asked:

Hey! I'm really interested in the WSLF lifestyle you guys promote! Can you attach links to videos or studies? Please and thank you!

There is a good intro on our Mr Mrs Vegan Channel, but the WSLF Life Changing Cookbook on will hold your hand through it.  We have a free wslf guide there, as well.

Our intro to WSLF

Sample What I Eat in A Day

Here is the citation page from the WSLF Life Changing Cookbook

These are in the order they appear in the book. These are a fraction of the citations available, but are easily verifiable and at the time of this writing are freely accessible. If you require additional citations for any points made in this book please post your questions to

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These are in the order they appear in the cookbook & its really best examined in the context of the text, but hope this peeks your curiosity!  

spacestationtrustfund  asked:

Please talk about your Pun Opinions and/or Philosophy (if you would be so kind)

I need to flesh this out, but basically my feelings are: puns need to be ACCURATE and TRUTHFUL. I just tried and failed to find a link/reference the thing I am referring to here, but basically I Dislike it when someone comments on an article about vegan mozzarella by saying “it’s cheddar than it used to be.” Firstly, it’s not cheddar, it’s mozzarella. Those are entirely different varieties of cheese. Second, that is not a pun. It’s a rhyme. We don’t have a specific word for jokes based on rhymes, and there is a reason for this, and the reason is that those jokes are crap. Puns are amusing because they draw our attention to genuine ambiguities in language and thus estrange us from it, making us suddenly aware of language as a material reality and thus aware of the absurd materiality of the ‘I’, the grotesque fact that we are flesh which believes itself to be spirit. As someone who is always a bit afraid of being embodied there is a nauseating quality to this feeling of being jolted back into the meat-and-electrical-charge-and-soundwaves actuality of the present moment, which is at the same time profoundly liberating. Jokes that are just a rhyme don’t do that, they just… rhyme? I guess? I am aware that this makes me sound like a pedantic dick, and this is why I do not commonly give voice to my Pun Philosophy. 

Now, I DO make an exception to the ACCURATE and TRUTHFUL criteria when the joke is specifically intended as a bathos/deflation tactic in a context where there’s a lot of ambient seriousness and the real joke is the surprise + the undercutting. These need to be applied very carefully because if it’s a thing you do all the time it is no longer surprising! Take the comment “It’s cheddar than it used to be.” Is it appropriate as your comment on a light news story about vegan mozzarella? No, it is not. There is nothing to deflate here. The surprise is not there. Is it appropriate as a comment on a long effortpiece about the chemistry and psychology of vegan cheese, which goes into intense amounts of detail about the molecules involved and mouthfeel and the sociohistorical context? Yes, quite possibly. The falloff is the joke there. It is not a pun, but neither is it an attempt at a pun; it’s a joke that is its own punchline, it’s an elaborate and selfconscious failure to joke. However, it’s important to acknowledge the inherent dickishness of this as a comedic move, and so exercise it carefully. This sort of joke is a bladed weapon and needs to be treated as such. 

Anyway this is why I don’t tend to talk about puns.

Cheap Vegan Grocery List 

Since the Cheap Vegan Pantry article has been so popular, I am (by request) following up with a Cheap Vegan Grocery List. Here I’ll explain the different strategies I use and items I buy to stay healthy on a budget.

When you go to the grocery store, have in mind what percentage of what types of food you plan to buy. This should mirror your ideal plate of food. My goal is to eat mostly whole foods (foods that have not been processed), as many organic foods as I can afford to splurge on, and as little sugar and processed foods as possible. Besides obvious sugar like corn syrup, sugars also include white bread/pasta, anything made with white flour.

Once you have mentally prepared yourself for grocery shopping, you start from the bottom up. I shop at a few different sources to get what I need for the best bargain. Luckily, all of these places are walking distance to my house. But do what works best for you! If you’d rather only go to only one place, that might be more valuable than the $10-20 bucks you save a week going to multiple stores.

Start Literally Dirt-cheap
To start, check your garden. Whether you’re just planting some herbs or you have a whole veggie garden, there’s nothing better than home-grown food. As Ron Finley says, “Planting your own food is like printing your own money …plus you get strawberries.”

If you happen to get to a farmers market, check out their $1 rack. Often times they’ll have good deals of food they have too much of.

Figuratively Dirt Cheap
Next I go to the 99cent and up store—and I know what you’re thinking, we just went from the garden to the dollar store, but I’m broke people! …plus they’re really not all that bad. Especially here in Los Angeles! People tend to get sketched out by the dollar store but you just have to use common sense. If something looks a little suspect, don’t buy it. A lot of the food is even the same brand as what you’d get at a grocery store, just overstock.

At the 99c store I buy:

  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Any pre-cut, easy to prepare veggies that look good (ex. Shredded purple cabbage, carrots, etc.)
  • Salsa
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Canned beans (at my location they have a variety of organic beans for a buck!)
  • Corn Tortillas
  • Canned Tomato Sauce/Diced tomatoes
  • Random canned goods I might need
  • Soy Milk
  • Brown Rice
  • Oatmeal

If I needed anything else I couldn’t find at the dollar store my next stop is usually my local…

The Mexican Super Market!
In LA I go to JON’s in Chicago I went to Devon Market, but most cities have their own Mexican supermarkets where you can get produce for a little cheaper.

Here I buy:

  • Apples
  • Cucumbers
  • Bell Peppers
  • Any other produce I have a recipe in mind for
  • Frozen Veggies
  • Almond Milk
  • Cereal
  • Nuts
  • Baking Items
  • Whole grain pastas

 Lastly, if I’m feeling a little fancy, having a craving, or just can’t find it at those two places, I go to…

The Bougie spots: Trader Joes and Whole Foods

Where I get…

  • Tempeh
  • Tofu
  • Low sugarGranola (a lot of times granola has just as much sugar as cereal like frosted flakes or cocoa pebbles)
    Dr. Praegers veggie burgers (where their motto is making the ingredients recognizable)
  • Trader Joe’s Tomatillo and Roasted Yellow Chilli Salsa (because it’s BOMB)
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Natural Peanut Butter
  • Natural Almond Butter
  • Ezikiel Bread

…any little things that I can afford to splurge on

Extra tips…

Always look for bargains. If there is a discount rack, start there, then move to the sections you would usually go to and keep looking for deals. If you’re afraid you can’t eat the 2 for 1 case of fruit, remember freezing. You can always save it for a smoothie or banana whip later! Same goes for canned goods and non-perishable foods. Sometimes buying in bulk can save you some cash in the long run. 

I thought vegan food was expensive…
A big misconception about being vegan, and why many think it’s so expensive to eat a plant-based diet, is because of the processed foods that are catered to vegan consumers. Foods like Tofurky, Boca Burgers, Amy’s frozen dinners, daiya, and other pre-made vegan “meats” and “cheeses” are simply more expensive than produce AND worse than that, they’re not as healthy! It’s easy to be a healthy cheap vegan, but start throwing in processed foods and sugars and you start to dive into expensive territory. So make the healthier and less expensive choice and eat your whole fruits and veggies!

anonymous asked:

saw my doctor today for a checkup blood test. she asked about my diet and when I told her I was vegan she asked me if I was planning on getting pregnant any time soon (which I'm not). she then went on to tell me how recent studies show that a vegan diet isn't recommended for pregnancy because it lacks amino acids found in animal products that are required for healthy spine development in the fetus. I didn't know how to respond :( what studies is she talking about?

Spinal development issues (spinal bifida) are from a lack of folate. (folate=plants) Plants have all the essential amino acids we need there are none lacking in plants, after all, animals get all the amino acids from plants, too… 

There is a real danger in high protein diets recommended to pregnant women = Preeclampsia & since all protein comes in a high fat package = gestational diabetes. 

Since Preeclampsia can cause high protein concentrations in the urine, doctors recommend adjusting your diet prior to becoming pregnant to lower the amount of protein you eat

The best way to respond would be to print out some information for your Dr so they can give better advice to other vegans.  You may just be nervous and didn’t quite understand what your Dr was saying.  If they really said what you just related its time to find a new Dr and report that one for being incompetent.  

You can print this off and give it to your Dr to share with other vegan expectant mothers.  Just say I found this helpful information from the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine on Pregnancy you can look over and see if meets your criteria for any other vegan moms you may encounter.  

You should be so proud of yourself for choosing the healthiest diet for you and your baby.  Don’t let some backwards dinosaur spout illogical nonsense and stress you out.  

If you really want to feel like you need to do something, here are the recommendations of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for Pregnant Vegans. Only follow those if you have actual deficiencies BASED ON BLOOD TESTS.  Supplementation of n-3 / dha have been shown to be neurotoxic in other studies.  (search my tumblr for more info on that) 

We found the medical swap to be completely ignorant of healthy diet for pregnancy and breast feeding & honestly all things infant related.  Get the Forks Over Knives Family Book for more support.  There is no better choice than a properly planned vegan diet.  We have a great RD if you need help, too. 

One of the funniest aspects of being vegan is how my oh so dreaded “preachings” are often nothing but my contribution to a discussion a non-vegan initiated in first place. They’re an answer. A reaction.

I keep my mouth shut most of the time. Unless someone asks me about it or offers me food, I don’t mention that I’m vegan. Believe it or not, unlike the lunatic hippies they portray us as in cartoons, most of us don’t enter rooms shouting “I’M VEGAN AND I WILL DESTROY EVERYONE WHO DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME!” while throwing tofu at meat-eaters.

No. It’s mostly the non-vegans who start off by asking an “innocent” question such as “So, why are you vegan again?” or “Don’t you miss Chickenburgers?” or a long, dramatic sigh along with a “Oh boy, did I have a big steak the other day.”; all of this statements of which they know they’ll lead to one of the discussions they claim to fear but secretly enjoy for nothing but the sake of the perverted joy they feel when they purposely upset and anger a vegan.

“Uh-uh, there we go! The angry vegan!”

They ridicule me, laugh at me, provoke me, and in the end, they’ll claim I started it: “She’s preaching again.”

They make me look like the bad guy in what wouldn’t have ended up in a fight if they wouldn’t love fighting with vegans so much, just because they think it’s funny.

But when I “preach”, I don’t yell from a pulpit like they do in church. I don’t tell tales on miracles. I don’t lie. My “preachings” are based on the cold, hard, fucking truth. Facts. You’re not a vegan? You (in)directly support murder. Fact. Abuse. Fact. Forced pregnancies. Fact. Overall, you support an industry that pollutes our environment. Fact. Dairy isn’t meant for you. Fact. Your body doesn’t need meat or animal fats to be healthy. Fact.

When you ask me, I will give you an answer. I will gladly explain it all to you. I will try and show you the truth in an understandable manner. It’s sad that I try to advertise my lifestlye for all the good  reasons again and again and again and again and again, always in vain,  just to hear a “But meat tastes so good” in the end. Because non-vegans always make sure they’ll have the last word. They want to feel powerful, after all.

And why?

Because deep down inside, they know that what I state when I “preach” is right. Because they feel sorry when they eat that calf just because it “tastes so good”. And my “preachings” remind them of their actually existent conscience. They remind them of their guilt. And that’s why they get so angry.

Their anger is easily to deal with when they make fun of me. They think it’s entertaining, they love to laugh at the angry, preaching vegan.

To me personally, it’s much funnier to think about how pathetic it is to get a kick out of purposely upsetting someone like a pissed little baby, just to conceal the fact that maybe, deep down inside, you agree with my “preachings” and you’re just too fucking ignorant and a worse person than you thought you were to admit it.

I get it. Nobody wants to be the bad guy. So let’s blame it on those who try to save lives and the planet- makes sense, huh? Stupid angry vegans and their goddamn fucking preachings.

—  I’ll Gladly Preach If You Want It So Bad

highlights from my job interview/“hiring event” this morning at l*sh:
- during introductions it was revealed that all 3 of the managers were scorpios AND vegans
- remember that article abt employees showing up n*ked well yeah that was real, i met ppl who had done that
- interviewing manager apologized for being bad at computers, calling herself a “fake millenial” and i deadass almost replied “you are valid”
- she also said “you have a beautiful spirit. but i bet you get that a lot” to which i said no actually i havent heard that before and internally i was like ma'am with all due respect the reason i havent heard that is bc nobody says that in real life
- we had to demo products on the managers and this one gal (a cancer as it so happened 👀😒) who was incredibly nervous was like oh i don’t know what to say and the manager said make stuff up it’s whatever! so she did. notable quotes included “michelle obama uses this and she loves it” and “this has jasmine and uhh… lizard skin. it’s really moisturizing”


Continuing off my master post with tips on becoming/being vegan in this post I will include more queations I get asked daily


- well if you are a vegetarian wanting to transition to vegan lucky for you, you are halfway there! its actually much easier to go vegan from vegetarian that just straight vegan (from my experience) by realizing that the dairy industry is just (if not worse) than the meat industry is a huge breakthrough moment for every transitioning vegetarian. making this transition I would definitely recommend staying educated- watching documentaries, reading articles, follow vegan accounts etc. start getting dairy alternatives like alternative milks, ice creams, cheeses, yogurts etc. buy/grow fresh foods for yourself your body mind and soul will thank you. I have a more in depth post here.


-well I use a few different ones its all about trial and error. there are SO many vegan cheeses its best to try a lot of them and pick which ones you like the best. do you want more of a cheese spread? -I love chia cheeze it comes in a few flavors all bomb but its more of a cheese spread. want more of a cheese you can melt and is close to cow cheese? I like daiya cheese it comes in shreds or blocks and also a few different flavors. IT DOESNT really taste like cow cheese and it was kinda weird at first but hey give it a few tries before you totally eliminate it. daiya also has a really yummy cream cheese and so does Tofutti brand. and if you really wanna give it a go, try making your own vegan cheese at home. recipes can be found online but all you need is cashews and water and spices pretty much. I swear though once you STOP eating cheese you literally forget how much you liked it to begin with. cheese releases the same amount of endorphins in our brains as opiates. THE SAME AMOUNT OF ENDORPHINES AS OPIATES. you’ll come down from the cheese high & be ok without it I PROMISE you <3


-yes. yes you can actually give up dairy. just think of allll the amazing foods you will be gaining by replacing dairy with non dairy dupes. you gain soo much. it takes a little bit of willpower in the beginning but you CAN do it. you are the only person in your way. don’t deny yourself what you deserve. healthy whole foods. not puss infected bleached dairy products. + if you really knew how the dairy industry worked you would never wanna give them your dollar again


-YES! all my products (I think all of them) are cruelty free. this means no animals were use and lab test subjects in order for me to use the products. aaannnd the products I use are as follows;

-makeup: tarte, Anastasia Beverly hills, nyx, the body shop, urban decay, obsessive compulsive cosmetics

-body/skin: toms deodorant, toms unscented body wash, the body shop lotion and perfumes. luckily I was blessed with skin that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance besides occasional exfoliating so I don’t have an extensive list here but I have a lot of resources for finding cruelty free products here are some of my favorites here, here


-females have the amazing ability to grow a child inside of them, except when we don’t we are to shed the uterine lining for the next month of possibility. its natural and very much necessary for your bodies to bleed out these expired old dead cells. and luckily for us that’s one more way for us to learn how our bodies are functioning and if they are properly. if you use tampons though there is now another thing you must consider, the ingredients of your tampons. the average tampon contains cotton (the number 1 GMO product) aka roundup infused basically, also contain dioxins and other chemicals and by choosing organic tampons, you protect your sacred energy center from harmful chemicals that would otherwise be directly absorbed by the internal organ and tissues. however many women would also recommend using a menstrual cup. these are reusable you just insert it into you how you would a tampon(somewhat like that) and it suctions to your inside! and you are able to bleed freely and this cup collects it. me personally due to my really short light periods I don’t use these I use about 1-4 tampons per period cycle. my cycle is about 1-3 days. and the tampon brand I use is called azalea. also if you use plastic applicators I would switch to cardboard. its the small changes we can easily make to eliminate our waste (especially plastic waste)


-staple items: rice, beans, quinoa, potatoes, *fresh* fruits and veggies (if your food goes bad before you can eat it try looking up different methods to store different foods) some frozen fruit and veggies (for quickness and smoothies) lettuce, kale, unsweetened milk of ur choice, pasta nutritional yeast(adds cheesy flavor +amazing health benefits)! <3 you can make so many meals just from these STAPLE items. I do not take any supplements, although it probably would be good for me but I don’t feel as if im lacking anything that I don’t already get from the food I eat. so I don’t really have any recommendations here except maybe a b-12 supplement because we all could use more vitamin b-12 in our lives.


-when youre young it can be hard to tell your parents you want to live a different lifestyle than the one they have imposed on you based of what THEY THINK is whats best for you. that can be a really touchy subject. growing up my dad would go hunting, bring back an elk skin it all that in our garage and as I child I just remember seeing a dead animal hanging with blood everywhere then next thing eating it in meatloaf.. my family thought this was right for us and i’ll always be thankful they did their best for me however it came to a point where as a child I knew I could be doing something better. I asked them many times if I could go vegetarian before they actually alowed it. I was accused of having an eating disorder and made fun of by all my family and friends for being so different. just know you are the only one who can ultimately choose what you put in your body. by staying educated you will be able to face people telling you your wring with a string armor of facts and intelligence. offer to try a new recipe you like - use this as a time to bring your family together and cook and laugh and enjoy each others company. if your parents/ friends and other family still isn’t budging ask if they wouldn’t mind making you a separate meal to eat and if still no support than politely ask of them to support you because this is a lifestyle that interests you and that you will continue to fight for your health and the animals well being. it can be tough standing up to parents and peers but you literally have to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. when people sense passions and emotion they’ve gotta respect that atleast. don’t ever give up because a lot of those same people that made it hard for me later on decided to be vegan! huh imagine that!


-not reallllly I wanna say I try to do hc/lf but I still eat fatty fooods and I try to eat as araw as possible in general but I just go with the flow and don’t stick to a certain way more than another.


-the most inexpensive food is vegan; pasta, quinoa, rice, beans, frozen fruit, frozen veggies. nutritional yeast is also cheap AF and milk alternatives are maybe a dollar or two more than cow milk. all vegan, all cheap.


-I always as often as possible get my produce from local farmers markets. SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS. if I cant make it one week i’ll go to whole foods or another health food store. really any grocery store has lots of options for you, also consider thinking about growing your own foods.


-to say you could never do something eliminates any room for self- growth. to limit oneself is to limit any room for growth. being vegan is more than just the food we eat; its the clothes we wear, beauty products, household cleaners, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, pets, its EVERYTHING! if you cant replace what you eat, replace the other products you buy and the entertainment you partake in. animals need our voice in all areas of life <3

@acti-veg go ahead and direct me to those posts..? i’m a poor person trying to go vegan. i am constantly making the effort to be as vegan as possible and i occasionally make frustrated untagged posts, like the one you originally replied to, about how every time i click on a “PROOF THAT YOU CAN BE VEGAN WHILE POOR!!” article it’s like “have you heard of rice and beans? problem solved, you now have no excuse not to be vegan.” those articles frustrate me and i’m gonna continue to make untagged posts on my personal blog about the fact that while i am making my best effort to eat ethically and healthfully, every “poor person’s guide to veganism” that I see goes no deeper than “lettuce is actually cheaper than McDonald’s”