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Jared Leto has taught me so much and changed my life in so many ways. He has inspired me to be a better person, to be whoever I want to be and told me that anything is possible. This man is a truly incredible and talented individual who I look up to so, so much and who inspires me every day of my life.

First-Ever Vegan-Themed Racecar About to Hit Tracks at Daytona

Professional racer Leilani Münter, also known as a passionate environmentalist and animal rights advocate, plans to raise more than a few eyebrows when she debuts the first-ever vegan-themed racecar at Daytona International Speedway’s Speedweeks!

We sat down with Leilani, who will race at Daytona, to find out what it’s like to be a vegan racecar driver.

You’re known as the “vegan hippie chick with a racecar.” How did you get started?

In 2000, I went to a racing school and after being the fastest car on the track, I had a local race team owner encourage me to have a go at it. I spent nine months looking for my first sponsorship to race at a local short track in Southern California, and I fought for the lead in my first race and was hooked. I’ve been racing ever since.

What inspired you to bring the first-ever vegan racecar to Daytona? What effect do you hope to have on fans?

I’ve been dreaming of racing a vegan-themed racecar! We have had great success in raising awareness for the documentaries Blackfish and The Cove, as well as several clean energy groups, at races in the past. Racing offers a fantastic opportunity to reach a new audience.

I am a big believer in not preaching to the choir. If we only speak to those who already believe in the same things we do, then who is going to change the minds of those who don’t? If we really want to grow the movement, then we need to get out there and get to the heartland of America—what better place than the most famous racetrack in NASCAR?

In addition to racing in your badass vegan car, you’re planning to give away free vegan food samples. Please tell us a little more.

We are going to be serving free vegan food samples to thousands of race fans at Daytona during Daytona Speedweeks, including the day of the Daytona 500 where there will be more than 100,000 fans at the track.

I’ve turned some of my race team crew on to plant-based meats and cheeses, and I wanted to amplify that same effect by millions of race fans. We have a big tent going up that will have a duplicate of my racecar on display, and Chef Jason Stefanko is coming in to cook some amazing vegan food. With the exception of my race day, February 18, I will be at the tent to talk to the fans about my experience being vegan as well. I can’t wait!

Do you have any advice for people making the switch to a vegan diet?

It’s so easy to be vegan these days! As a vegan at the racetrack, I often get asked “What do you eat?” The answer is I eat the same things everyone else does except my meats and cheeses are plant-based. When I travel I absolutely love trying all the new vegan restaurants that are popping up all over the world.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

The race airs live on FS1 at 4 p.m. EST on Saturday, February 18. There is also a story airing on FS1 on the vegan-powered campaign and my activism in racing on a show called NASCAR Race Hub on Thursday, February 16, at 6 p.m. EST.


Despite my mini breakdown on the train journey, I had the most amazing time in Brighton with my gal. Even though the weather was absolutely miserable on Wednesday when we went into the city, we still did plenty of exploring and discovering vegan goodies of many kinds. We had açai for lunch and found vegan Chelsea buns in Infinity Foods and also stumbled across the perfume shop ‘Eden’ and I bought their version of Alien which I’m actually in LOVE with! 🙌🏻

It was so good to challenge my ED in different ways during my trip - I was completely out of my usual routine, was waaay less in control of my food/meal times and also rested a lot more than usual but everything was okay. I was okay ✨and I’m rather proud of myself and so glad I got to spend time and get closer with Em!! 🌈

(and yes we are taking a picture with a French baguette 🥖😍)

most vegans are suburban white moms just going through a phase. definitely no queer vegans or vegans of color. absolutely no male vegans or disabled vegans or poor vegans. who can relate to the systematic oppression of animals better than Susan from the suburbs?

veganism by proxy and dangers of assumption

this is unrelated to anything else on my blog and mostly likely no one will ever read it and that’s okay I think I just need to get it out of my head and into the living world

Three of my best friends, two of whom I live with, are vegan. Their friends are vegan and their friend’s friends are vegan, and they work at vegan restaurants and we cook vegan, I bake them vegan treats and we generally have a fantastic time. I’m not vegan, but I’ve always eaten vegan food and tried out alternatives whenever I can. I’ve never been the type to make fun of vegan stereotypes, because I think it requires a lot of dedication, passion, and effort to be vegan. I’m not a huge meat eater and I try to be aware of what I’m eating and where it came from and the process it took to get to my mouth, while still indulging in the foods I love and the tastes that make live worth living. dramatic? absolutely but I really fucking love food y'all

None of my friends have ever tried to convert me or (that I know of) judge me or my eating habits, but every so often I meat someone (heh) who isn’t satisfied with my usual answer of “I’m not vegan, but I cook and eat vegan often” and feel the need to go “well why don’t you just go vegan then?”

Does asking someone about their personal choices becomes less personal when it’s something you care a lot about? I don’t think so, but that might not be a shared opinion.

The girl who asked this (this time, because there’s definitely been others) didn’t just drop it once I said “Ah, just personal reasons. I think it’s an incredible movement though and I’m glad it’s gaining popularity.” because that would’ve been too polite. She pressed on.

“But if you think it’s so incredible why wouldn’t you just do it? You say you love animals, but you’re contributing to their murder. You’re just a hypocrite.”
So I said what I initially didn’t want to, because I knew it would just make a semi-pleasant conversation into an awkward silence all because this girl doesn’t know how to respect other people’s choices without disparaging them.

“Well I had a severe eating disorder for seven years, so I stay away from restricting or cutting foods out of my diet. It puts me into a dangerous mindset, so I try to be conscious of that and take care of myself before anything.”

Even after saying this I felt I was still being judged. She had the decency to look a little embarrassed for prying, but I don’t necessarily believe she left thinking “maybe I should stop assuming I know the intricacies of strangers’ lives”. Which is what it all comes down to. Assumptions.

I love animals. Animals have been what showed me true love, what taught me understanding and helped me find happiness and purpose ever since I was young. My cat died years ago and I still break out in tears (regularly). What’s more is I have been vegan, and every time I do it I think I’ll be able to handle it, and every time I’ve ended up underweight, restricting, anemic, in the hospital, or with a severely disordered way of thinking. It happens eventually with any change in diet I try. I don’t like having to explain to someone why I think it’s important to put myself, my mental health, and my physical wellbeing first. We all have deeply personal decisions about our lives that we have to make. It’s up to us as individuals to decide how our (very short) experience on this world will be.

I try not to share my stances and opinions on tumblr and just stay for the fun things I love like anime, humor, video games, art. I feel as if I have a lot of grey area stances that aren’t emotion driven (and therefore come off as cold or unfeeling) and people online generally don’t like hearing morally ambiguous viewpoints, because there’s always going to be someone who disagrees, right? I hope this isn’t taken as an anti-vegan post, because it isn’t. Veganism is an amazing movement and lifestyle that’s saving lives, water, resources and more. This is an anti-judgement post, though. It’s anti-assumption. Assumption is a toxic part of our culture. It’s assuming you know how someone else thinks. It’s assuming you understand what they’ve been through to bring themselves to a certain stance or choice or belief.

If even one person read this, thanks man. If even one person remembers this and thinks of it while practicing patience with an opposing viewpoint (no matter how passionate you are on the subject) I’ll be stupid happy.