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I'm about to cry because next week I'm cutting unhealthy food out of my diet, so I need to unfollow every food blog I follow so I'm not tempted. I'll come back, definitely, but I was wondering if you had any tips for healthy food?

Sure! Count nutrients, not calories, and never, ever feel deprived. Being healthy can be really exciting and addicting because if makes you feel so good and it actually tastes fantastic (it just has a bad rep). Try easing into it, subbing your regular stuff for healthier alternatives. Whole wheat instead of regular, veggies instead of rice, lots of sweet fruit or Greek yogurt instead of dessert. I promise eating healthy isn’t dull, it just depends on how you prepare everything. Here are some sweet desserts to keep your cravings low and satisfied:

1-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream by TheKitchn

Whole Wheat Crepes by Dontjustsurvivelive

Healthy Vegan/GF Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies by SuperfoodsSiobhan

Whole Grain Coconut Carrot Cake Cupcakes by AmbitiousKitchen

Vegan Almond Joy Smoothie Milkshake by EdiblePerspective

Remember, you can achieve anything you set your mind to and being healthy is awesome and you deserve to feel well and eat well. Go out and explore the world of healthy recipes, you’ll be surprised at how tasty they really are. Good luck!

PS If none of these recipes catch your eye, you can check out my healthy tag here for all the healthy recipes I have already posted.