vegan alfredo sauce

My lunch from today-yes this is completely vegan👍. If you’re having one of those days where you just want to sit and eat your feelings I would totally recommend this vegan alfredo pasta😋  For the sauce I used rice milk (but you can use any plant-based milk that is unsweetened otherwise the sauce may be a bit sickly), nutritional yeast and some flour and added sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, penne pasta and some spinach (for #health 😉 ). P.S. my little non-vegan brother ate half of the entire pot so this so you know it’s just as good if not better than the real thing hehe 🐮

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Vegan Alfredo Pasta

Mini healthy bitch lift~

7 essential oils - idk they ranged from like $8-$14 depending on the oil
A bath bomb - maybe $5?
Vitamin C gummies - I have no idea
Fancy joint health stuff - around $75 daaamn
2 bottles of biotin - no idea again
Some vegan pesto alfredo sauce - $7
And a bottle of probiotics - $20
Two deodorants (one is bergamot and lime that shit smells like gd sunshine on a spring afternoon) - umm probz like $10ish total?

Total saved: ??? Somewhere between $188 and$228 maybe???

Y'all I really really love that I’m able to take care of my body in these kinds of ways even though I’ve never been able to pay that kinda money to, catch me with them zero pain joints and fly ass hair and healthy ass nails never catchin a cold agaaain aaayyyyeeee