vegan alfredo sauce

My lunch from today-yes this is completely vegan👍. If you’re having one of those days where you just want to sit and eat your feelings I would totally recommend this vegan alfredo pasta😋  For the sauce I used rice milk (but you can use any plant-based milk that is unsweetened otherwise the sauce may be a bit sickly), nutritional yeast and some flour and added sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, penne pasta and some spinach (for #health 😉 ). P.S. my little non-vegan brother ate half of the entire pot so this so you know it’s just as good if not better than the real thing hehe 🐮

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Tonight I experimented with a vegan alfredo sauce on rice noodles! It was delicious! My mom really, really loved it. She ate three bowls :O 

If anybody is interested in the recipe I will be delighted to share it with you guys! I had so much fun making it! 

i just did something!! probably one of the best things i’ve ever cooked tbh it’s my version of chicken alfredo hear me out: black bean noodles w vegan alfredo sauce, broccoli, lemon chicken, mushrooms & a squeeze of lemon when it’s all done ooooh yes


Vegan Alfredo Pasta

What I eat in a day MAY day 10!

Meal one:
½ Chocolate frosted vegan doughnut from whole foods (was going to eat it all but my little boy is a sugar bandit ☺️)
10oz black coffee with Stevia

Meal Two:
1 cup silk vanilla yogurt

Meal Three:
Baked Egg Plant with Artichoke Victoria Vegan Alfredo Sauce
Small Side Salad (lettuce, Tomato, Avocado)

Meal Four:
Tofu cooked in coconut oil

I ate close to 1500 calories today. Trying to get back down to around 1200 but Im on my period so I’m hungry then normal and craving more fats.

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Hey! I've decided to go vegan. I've been a vegetarian for five or six years now, and I've recently discovered that I'm lactose intolerant! And severely so. Even a bit of cheese on my pizza sends me to the bathroom. Being vegan gets a bad rep, which pisses me off. Any words of encouragement? Even now it's hard to drop alfredo sauce. Ugh I miss alfredo sauce.

Oh man chicken broccoli alfredo was my favorite dish growing up, my dad makes it veganized now and it’s actually amazing. It’s pretty easy to make really good alfredo, i’ll link some recipes below. I can get my dads recipe eventually too. Anyways - veganism does get a bad rep and it’s pretty discouraging in the beginning but once you learn to let the negativity people spew roll off your back it gets better. Most people regret not going vegan sooner. It’s so very important, and very worth it. I’ll link some posts that may be helpful below!

-Alfredo sauce recipes (x) (x) (x)
You can also buy premade jarred sauce, I’ve gotten this one before, it’s pricey though and can make better.

Mini healthy bitch lift~

7 essential oils - idk they ranged from like $8-$14 depending on the oil
A bath bomb - maybe $5?
Vitamin C gummies - I have no idea
Fancy joint health stuff - around $75 daaamn
2 bottles of biotin - no idea again
Some vegan pesto alfredo sauce - $7
And a bottle of probiotics - $20
Two deodorants (one is bergamot and lime that shit smells like gd sunshine on a spring afternoon) - umm probz like $10ish total?

Total saved: ??? Somewhere between $188 and$228 maybe???

Y'all I really really love that I’m able to take care of my body in these kinds of ways even though I’ve never been able to pay that kinda money to, catch me with them zero pain joints and fly ass hair and healthy ass nails never catchin a cold agaaain aaayyyyeeee


How to Make Vegan Alfredo Sauce