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There is an extremely diverse community of Vegan Youtube Channels.
It’s all about finding the right content for you!

Bite Size Vegan - educational vegan content simplified
VegSource - educational vegan content 
Tim Shieff - vegan athlete, be blown away by his parkor 
Vegan Break - variety of vegan topics and overviews 
Brown Vegan - down to earth approach to family meals 
Vegan Cooking With Love - delicious and familiar recipes
Veggietorials - plant based recipes and how to’s
Happy Healthy Vegan - high carb vegan couple in their 40s
Izzy Davis - high carb vegan teenager
Fully Raw Kristina - long time fully raw lifestyle and recipe videos
Rice and Raw - raw till 4 - 80/10/10 - high carb vegan
40BelowFruity - inspiring raw vegan in canada
VeganVeins - high carb recipes from a college vegan
Kerry McCarpet - educational vegan content 
NaturallyStefanie - Scottish raw till 4 vegan
Mantras and Mangos - raw till 4 - high carb vegan, Australia 
High Carb Hannah - high carb vegan lifestyle
Essena ONeill - vegan nutrition, fitness, and beauty
Eco-Vegan Gal - all things vegan with a focus on the environment
What a Vegan Eats - a sub channel of Eco-Vegan Gal
Jason Wrobel - professional vegan chef
Tastemade - raw vegan not gross recipes
Plant Based Guerilla - educational videos from Australia
Bananiac - vlogs about a variety of vegan topics
Plant Riotic - nutrition and fruitarian bodybuilding
NinaAndRanda - vegan twins, variety of content, musicians 
Light Twins - raw vegan exercise twins 
PlantbasedAthlete - competitive jiu-jitsu athlete 
Vegan Gains - commentary on vegan weight lifting
Freelee the Banana Girl - fruitarian from Australia
DurianRider - fruitarian biker from Australia
Gary Yourofsky - animal liberation activist and public speaker
Farm Sanctuary - educational awareness about farm animals
Whole Future - 80/10/10 diet and exercise
The Raw Boy - raw vegan, advice for people with acne
Bananablondie108 - long time vegan yoga instructor 
Annie Jaffery - vegan beauty guru living in Thailand 
Funeralformyfat - the inspiring weight loss of Sharee Samuels
Vegan Cuts - monthly vegan product subscription service
Kalel Kitten - famous you tuber, ethical vegan.

Feel free to add commentary on what content you consume or message me to request a Vegan channel to be added to the list.

Remember that the content creators that helped you might not have the correct approach for another person - we all have our own paths and reasons for learning about Veganism. 

In Case You Didn’t Know

Originally posted by cinciscrapper

Here is something I decided to write cause it’s like 1am here and I’m trying to get back into writing (those of you that requested something from me, I apologize so much and I will get those as soon as I can. This is something to shake the rust off a bit.

Okay, so we all know Pete isn’t exactly expressive (except when he’s murdering someone lol), so I thought this song would fit this. This is “In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young. Yes, I realize this is a country song but I find country music says things you didn’t know they could. 

Fluff, Smut

Tagging: @sammiielli  @wwesmutdonedirtcheap  @wrasslesmut  @hiitsmecharlie basically anyone that’s a Pete Dunne fan 

Word Count: 3583

(I didn’t add a name or details for the OC, and that’s because I want you guys to imagine yourselves for it, hence the reference of she/her)

“There, that should do it,” Pete said as he made the final touches on his surprise for her. He hoped she loved it because he usually didn’t do things like this – it wasn’t that he refused to, it was just he didn’t know how to express his feelings. He knew the feeling of aggression well and could express that like no one else could but this? No, this was odd to him but she made him feel things he didn’t know he could. There was a knock on the door and he looked up. He exhaled slowly as he adjusted the collar on his shirt and took one last look at the elegantly set table. He walked over to the door and opened and a smile spread over his face when he saw her.

God, she’s gorgeous, he thought.

“Hi,” she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey,” he replied.

“So what’s the occasion? You don’t usually dress up – or invite me to dinner,” she said with a lilting laugh that gave him a warm, tingling feeling in his body.

“I have something I wanted to say and I didn’t know how else to do it,” he told her in his thick accent.

“Hmm. This should be fun,” she replied as she walked in. She gasped as she saw the beautifully laid table, complete with candles and a vase of her favorite flowers – calla lilies.

“You did this. For me?” she wanted to know. He nodded sheepishly.

“Pete, you’re wonderful,” she whispered as she kissed him again, this time on the lips. Pete pulled her closer as he cradled the back of her head with his callused hand and wrapped his other arm around her waist. He moaned as she nipped at his lip and he knew he had to break the kiss because otherwise, they’d never make it to dinner.

“Aww, I was enjoying that,” she mock-whined with a devilish pout.

“Ah, I know, petal. But I want you to eat first,” he told her, jerking his head towards the table.

“Will you be dessert, then?” she asked with a wink.

“That depends on if you’re a good girl,” he whispered in her ear.

“Only for you, my love,” she whispered back.

Pete turned her around and led her to the table, where he pulled out her chair. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her and he knew he wanted her but he just didn’t know the right way to tell her.

“I know you liked wine, so I got you a bottle. Is that alright?” Pete asked once they sat down.

“Alright with me. Sure you don’t want a glass?” she asked once she took her glass that he filled up for her. He gave her one of his trademark sneers which made her laugh.

“I’m kidding, Pete.”

“I know. I also cooked dinner for you and yes, I added non vegan products.”

“You didn’t have to do all of this for me. Really. You didn’t,” she said as she reached for his hand. He took her hand and rubbed it with his thumb.

“I know, but I needed to. I…” he trailed off. She put her wineglass down and cocked her head.

“What is it?”

“Can we at least start eating first? Please? I can’t think without food.”

She rolled her eyes and took her hand from his.

“Okay, fine. You weirdo. We’ll eat.”

That earned her a smile.

“You know, when you smile, you’ve got the best smile. I want you to smile more,” she told him.

“Nah. Then I wouldn’t be the Bruiserweight and what good would that do?” he quipped as he took a drink of water.

“Fine. Will you smile more for me, then?”

“Of course. Only for you, though.”

They ate in silence for a while, but Pete just couldn’t stop looking at her. She was so different from him – for one, she was American. She also wasn’t a vegan, as evidenced by her tearing into a steak that he grilled for her alone. Sometimes, he didn’t know why she put up with him – he was moody and he beat people up for a living. 

“I can’t count the times

I almost said what’s on my mind

But I didn’t

Just the other day

I wrote down all the things I’d say

But I couldn’t

I just couldn't”

They finished their dinner and while Pete was putting the dishes in the sink – at his insistence because she kept wanting to help him clear away the table – she was drinking her second glass of wine, taking him in and wondering why he picked her. He was pretty famous in his home country of England and there was no doubt he had women falling over him trying to get his attention. She bit her lip and smiled to herself as she remembered him asking her out for the first time; the way he tripped over his words and the way he kept glancing at her nervously. She found the whole thing hilarious because she knew what he did for a living and she thought his whole rough and tumble persona was just that – a persona and there was actually a soft, kind man underneath the callused hands and the semi-permanent sneer that was fixed on his lips.

“Okay, those are done,” Pete announced.

“Ah, good! Now you can tell me what it is you wanted to say.”

“You wanna go sit down?” he asked, pointing towards his sofa.


They walked over to his couch, where she promptly kicked off her heels and placed her legs into his lap. He started massaging her feet and calves, which elicited a soft moan from her.

“That feels amazing,” she said softly.

“Good. Okay, I’m ready. I think,” he whispered nervously. She put her now empty glass down and leaned closer to him.

“Baby I know that you’ve been wondering

Mmm, so here goes nothing”

“What is it?” she asked as she pushed back a lock of blonde hair that had fallen in his face.

“I… I love you. I’m fucking crazy about you. I just… I’m not great at these things but I needed to tell you. Like, I have to tell you this. Everything about you drives me fucking insane but I want it. I want… I want you,” he said, almost in a rush.

“In case you didn’t know

Baby I’m crazy bout you

And I would be lying if I said

That I could live this life without you

Even though I don’t tell you all the time

You had my heart a long long time ago

In case you didn’t know”

She was absentmindedly stroking his hair and she stopped when she heard his confession.

“Pete,” she whispered.

He looked at her expectantly as he bit his lip.

“S-say something?”

She said nothing but in response, she leaned over and kissed him softly. She ran her hand through his hair as she kissed him and he was so taken aback that his arm stopped in midair before finally wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer to him. He could feel her heart beat picking up pace and his beginning to match it. He moved to lay down on the couch, stretching out his legs but keeping a firm hold on her so that she didn’t fall off.

After a while, she came up for air and laid her head on his chest. He stroked her hair as he struggled to find the words.

“You’re… awfully quiet, love. Did I say something wrong?” Pete whispered.

She looked up at him and smiled.

“Not at all, baby. In fact, I’m glad you said that. I… I love you too.”

Pete let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding.

“The way you look tonight

That second glass of wine

That did it

There was something bout that kiss

Girl it did me in

Got me thinking

I’m thinking”

“I know. It’s just nice to hear the words. Especially when I don’t know how to say them and don’t say them all the time.”

“It’s okay, Pete. I know you have to keep up appearances but you know you can let down your guard with me. It’s okay,” she murmured.

“You’ve got all of me
 I belong to you
Yeah you’re my everything”

“I want to. I’m trying to, love. I… just don’t know how to.”

“Let me help you, then.” 

Pete looked at her with questioning eyes and all he got in response was a devilish grin. He moved his hands until they were resting on her hips and he looked up at her.

“Take me to bed,” she whispered as she leaned down to kiss him slowly and passionately. Pete moaned and tightened his grip on her hips while she reached for his shirt to start unbuttoning it. Once she had it unbuttoned all the way, she spread her hands out across his broad torso and slid it off. Pete sat up to help take it off and then reached for the back of her dress. He fumbled with the zipper as he littered her neck and shoulders with kisses and small nibbles. She leaned away from him to finish taking off her dress and he stared at her with hungry eyes. She bit her lip as she held his gaze.

“Like what you see?” she murmured seductively.

“You have no idea,” he growled as he leaned over to kiss her, this time more roughly. He bit her lip, eliciting a moan from her which in turn, made him groan. He gripped the back of her head, tangling his fingers in her soft hair as he slid his tongue in her mouth and kissing her as roughly and hotly as he could. She dug her nails into his broad shoulders as she moaned louder this time. He took his free hand to hook her leg and pull it up around his waist.

“God, you’re fucking gorgeous, darling,” he groaned as he made his way down to her chest. He made quick work of her lacy bra and he began to kiss her heaving breasts while she moaned his name.

“Pete!” she cried out when she felt his teeth bite her breast. He kissed the spot then slowly started to lick her nipple while his other hand was squeezing and playing with her other breast. He grazed his teeth over one pert nipple while he pinched the other, making her squirm underneath him. He switched over as she continued to squirm under him.

Once he had had his fill, he came back up to kiss her again.

“Sit up,” Pete commanded. She did as she was told and she watched in anticipation. Pete pulled her closer to him so that she was on the edge of the couch and he spread her legs apart.

“Ooh. What are you planning, Mr. Dunne?” she wanted to know as she ran her hands through his now messy hair. Pete looked up and flashed her a wolfish grin.

“You’re about to find out, sweetheart,” was his reply as he made her matching lace boyshorts disappear.

“Eyes on me,” he said sharply. She kept her eyes on him as he took one callused hand and spread her lips apart and pressed his thumb against her clit. He rubbed it enough to make her moan his name and then he slid one finger inside her, making her gasp.

“Ahh,” she moaned. Pete slid his finger back out and then in quickly. He then added another finger, keeping the same pace.

“P-Pete…” she gasped out as she reached for his free hand. He obliged as he laced his fingers with hers, never taking his eyes off her or breaking his pace.

“You feel so good,” he whispered. He leaned in to kiss her stomach and thighs as he kept working his fingers in and out of her now wet pussy. He bit the sensitive skin on her inner thighs, making her gasp and cry out.

“I… I want…” she said breathlessly. Pete glanced up at her and whispered,

“What do you want?” as he kept his languid pace. “Tell me.”

“I want… your mouth.”

“Where, sweetheart?”

“Where… where your fingers… are.”

“Oh? What’s the magic word, darling?” he murmured as he kissed slowly and ever closer to where his fingers were.

“Please!” she squeaked.

Pete stopped his fingering then. He bit her other thigh, eliciting another moan from her lips.

“Okay. But first you gotta do something for me,” he said.

“Anything,” she told him.

“Kiss me.” She leaned down to kiss his lips; he then slid one wet finger in between her lips.

“Suck it clean,” he told her. She obliged happily, sucking his finger until it was dry. Once it was done, Pete took the other finger and slipped it into his mouth, watching her as he did so.

“You taste pretty good,” he remarked after he took his finger out of his mouth.

“Yea?” she said. She motioned for him to come closer. “Keep tasting,” she whispered as she brought his head closer to her outstretched legs.

Pete bit his lip and then put his head between her legs. He enthusiastically went to work, licking and sucking on her clit. He gripped her thighs to steady himself as he kept licking her.

“Ahh! Pete! Ohh, god, you feel amazing,” she moaned as gripped the back of his head. Pete slipped a finger back in and began working in tandem with his skilled tongue, making her buck her hips and writhe in pleasure on the couch. She could feel her heart pounding against her chest and she didn’t know how much more she could take.

Pete kept up this tandem for a little while, at least until he felt her tensing up.

“You’re not ready, now, are ya darling?” he whispered teasingly as he licked her wet thighs.


“You what?”


“Want what?” Pete asked as he kept fingering her, this time going a little faster. He nibbled on her thighs as she cried out. She arched her back as she felt her first climax rip through her.

“Ah, there we go,” he whispered against her leg. He slowly kissed his way back up her body, making sure to leave little bites here and there until he reached her mouth.

“Darling, you feel…” he kissed her. “… and taste amazing.”

“I want you… inside me,” she told him once she caught her breath.

“Oh, you do?”

She nodded. Pete looked at her coming apart as he contemplated this. He had been wanting this all night since she walked in wearing his favorite dress and he couldn’t keep himself from imagining tearing her clothes off and fucking her senseless on the table, dinner be damned.

“How bad?” he whispered in her ear before nipping the earlobe.


Pete reached down between her legs to slip his fingers back in, which made her moan his name.

“Tell… me,” he said, punctuating his words with the movement of his fingers.

“Please fuck me!” she screamed out.

“Good girl.” Pete slid his fingers out of her and sat on the couch next to her. He ran his eyes over her, taking her in and a slow grin spread over his face. He bit his lip as he reached for his boxers, which he quickly slid off.

“You’re just now taking your boxers off?” she asked.

“Didn’t wanna rush.”

She reached over to take his hard cock in her hand and she slowly went up and down, making him moan a little. She watched his head fall back and his mouth open in short gasps as she moved her hand up and down.

“Fuck, that feels amazing,” he growled. She stopped long enough to adjust herself in his lap. He sat up and saw her in his lap and grinned.

“I suppose you want me to fuck you now?” he asked.

“Of course. Well, not yet,” she told him.

“Not yet? What do you mean?” he growled, gripping her hips.

“Got a condom?”

“Oh. Yea. Look in my pants down there,” he told her.

“You always keep a condom in your pants, Pete?” she asked as she got off his lap to get his pants. Her position made her ass a prime target and Pete bit his lip before delivering a sharp smack to her ass, making her cry out.


“To answer your question, yes. At least when you come around, I do. Got it yet?” he asked as he rubbed her thighs. She straightened up and turned back around, holding a shiny packet in between her fingers.

“Good. Come here,” he commanded as he roughly pulled her down to him. She settled on his lap as she handed the condom over to him. He ripped the packaging open with his teeth and pulled out the condom.

“Wait,” she whispered. Pete looked up at her.

“What is it?”

She held up a finger and adjusted herself so that she was dangerously close to the tip of his cock. She then took it in her hand and slid up against it so he was teasing her, drawing the moment out a little longer. Pete couldn’t tear his eyes away from her hands and gripped her hips with his own. He growled low in his throat and his jaw tensed as he watched her tease herself.

“If you don’t stop…” he warned.

“What are you gonna do?” she purred. He gripped her hips harder, making her stop. He slowly slid the condom that he was holding on to his cock and then pulled her closer.

“Kiss me,” he told her.

She kissed him as he began slowly sliding inside her. She gasped against his mouth and he chuckled under his breath.

“Mmph. You feel amazing,” he moaned.

“Pete…” she groaned as she dug her nails into his shoulders. He held her hips as he began a slow, steady pace, making sure she felt every… last… inch. Once he was completely inside her, he pulled out and then thrust back into her, making her cry out.

“That feels so fucking good, Pete,” she moaned. She began rocking her hips against him, matching his pace. She grinded against him and they kept this pace for a little while.

“Pete…” she moaned. He kissed her and then held her tighter as he began to pick up the pace, moving his hips a little faster. She matched the pace as she started to bounce up and down on him. He slid his hands down to her ass and squeezed as he went a little faster. He leaned in to kiss her neck and she could feel him panting against her neck.

“Ohh, god…” she moaned.

“Fuck, you feel so goddamned good,” he replied.

“More,” she gasped and he picked up the pace even more.

After a bit, Pete moved them both so she was laying down on the couch.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he told her. She did so and slid her hands through his hair as he held her hips. He began to thrust in and out a little faster now while she arched her back to meet him.

“Mmm… such a pretty little neck,” he murmured as he reached down for it, bracing himself with the arm of the couch. He slowly grasped her neck and while he continued to thrust, he squeezed, making her gasp.

“P-Pete…” she said breathlessly.

“Want me to stop?” he asked.

“N…no.” Pete squeezed her throat just slightly harder as he kept thrusting in and out. She raked her nails down his back in response.

“More…” she moaned and he squeezed just hard enough for it to hurt in the best way as he picked up the pace. He then took his hand away from her throat, making her gasp and ran it down to her hip where he gripped it as he began a frenetic pace.

“Pete!” she screamed out as he pounded her soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck!” he shouted as he felt his body tense up but he knew she had to come first, always. He wouldn’t deprive her of that pleasure and it was always so enticing to watch her beautiful face screw up as she orgasmed, usually loudly and without abandon. He watched her squeeze her eyes shut and his name spill from her lips as she began to climax, raking her nails down his chest. He gripped her hips tightly as he gave one final thrust before his own orgasm overtook him.

He wanted to collapse but kept his grip on the arm of the couch so his weight wouldn’t crush her. He panted heavily before slowly sliding out of her slick, wet pussy. She gave a soft moan and a whimper, which drove him crazy.

“Pete…” she gasped. “Aah.”

“Yes, my love?” he panted.

“You… fuck.”

“Exactly,” he whispered before kissing her.

He laid back on the couch but not before pulling her to him so she was lying on his chest. He stroked her hair as they began to come back down from their high.

They were still for a while after that, the only noises being their soft yet ragged breathing.

“So does that answer your question?” Pete asked after a while. She looked up at him and replied,

“What question?”

“How much you mean to me,” he said softly before kissing the top of her head.

“Of course.”

Lemon Energy Bombs

At last a dessert that doesn’t taste like a compromise, require crazy hard to find ingredients or take a lifetime to make. Miracles happen, people! 

Lemon is also awesome for your digestion. It can also help balance out some of the more acidic things you eat and drink because it is a naturally alkaline. 


1 cup chopped, pitted dates
1 1/3 cup old fashioned oats
4 tablespoons lemon juice (fresh)
1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Throw everything into a food processor and pulse until the dough starts to form.
  2. Roll into balls.

Can be enjoyed immediately or stored in a sealed container.

Vegan ramen broth 🍜🌶🍋🌱

Those who say going vegan is so boring and expensive.. it’s rubbish! This meal is nutritious, TASTY and so so cheap and easy! The ingredients here and in most of my dinners are very similar - if not the same - I just prepare or use them with different produce and spices. This broth consists of FRESH ginger, chilli, garlic, coriander, lime and stock! I’ve just added some vegan chilli oil (check the ingredients as some contain meat), eggless ramen, green beans and mushrooms left over in the fridge! It’s hot, spicey, zesty and rich and has left me so full. I wish I had some coconut milk to add as that would have been beautiful but hey ho! Let me know if you give this a try!
Honey and Veganism

I’ve noticed lately that there is a lot of controversy regarding whether or not honey is vegan ad whether vegans are allowed to eat it or not, which has prompted me to write this. 

Every person is entitled to their own opinions. Every person can eat what they want or what they don’t want and you can do this without needing to justify yourself. 

You can still be a vegan and eat honey if you want to. You can still be a vegan if you don’t want to eat honey. 

All this bickering, trying to get people to see the same point of view as you is pointless. You choose your diets for yourself. You don't choose it for someone else so you don’t get to tell other people what to eat.  

To put it simply, nobody cares whether you eat honey or not. Not even if you’re a vegan. 

Eat what you want and enjoy it! 

Life’s too short to give a penny about the haters. In the end, we all want the same thing: to Save the Bees!


I’ve done it.
I’ve decided to become a Vegan. I’m on my 3rd day so far and I have to say that my whole body feels about a million times better already. It’s hard to explain, but I just feel lighter and cleaner from the inside out.
I’m still learning. I’ve made a couple opps and ended up doing something vegetarian instead of full vegan, but I can already tell my body is happier.

Being a girl from Texas, going Vegan is about as equally shocking as if I came out to my family as non-Christian or Bi, so it’s been interesting to say the least. However, after watching the documentary “What The Health” on Netflix, there was no way in hell I was putting anymore of that poison into my body.

If anyone ad some Vegan recipes, send them my way!

This dreamy parfait was OUT OF THIS WORLD🌟😋 who wants to share?
I discovered this new ‘Natural Pink Lady Apple & Almond’ muesli from @tableofplenty which is vegan, completely free of added sugars and oil, and tastes deeelish, so naturally being the muesli addict I am, I have to add it to everything🙌🏼 Layers of creamy raspberry-vanilla nicecream, gooey warm raspberries, @tableofplenty muesli, brown rice puffs + little papaya stars💜

IG: @naturally_nina_

COOKBOOK: The Detoxifying Ice Cream (vegan + no sugar added)
External image

This ice cream has detoxifying properties.

Don’t believe me? Well you should, because I don’t joke about this kind of stuff.

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tsyrke  asked:

Does your skin clear up with losing weight? (and consuming lots of water, not much food)

yes. it also clears up when you go vegetarian, and even more so if you go vegan and cut added oil from your diet.

Apricot Energy Bombs

If you’re a fan of almonds, you will love this quick recipe. Of course, you get apricots, but you also get almonds coming at you three ways! The dried fruit give you a little natural sugar boost and the almonds give you protein and healthy fats to keep you going.

Prep time: 10 min


  • ½ cup almond flour

  • ½ cup rolled oats
  • ¼ cup unsweetened apple sauce
  • 3 Tbsp almond butter
1/8 teaspoon     almond extract

  • 1 packed cup dried apricots

  • 1/3 cup unsweetened shredded coconut


  1. Place the almond flour, oats, apple sauce, almond extract, almond butter and apricots and pulse until the mixture becomes  sticky and starts to clump together.
  2. Place the shredded coconut on a plate. Scoop out a heaped teaspoon of the apricot mixture and roll into a ball in your hands.  Roll in the shredded coconut and place on a plate or tray. Repeat until all of the mixture is used up.

You can store these in the fridge for about a week, although they never last that long at my house.

COOKBOOK: Vegan Butterbeer Shake (no sugar added + gluten free)

Here it is - the one thing that you need to complete your life.

In case you hadn’t guessed already, I’m a big Harry Potter fan.

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