vegan activism

It seems like the fact that slaughterhouse workers are also exploited and put in horrible working conditions is glossed over when an argument about veganism is brought up. In fact, mostly people seem to focus on those picking crops. It seems like the people making these arguments only really care about making an argument instead of the actual wellbeing of other people.

Just because you can’t eat a plantbased diet doesn’t mean you should still use animals as products and entertainment. Buy vegan cruelty-free products or make your own. Donate to lab-grown meat researchers and scientists. Demand ethical treatment of farmed and domestic animals. Adopt your next pet instead of buying. Reduce your consumption of animal products as far as is practicable for you. There are so many ways to reduce suffering if you try. DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

Quote from E. O. Wilson, an American biologist, researcher (sociobiology, biodiversity, island biogeography), theorist (consilience, biophilia), naturalist (conservationist) and author.

I’ve never met someone who was raised vegan.

The majority of the people I have met who are vegan made the change gradually by eliminating one or two products at a time.

Even if they couldn’t eliminate everything, like certain medications, they still made a conscious effort to make a change.

That’s all veganism is, not supporting an industry that can hardly be defended, ethically, morally, or environmentally as best you can.

Taiwan has now banned eating cat and dog meat, which is wonderful! But it also means Western meat-eaters are going to be celebrating. Whilst they continue to put animals who are just as innocent and wonderful as cats and dogs through exactly the same horrific things. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that we still have a long, long way to go.

I’m just so terrified that my children will never be able to experience nature as it is with all the animals and diversity and plants and insects and forests and snow because this generation didn’t wake up.