Hi! It’s me again.
I decided to upload another progress photo, because I made it to 160, and my clothes were on in the last one, so yeah.

I feel so much better about myself, because working out and eating so much better this time around has made me see how capable I am of anything, and that’s so amazing to me.

I’ve been through a lot, when it comes to my body image and mental health, but I’m only improving, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. In the photo on the left, I was 200 pounds. In the photo on the right, I’m 160.

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Bye bye little tummy! This is about a week and a half difference 😱 I have been sticking to my #vegan #plantbased diet, my half marathon training (about 30 miles a week), lifting, pole and Insanity. My bloat has been basically non existent - the only down side to veganism is the detox process haha. Tmi but I poop about 5 times a day now 🙈 dat fiber tho. And I have been breaking out a bit due to my body pushing out what’s left of the dairy and such in my system. I’m sure in a few weeks it will be done. I’m so happy! 😊 #me #progress #fit #fitfam #fitgirl #fitness #fitchicks #fitnessjourney #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosssuccess #weightlosstransformation #health #healthy #exercise #workout #cleaneating #running #traininsane #digdeeper