Papaya boats with blueberries and the sweetest local strawberries 🙌🍓 Getting slightly obsessed with these, so good! 😉👅👌 Here’s a beautiful quote from my friend Ted Carr @fruitarian “Does food know if you are sick? Does medicine know if you are sick? Lol no. So why is it ok to take medicine when you are sick but considered poisonous when you are healthy? Cause we’ve been brainwashed to think when symptoms are gone, the illness is gone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Symptoms are your bodies way of healing and letting you know it’s busy healing. Take it as a sign and lay off. Rest! Fast. Cleanse. Runny noses let ur body clear mucus. Let it. A bruise makes sure u don’t hit that body part again. Don’t. A tumour makes sure the mutated cells don’t spread. Allow it. Sore throat makes sure u don’t swallow any food. Fast. And acne is just a sign toxins are coming out! Don’t try to clear the symptoms. Get to the root. Go deep. Cleanse with fruit. It’s the most enjoyable way and is the only way that makes sense from a natural point of view.” Beautifully said! For those who missed it, Ted has an interview with me up on his channel from when I was in Thailand, and there’s also a new What I Ate Today on mine! 🌿✌️ #truth #healfromwithin #vegan