Pantone Smoothies by Hedvig Astrom Kushner 

Hedvig is  an Art Director at Mother New York and she started this fun little project in the beginning of the summer (non commissioned). She makes a lot of smoothies and discovered it works like mixing paint. Add raspberries, get a hot pink hue, add tofu and the color gets softened. 

All the recipes are very healthy and mostly vegan and what’s even greater, you can follow the instructions to create your own Pantone Smoothies. The project was done in collaboration with photographer Michael Kushner. The pics are all taken in the office basement at Mother, on colored paper in a light box. 


Believe it or not but it turned out that my host and the people i live with at the moment are all working at auxvivres in Montreal  🙈 which is really cool! 😎 I honestly would love to try every meal on their menu because everything Sounds amazing but for know i try to also cook a lot on my own to save some money. So here is a homemade bowl full of rice, veggies, strawberries, mixed beans, half a betroot latkes from the auxvivres shop topped with their popular vegan cheese sauce made out of natural yeast which tastes AMAZING 😍 you need to try the sauce, can’t get over it 😳

HUGE thank you to @bemorerawr for @mattwilloughby93 and my AMAZING lunch today! Best food in Staffordshire hands down 😏 if you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over to Newcastle-under-Lyme and give your taste buds some lovin! ❤️✨ #vegan #myfood #bemorerawr

The Coop here has THE BEST vegan paninis 😋 this one is marinated tofu steak, vegan pesto, tomato, onion, spinach and daiya cheese all melted together 👏🏼 #vegan