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i think my favourite thing about new vegas is how easy it is to completely derail the storyline. i mean in fallout 4, you can kill every minuteman in boston and they’ll still side with you in the end. in fallout new vegas essential NPCs just don’t exist. you want to lead radscorpions to easy pete? you want to power fist caesar to pieces five minutes into the game? you can just fucking do it

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I love your art so much! And I have question. How did Benny and Usnavi meet?

in my headcanons when theyre like 7 benny was the new kid in school and usnavi was charged with showing him around 


EXO PLANET #3 - EXO’s A to Z during The EXO’r DIUM North America Tour Concert! From feverish concert place and rehearsals to the members’ travel in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas! Includes 20 main episodes (About 220 minutes ), Special Talk LIVE with SUHO & SEHUN (1 ep), 4 GIFT VODs of LA Live concert footage, and video letters from each member. [LINK]


  • 08/18 9:00 PM Special Talk LIVE with SUHO & SEHUN
    Introduction to EXO TOURGRAM, behind the scenes during the North America Tour Concert, and free traveling stories by SUHO & SEHUN
  • 08/19 10:30 PM Ep. 3 The Delivery: New York
    They called a delivery of Hollywood celebrities’ favorite foods from New York’s restaurants! Which one would be EXO’s favorite?
  • 09/02 11:00 PM Ep. 10 Hola, Mexico City!
    EXO’s first solo concert in Mexico! Who could be the member who had a ghost dream the night before the concert?
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You loved the Death Of A Bachelor Tour, and now you can relive that night over and over again without ever leaving your house. On December 15th, All My Friends We’re Glorious: Death Of A Bachelor Tour Live will be released on limited edition double vinyl. And for those of you without record players, the album will also be available digitally everywhere on 12/15. Vinyl pre-sale starts tomorrow at 12pm ET in the webstore (so set a reminder, it’s gonna be…glorious) 


1. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
2. LA Devotee
3. Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)
4. Golden Days
5. Vegas Lights
6. A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out Medley
7. Hallelujah
8. Nine In The Afternoon
9. Miss Jackson
10. This Is Gospel
11. Death Of A Bachelor
12. The Ballad Of Mona Lisa
13. Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)
14. Emperor’s New Clothes
15. Nicotine
16. Crazy = Genius
17. Let’s Kill Tonight
18. Girls/Girls/Boys
19. Bohemian Rhapsody
20. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
21. Victorious

Official DOAB Tour set list/what happens

What happens:

• To begin, a countdown clock of ten mins is displayed on the screen
• The screen changes and Brendon comes out wearing the gold suit jacket and gold confetti is flustered everywhere
• A big moon is shown on the screen during Vegas Lights
Sparks are flying everywhere during Golden Days
• The stage opens, where Brendon is now seated on a grand piano playing Nine In The Afternoon
• While Miss. Jackson is playing, fire is being spewed from different areas of the stage
• Brendon is playing a spinning glittery piano for This Is Gospel
• After Gospel, and in the transition to Death Of A Bachelor and during so, Brendon is making his way through the audience hugging fans and taking selfies while singing and making his way back to the stage
• Brendon has now changed outfits to a black sparking suit
• Fire is used again for Emperor’s New Clothes
• Crazy = Genius involves fire as well
• Brendon is now drumming to Bruno Mars and Rihanna
• During G/G/B, pride icons/flags are being shown on the screen
• During the Rhapsody, Kenny jumps on the piano for his solo
Fire is used again for Victorious
White and gold confetti is dropped everywhere
• The boys bow to House of Memories


Set list:

1. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
2. LA Devotee
3. Ready To Go
[jazzy funk intermission]
4. Golden Days
5. Vegas Lights
6. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage
7. Camisado
8. But It’s Better When We Do
(AFYCSO Medley now with Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks)
9. Hallelujah
10. Nine In The Afternoon
11. Miss. Jackson
[transition where pete wentz (he’s not there, it’s a video shown on the screen) electrocutes brendon]
12. This Is Gospel
13. Death Of A Bachelor
14. The Ballad Of Mona Lisa
15. Cover of Billy Joel’s ‘Movin’ Out’
16. Emperor’s New Clothes
17. Nicotine
18. Crazy = Genius
19. Let’s Kill Tonight
20. Drum cover of Bruno Mars’ ‘24K Magic’ and Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’
21. Girls/Girls/Boys
22. Cover of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
23. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
24. Victorious
[closing speech // end]

other useful facts:
–> the house of memories opens at around 5pm. this gives you at least 2-4 hours there for everyone (around 100 people) to take pictures, explore and meet people
–> the countdown timer starts at 20:50pm wherever you are. after that timer, they officially start the show at 9pm. i advise finding your seat at around 8pm to get comfortable. this leaves you lots of time to buy merch beforehand
–> the concert lasts about an hour

>: }}

I miss doing these kinda pics. 

I kept seeing MobBoss! Bendy and Abel on my dash today and I got inspired. And one of my favorite casinos has such nice architecture to work with art-wise. 

MobBoss!Bendy belongs to @thelostmoongazer
Abel the Angel belongs to @the-vampire-inside-me

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Companions reaction to finding and genuinely thinking the courier is Fucking Dead after an explosion (followed by the courier snapping awake going THAT WAS GREAT LETS DO IT AGAIN)

Arcade: His back was turned, shooting at some powder gangers. A loud bang went off behind Arcade, and a momentary panic took over him. He looked all around for the Courier, but he couldn’t see them, so they must have been at the very epicenter of the explosion. He didn’t even wait for the dust to settle before he took off running in their direction. He knew the likelihood of them surviving an explosion like that was slim, but if they were alive they needed medical attention asap. While running, he fell to his knees and slid up to where the Courier was lying; his pants ripped. He checked for their pulse, and it was as strong as it always is. He turned them over to look for any wounds but there didn’t seem to be any. At that point, the Courier opened their eyes and smiled at him. They could literally see the expressions on his face turn from surprised, to relieved, to furious. He got up and turned away from them, “I can’t believe- … I can’t believe it.” So many emotions were going through Arcade, and suddenly all of them caught up to him. Tears were welling in his eyes and he didn’t want the Courier to see. 

Boone: Boone more often than not, kept his distance during a fight; he had the advantage with long range weapons. He was keeping raiders off of the Courier, then he saw one had thrown a grenade in their direction. He tried to shoot it in the air, and he missed. He never misses. He immediately dropped his gun on the ground and started sprinting in their direction. All the while, saying under his breath, “no no no no no, I’ve lost too many people. I can’t lose you too.” He took care of whatever remaining raiders there were, and immediately went to the Courier’s aid. He shook them gently, hoping for a reaction. Their eyes shot open and they gave him a loud, “WHEW.” They couldn’t see his eyes because dust had covered his shades, so they weren’t entirely sure of his expression. Because he was holding them, the Courier could physically feel his muscles relax. He dropped them and stood up. After a long pause, he just said, “would you please be more aware of your surroundings..”

Ed-E: Have you ever seen that video of that guy who pretended to faint to see what his dog would do? Ed-E was like that dog. 

Lily: Humans died all the time, it was just a thing that happened. Lily never really seemed to care all that much. Once she thought the Courier had died in an explosion, it hit her like no other death had. She didn’t rush to them or anything, she just kind of stood there and looked. The feelings that she was getting, felt new but at the same time familiar to her; likely from before she became a nightkin, but at the time she didn’t realize that. Eventually the Courier got up, and she completely forgot the feeling altogether. 

Raul: “BOSS!” Was, what Raul thought, would be the last thing the Courier heard before dying in an explosion. He quickly ran to the Courier, standing above them with a look of remorse on his face. He wasn’t sure what to do or say or, anything. Seeing them laying there, he was scared if he tried to get them to get up, they wouldn’t. He stood above them for so long that the Courier eventually sat up and looked at him. “What a rush, huh?” Raul, taking a moment to comprehend what just happened. Sighed heavily, sat on the ground next to them, and looked up into the sky. “One of these days boss, you’re gonna kill me of shock if you keep doing that..” 

Rex: Rex didn’t even realize what had happened to the Courier for awhile. Once he saw that they had been lying the ground, motionless, he just went up to them and licked their face until they got up. 

Cass: Cass saw a dynamite stick land next to the Courier, but it went off before she could warn them. Immediately, she stopped all movement. To Cass, it felt like someone had just punched her in the stomach, she fell to her knees, not able to make a sound. Before she knew it tears were streaming down her cheeks. She still couldn’t utter any words, the only sounds that came from her were deep breaths. Theeen the dust cleared. The Courier was on the ground, covered in dust. Slowly, they got up, Cass just started at them with tears still running down her face. They walked up to her, and a big grin spread across their face. Cass immediately shot up and hit them, “don’t you EVER FUCKING SCARE ME LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN.” She was clearly mad, but still had a look of relief on her face. She wiped her tears, and pretended like her crying never even happened. 

Veronica: As soon as Veronica glanced at the Courier, a huge explosion, accompanied by a cloud of smoke arose right where they were standing. A whole slew of curse words escaped her mouth. She was hesitant to run to them, all of the thoughts of what she might find scared her. Eventually the dust settled, and somehow the Courier was just, standing there, seemingly unscathed. Veronica rubbed her eyes, thinking maybe she passed out from shock and was dreaming. The Courier slowly walked over to her, and said, “WHOA that was pretty wild.” Veronica was so shocked it took her a second to process what was going on. “PRETTY WILD? ARE YOU KIDDING ME I THOUGHT YOU DIED YOU IDIOT.” She eventually laughed about it along with the Courier. 

ever notice how the fallout companions that are most often criticized for “having no personality” or “being boring”, Craig Boone and Preston Garvey, Also show significant signs of depression? Like the parts of their personalities that are most heavily criticized often line up with real world symptoms of depression that people actually experience? Bc I do


I’m like six years late to the fandom but here’s some terrible Valentines from everyone’s favorite Roman LARPers

send them to the profligates you least wish to kill

How Code Names really went down in P5

Akira: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One. Ann, code name – Been There, Done That. Futaba is – Currently Doing That. Makoto is – It Happened Once in a Dream; Ryuuji, code name – If I Had To Pick a Dude. Akechii is…Eagle Two.

Akechi: Oh thank God.