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The Streak - Day 13

Breakfast (on the left) was Immunity Soup… a 12 hour ginger, turmeric bone broth soup with cabbage and bunch of veg.  That’s power food right there!  

I went back to the club to run today… which was kind of a cop out because it was 23 degrees outside, which is totally fine for running.  However, I did two miles.  Tomorrow I’m back on the street… unless it’s pouring rain, which is possible.

I have to travel this week.  That is going to be my first real challenge to the The Streak.  I think I have a plan to manage this trip.  I’m looking at February’s travel schedule though, and it’s terrifying me.  I’m gone way more than I am home.  

Here’s the reality… if it’s a priority you make time.  So, I’m gonna make time.


Have I mentioned recently that these descriptions are going to be the death of me

I just can’t this is too great

Like how does “Don’t Stop Believing” even work? for what special occasions is “enough fuel spared” don’t tell me Simon’s birthday and does that mean JANINE IN ON IT or is Sam like “the Runners need this fuel because of reasons” and runs away with it? ABEL HAS A SMOKE MACHINE?? WHO’S SINGING IN THE FIRST PLACE?? WHAT’S GOING ON WHAT

MI Pi: The Pudding Affair

Authors: @catwinchester & @evieplease

Synopsis: Everyone knows Tom Hiddleston as the dashing English actor and darling of the Internet, and Taylor Swift as the talented and beautiful American songstress. Together they are the Golden Couple.

What no one sees is what goes on behind the scenes.

Recruited by MI Pi, Taylor is a top agent, saving the world from the Very Evil Group and their dastardly machinations, one case at a time.

New recruit Tom and his handler, Taylor, are charged with recovering an ancient text that could hold the key to humanity’s bright future, but V.E.G. are determined to keep the book for themselves.

Tom and Taylor have their work cut out just staying alive but it soon becomes clear that when running for your lives, fame is more of a huge hindrance than a help.

Down on their luck and with no other options, they turn to their fans to help them.

Can fangirls save the world?

AN: There are so many mad conspiracy theories flying around about Hiddleswift, so we decided to have fun with them. What’s the real reason Tom is with Taylor?

The idea for MI Pi came from @evieplease ‘s better half, the rest is from our crazy minds.

No offence is meant, we actually like Taylor, we’re just choosing to laugh rather than cry at all the hostility in the fandom right now.  

Warnings: Crack fic. Some sexy times in later chapters.


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