NOVA Next: Going Vegan Isn’t the Most Sustainable Option for Humanity

The vegan diet uses no perennial cropland, making it a less effective use of land than you might suspect.

Researchers found that the carrying capacity—the size of the population that can be supported indefinitely by the resources of an ecosystem—of the vegan diet is actually less substantial than two of the vegetarian diets and two out of the four omnivorous diets they studied.

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“What you eat today has to make your heart beat tomorrow and create new blood, renew your bone marrow, fuel your brain, ease your mind, make your lungs work, support your immune system, heal your skin, keep your digestive system working smoothly, lubricate your joints, repair and rebuild your muscles.. So what will you eat to help it do all that?” Farmer’s market days are the best days. 😛After eating some unhealthy vegan food today, I’m ready to get into this tomorrow👌🏼 The longer I eat like this, the more I only want fruit.🍉🍓🍊🍋🍌Got a box of bananas, three boxes of mangos, a flat of strawbs, five papayas, and 4 liters of sugarcane juice! Still need to get watermelon and greens🌱


Day 24/100:

i’m really killing it with my maths and sciences lately! i’m loving these two units (acid-base and application of integration) because they’re just beginning and they’ve yet to get really difficult!🌱

i’ve got my SATs this coming weekend☕️i don’t know if i’m really all that ready!

i want to work really hard at this whole vegan thing! it’s been difficult to transition, but i’m working on it! 🌻🌸

#SoupSunday - Treat yourself to a tasty soup under 250 calories! Try it our yourself and tag @TonicWeightLossSurgery in your creations!

Super Green Broccoli and Kale


½ Tablespoon Olive/Rapeseed/Coconut oil

30g Onion, chopped

25g Carrots, chopped

1 Large Crushed Garlic clove

225g Broccoli

550ml of Vegetable stock

Handful of Kale, chopped

Salt & Pepper


In a large pan heat the olive oil at medium heat.

Add the onion and carrots, stir and lower the heat, cooking until soft (roughly 2 minutes).

Add garlic, stir and cook for 1 minute. Add the broccoli, stir and cook for 2 minutes.

Add the stock and simmer for 15 - 20 minutes until the broccoli is tender.

Next add the kale and cook until wilted.

Remove from the heat, and allow to cool for 5 minutes.

Blend until smooth. Return the mixture to the pan and gently heat for 5 minutes.

Season to taste, serve and enjoy!