Bought this last July 31, 2012 at SM. It looks dirty and it has a few wrinkles already. But I still love it! :)

My mom found this vintage shoes last August 9, 2012 at our cabinet. She told me she used to own it approximately 15 years ago. Thanks to mommy, I don’t have to buy expensive oxfords.

Yesterday, August 17, 2012, we bought all this shoes at SM with relatives. It was a holiday yesterday because we, Dabawenyos are celebrating our Kadayawan Festival. I’m proud to say I’m from Davao!

The pink shoes are for my mom and the red shoes are mine.

My aunt has the gray version of this shoes because she likes it too. :)

You just don't know how much I miss you and how much I want you to be beside me. Everyday I feel so stupid for the big mistake I had done. If only I can bring back the past, I wouldn't hurt you. I would cherish every day we have and will never forget the memories we shared. I realized that I really love you. I miss you.
PHOTOGRAPHY is my happiness, FREE TIME ♥

My friend’s lunch were nuggets. These were the last two nuggets and they were both hearts. Lol! ♥

NO! She broke the hearts =))

My long eyelash fell. I actually had a hard time taking this photo because the camera doesn’t focus on the eyelash well.

As I went home, I passed by a puppy. It followed me. It’s so cute and gentle!

It was Intramurals the next day. After the Seniors cheered, the let the balloons fly. I was supposed to take a photo of the balloons but my camera wasn’t with me. It was with my friend. Thank God she took a photo. I was absolutely happy! :D

P.S. All photos are raw except for the “balloons” photo.

I have a friend from the other school. She’s Bianca Adrienne Cabradilla. I didn’t know she’s an artist until I found some of her doodles in her Facebook account. I told her I want one with my name and camera and cute stuffs. I do like it even if its simple. :)