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Have you heard the cast commentary, though? Touya’s VA was an amateur enthusiast who begged for a part in an anime. He wasn’t a professional, so I’m inclined to cut him a lot of slack. He put a lot of passion into it.

That actually explains a lot. I haven’t heard any of the commentary. I have the repackaged box sets (the ones in the slim cases) and they don’t have any extras aside from like textless op/endings.

So, yeah. I’m inclined to cut him slack now too. Thanks for letting me know.

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if you're answering skincare questions, could i ask for some advice on getting rid of whiteheads and blackheads?

Of course! Warning you now though, this is kind of a big question. You’re welcome to ask follow ups! And if your white heads and black heads are particularly acute, you want to talk to a dermatologist and do what they say no matter what I tell you. Pocketderm is a great tool if you can’t make a dermatologist appointment.

White heads and black heads are called comedomes and are caused by a condemogenic reaction. What this means is that something blocks up the pore in your skin under the hair follicle and traps skin oils and bacteria inside. Black heads are “open comedomes” which means there’s no skin over the top so the top of the plug oxidizes and turns black. White heads have skin over the top so the plug doesn’t have contact with air and stays white. White heads can also become inflamed as your body tries to fight off the bacteria inside. Comedogenic reactions can be caused by bacteria, hormones, not getting all the dead skin cells off your face, by irritation, or by certain things coming in contact with your face and clogging your pores (oil from your hair, something in a skin care product or makeup, etc.)

So, the first thing is you want to assess your skin type. If your skin is too dry, it could be that the white heads and black heads are being caused by your skin upping oil (sebum) production to try and moisturize your skin. If your skin is oily, it could be that you’re not removing enough oil in your skincare routine. You still need to moisturize though. Most people have combination skin so using a good exfoliate will help! Be careful with drugstore acne products because they can be really overly drying and strip your skin. Next, assess your skincare routine. Is it right for your skin type? You want to use products targeted for your skin type. You also want to ensure nothing in your routine is causing your reaction.

On routines! If you have break outs your going to need a good cleaner, a chemical exfoliate, and a moisturizer. You can add in more things if you need/want, but these are the basics. To control my acne, I also use a retinol cream and Acanya gel which is a mix of benzoyl peroxide and clyndamycin phosphate (most of my breakouts come from bacteria).

I’m not going to talk to much here about cleaners and moisturizers because those things can really vary depending on what your skin likes. I will say for your cleaner you don’t want anything that leaves your skin feeling “tight” or “squeaky clean” that means it’s drying out out and stripping your skin. You also want your cleanser to be between pH 4.5-7.5. Putting a high pH on your face is like covering it in acne bait.

So. What I think would be most useful for you is a good chemical exfoliate. There are two types AHA and BHA. AHA is alphy hydroxy acid it’s a little more intense and is more for smoothing out the texture of skin and for promoting collagen production for anti-aging. BHA is beta hydroxy acid and is salcystic acid, which is what you usually see in acne treatments. It deep cleans pores and can make them look smaller. I use both AHA and BHA. Both of mine are from Paula’s Choice, but a lot of people swear by Stridex in the red box for BHA or Aveno exfoliating wipes. It’s too harsh for my skin though. 

Acids are active ingredients so you need to have them be at a proper pH to work. Paula’s Choice lists their pH levels, which is one of the reasons I trust their products. Theoretically, the water in your home should be around pH 7, so after cleansing you want to wait about 15 minutes for your face to rebalance, then apply your exfoliate, then wait another 10 minutes or so before you apply your moisturizer. You can also spot treat the areas on your face that are particularly broken out with benzyl peroxide. Tea Tree oil mists help too. We can talk about how to make one if you’re interested!

So, my theoretical acne routine (not including products for other things) would be:

-first cleanse
-second cleanse
(wait 15 minutes)
-exfoliate (2% BHA)
(wait 10-15 minutes)
-spot treatment

You may want to step up to exfoliating twice a day, but start with just at night until your skin adjusts. You can add in other things weekly if your skin is oily like koalin clay masks to help control oil production and GENTLE weekly physical exfoliation (if your skin can handle it). Don’t use any scrubs though! If your skin is dry you might want to use an oil like joajoaba or rosehip. Basically all oils break me out though so word of warning there. I’ve also heard of people having great results by using African black soap.

Other things: Are you changing your pillowcase at least every three days and your sheets weekly? Are you keeping your hair off your face? If you wear makeup, are you getting it all off at night? You should put just as much effort into taking makeup off as you put into putting it on.

Sorry this is so long! There’s just a lot of things that can cause black heads and white heads and a lot of ways to go about reducing them! If exfoliates and assessing your routine doesn’t work, you should see a dermatologist or esthitician. And remember, there’s no quick fix with skincare. You have to be consistent.

Let me know if you need more help or if anything isn’t clear!

I can’t take all the credit of that. I came across something along those lines pertaining to the Sailor Moon manga in one of the bajillion sources I’ve been reading. The author was saying it’s not a cop out or less actiony to have the senshi fight with yelling words and flashes of light because their attacks are powered by their emotions and it’s a commentary on how girls’ emotions should be recognized.

So now I just sort of apply that to all magical girls because hell yeah girls’ emotions are powerful and valid.

I think it’s especially apt for Madoka though since girls’ emotions are a major plot point. I don’t get why dudes keep trying to say it’s not a feminist series. Sayaka’s entire character arc is framed around women’s role in patriarchy and when she snaps and stops self-sacrificing for a boy, she snaps over men being chauvinist assholes, but the poor girl had already given so much of herself away there was nothing left but the anger and grief.

Genkai and Yusuke sass-offs are like one of my favorite things

But yeah, I adore everything about her and the older the better. One of my favorite things about YYH (and I guess just Togashi, but I haven’t read a lot of his other stuff besides Level E and a volume or two of HxH) is that it subverts almost every single character trope. Genkai might be the pinnacle of that. WHAT YOU WANT MYSTICAL ASIAN WISDOM? STOP BEING A DUMBASS HAIKU AREN’T GONNA TEACH YOU HOW TO BEAT A DEMON’S HEAD IN.

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love boots moisturizers. i use the no 7 beautiful skin cream for very dry skin thinned with water, keeps my face from drying out and getting irritated from acne products. like glycolic and salicylic acid work like magic for my acne as long as i prevent them from drying out my skin (then they make it WORSE) also hydrocolloid patches are really good, especially if you suffer a lapse in impulse control and make bad decisions like picking (or if you wanna put one on a spot so you don't pick it)

Boots is greeeeeaat. And fairly cheap as far as skincare stuff goes! I really like the no 7 line too! I’m just using the calming right now bc I ran out of my acne topicals while I was between insurance coverages and my face exploded.

Yeah! that’s mainly why I want the hydrocolloid patches. I pick really bad. Like. really, really bad. Especially if I’m anxious. I’m going to order some next paycheck.

zombieshrooms said: good cake best birthday. also red velvet cake with strawberries sounds good; I should suggest it to my family next birthday

You definitely should! It’s delicious! Especially if you go the warm cake+chilled strawberries route.

I guess I left off from the main post that The Little Sister actually made the cake for me. She did everything but the red part of the kanji (which I did because hey, writing kanji is hard).

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i read the first book a couple weeks ago and i liked it! havent started the next one yet tho. love love love ronan and chainsaw. also i love how blue and noah interact bc theyre so touchy w each other and it’s sweet

aaaaaaaahhhh! <3 yes, yes good. Blue and Noah’s interactions are the best (Noah diserves the best, tbh) and Ronan is inexplicably my favorite. I expected it to be Blue because I always gravitate to the girls but…gestures…Ronan Lynch. He’s the trash king of these trash boys and I love him for it. 

It’s so weird because I’m usually not a huge fan of YA or things with this many boys but all the characters just feel so well done and I just want to spend all the time with all of them. And it goes in unexpected directions (Adam gets Cabeswater?? Not Gansey! Gansey doesn’t get everything!) I also just have so many THEORIES about Glendower.

You should really enjoy the second book! It’s almost completely Ronan-centric.

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THEY ARE THE WORST PART OMG. I would like the designs 110% more if their heads didn’t look precariously perched on tiny baby bird necks. Hopefully, they’re just an issue with this particular image set and things won’t actually look like that in the show.

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!!!! Cutest !!!! Your sister’s wig is beautiful. *-*

Oh wow thanks. That was my first experience with wig styling–or at least srs business wig styling that doesn’t look like a normal simple hair do–so it probably needs some work. It kept sliding around though because I only put one wig cap on her because kids and comfort, so I need to figure out a way around that in the future too.

but thanks!

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Yeah for the original dub it was a REALLY early release for Funimation so they had almost no cast pool to pull from. In the recent remaster they re-recorded a lot of the minor voices with new cast. Idk which you saw.

I haven’t seen it. Isn’t it on blu-ray? I don’t think we have a BR player (and I definitely won’t once I move out). I did think it was nice to hear how some of the cast improved over the course of the series. Chapter Black Botan and Keiko are worlds better than season one Botan and Keiko.

I really liked the minor characters Funimation did crazy things with like Jinn and Chuu. I’m not too hip on the more “normal” sounding ones like Mitarai and Hagiri.

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The dub is what I base most of my headcanons on so I have several thousand feels about it so I am looking forward 2 this

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the dub. Ultimately, I think it’s good. There are a lot of (minor) script changes that leave me scratching my head, but I will say that I like Hiei a lot more in the dub. The Japanese script for him hinged way too much on “make him seem cool and aloof”, which I get is–in a way–a very specific Japanese trope, but it just didn’t work for me. Dub!Hiei actually feels like a character the way manga!Hiei did

The biggest reason why I’ve been putting off watching it for so long is that I’m weirdly attached to the original voice cast, which is kind of silly because besides a few standout performances (Kurama, Kuwabara), they’re pretty average. The English cast is a little more on extremes for me. I either really love a role or can’t stand them.

lazulila said: I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT MOVIE. (I’m totally up for talking about that movie.)

LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS MOVIE. I might have to watch the rest of Mamoru Hosoda’s stuff now. I’m really curious about The Girl That Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars.


I thought most of it wasn’t sad?? Which doesn’t make sense because I cried through basically the entire last quarter of it. I WASN’T PREPARED TO GET THAT EMOTIONAL AND NOW I’M EXHAUSTED.  I’m so confused over how worked up I am over this movie. But like, I think it ended on a good note??

inelysianvalleys said:I’ve been putting this show off and IDK why? I love ballet and classical music and magical girls. I loved your Utena cmmtary so maybe this will make me finally start it.

I put it off for a long time too, I think because of the name because I can be ridiculous like that sometimes, and my lack of faith in anime studios to animate beautiful fluid ballet sequences, but I was so so wrong. Ikuko Itoh, my favorite Sailor Moon animator (she was the one that did the final episodes of Classic, and the really beautiful episodes of S), is the creator so the show is gorgeous.

By the nature of the show, some of the things I’m going to post will be spoilers. I’ll tag them all princess tutu spoilers though! But it really is one of those shows where the less you know going in the better.

I HAVE SO MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT UTENA. I’m just still in recovery mode  from that show after watching the end of the series and then the movie.