The Problem with "Pretty Notes"

i was scrolling down the #studyblr tag and saw about 3 people posted that they had to redo their notes so many times just to get it perfect and:

- notes aren’t supposes to be perfect

- they’re supposed to help you

- the least of your worries is to make them “pretty”

- make notes concise, not paragraphs & paragraphs & paragraphs long

- stop redoing your notes, you’re wasting time

- notes are supposed to help you review the chapter, not rewrite the chapter

- simply copying notes from your textbook (word for word) is passive learning. reconstruct sentences.

- buy white-out materials instead of ripping pages {save the trees}

- colorcode, but don’t get overboard. when I colorcode, I only use 3 colors because more than that can cause confusion. + when you write, you have to constantly think “okay blue is for vocab words, red is for important, green is for memorize, purple is for dates, burnt sienna is for key terms, cerulean is for synonynms” we aint got time for that

- try to finish taking notes on a chapter after 1 hr and 30 mins. this is always my time frame for taking notes

i’m not trying to hate on pretty notes!! In fact, I love pretty notes & organized notebooks. I just think that the want of achieving pretty notes shouldn’t go as far as becoming unproductive & passive. We’re students!! We have to use our time wisely & efficiently :) 1hr 30 mins of notes with 1hr 30 mins revision is much more productive than spending 3 hours on notetaking alone.

keep smiling & study hard! xx