James Corden on Jeff Azoff's Birthday Party (5 Feb 2016)
  • Ryan:So what happened that night at the Troubador?
  • James:Oh, we had a lovely time. It was Jeffrey Azoff, who is's manager-
  • Ryan:Right.
  • James:It was his birthday. 30th birthday. And it was a big surprise that Harry organized, and we, um, had an absolute blast. It was a great time. And we actually, Harry organized a roast...of Jeffrey Azoff, where he got some of his old school friends, and then his dad, and then I did a bit and. It was great fun. Yeah.
  • Ryan:[begins to talk]
  • James:I'm well aware I have not given you what you wanted.
  • Ryan:Yeah, that was well done. Thanks. Didn't think so much of the Jeffrey Azoff story. I loved the Jeffrey Azoff doc [documentary]. Next we'll call IRVING and book him, 'cause he's the father.
  • Everyone:[laughs]
Good workouts for the signs!
  • Check mars!
  • Aries:running, it's a good way to let out tension and anger weighing on your mind.
  • Taurus:strength, lifting weights or punching bags will help you let out the things you hold back.
  • Gemini:biking, something calming that can let you relax and take the world in.
  • Cancer:yoga, helps stretch you body, makes you feel more connected to yourself.
  • Leo:dancing, a good way to shake things off and start off a week.
  • Virgo:Pilates, a little more vigorous then yoga, gets your heart beat up, let's out anything you may be carrying.
  • Libra:cardio, something to get you moving and thinking less.
  • Scorpio:hiking, it gets you in touch with nature and it relives you of overwhelming feelings.
  • Sagittarius:sports, something with a bit of s competition that gets your mind busy and your body working.
  • Capricorn:walking, just an added walk in your day around the park may help you relax and stress less.
  • Aquarius:jogging or treadmill, you really need an energetic work out to get all of that hyped up energy out of you.
  • Pisces:swimming, something that relaxes your body and let's you feel light, takes off any heaviness you may have been feeling.