“For decades, Morgan Freeman has been attempting to get the life story of Bass Reeves, one of the first African-American U.S. Marshals who was a legendary lawman in the Oklahoma territory, to the big screen. Now by partnering with HBO, he is helping to finally produce this story to actuality for an upcoming event miniseries on the small one.”

How David Oyelowo Is Challenging Himself and the Status Quo

“One of the main reasons I wanted to play Peter Snowden in this film is because he is an African American but he’s not a musician, he’s not a sportsman, he has nothing to do with civil rights, it’s not a racial drama, it’s not a comedy geared specifically at the black audience. It’s none of these things we normally by and large see when it involves African Americans in movies.”

Honestly I just really hope that someone was there for Sophie Turner, and will continue to be there for her throughout the filming of the show, to support her and help her deal with the trauma of being an 18 year old girl forced to act out the sexual assault of a character she feels very close to and puts a ton of emotional investment in portraying. As well as supporting her through having to work with these fucking Creepy men who are totally in control of her career and obsessed with rape and violence against women.