Owari No Seraph 108 Fanbook Official Drawings (Manga)

Here are a few drawings from the 108 fanbook. Please do not remove my texts.

At first I wasn’t sure if I should post these but I purchased the fanbook legally so I think it’s okay. I’m sorry if a few panels are bit blurry. My scanner is currently broken. I’ll try to upload them in a higher resolution later. *sighs* You can save these pictures for private use but I hope you won’t repost it (sighs as if people would listen to what I’m saying haha whatever) 

Yuu reading Owari No Seraph

Shinoa and Mitsuba as guys (they look fine *-*)

Idol Mikayuu (definitely my favorite, just look at Mika omg)

Mika as a mangaka

Krul and co working at a maid/butler cafe (OMG TOO CUTE)

Owari No Seraph 108 Fanbook information PART 3

Note: This will be most likely the last part (for now). [Need to focus on my exams T_T Maybe I’ll translate more in May when I feel like it/have time]

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(Sadly there’s no Q&A part for the vampires, but a „rumors“ category)

Mikaela Hyakuya

  • Birthday: 1st May ( Taurus)
  • Age: 16
  • Height: estimated 173 cm
  • Weight: estimated 57 kg
  • Blood Type: 0
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: Blood, predominantly blood (he can’t eat curry anymore)

Rumors about Mikaela Part 1

1: Mikaela’s duty/role in the urban protection/defense is to exterminate the enemy .

The urban protection is also separately engaged with the annihilation of the sorcery organization which conducts the research of „Owari no Seraph“.

2: What is Mikaela’s daily schedule except his duties as a vampire?

Not to drink blood and trying to endure it

The sole food supply for a vampire is blood. the temptation is strong but he keeps holding onto sanity everyday. [this sentence was translated by @nicaniiluv Thanks a lot! ]

Rumors about Mikaela Part 2

3: The period Mikaela is not drinking blood and could endure it, becomes shorter day by day.  

To control his physical condition and his urge to drink blood on that day, he certainly was getting close to his limit.

4: The name of Mika’s weapon is…. First-class shooting type (射出型)

A first-class rig that allows to attack from a long distance. It strengthens the body of the owner and it also makes slashing attacks practicable.

5: Mikaela’s favorite phrase after becoming a vampire is Yuu-chan

In these 4 years, Mikaela’s purpose in life is to meet Yuuichiro Hyakuya again.

Krul Tepes

  • Birthday: 27th October (Scorpio)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 145 cm
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Rig: First-class
  • Favorite Food: Blood

Rumors about Krul

1: Krul likes to take naps as a sham. Her favorite place for naps is a hammock.

It’s a silent place where no one disturbs her. She likes to roll around and makes herself home in the hammock.

2: the vampire queen surprisingly feels lonely.

Krul has lost her important existence in the past. As expected, of this character….

Ferid Bathory

  • Birthday: 31st October (Scorpio)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 182 cm
  • Blood Type: 0
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: the blood of good-looking young girls and boys

Rumors about Ferid

1: One person of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army he’d like to drink the blood the most is Guren.

It seems that he wants to drink Guren’s blood in front of his underlings before Guren achieves his aspirations/ambitions.

2: The reason why he wears the ribbon that’s tied around his hair everyday is…. because it’s cute.

In addition to his love of cleanliness/ fastidiousness, it seems that he possesses a great number of favorite ribbons.

Crowley Eusford

  • Birthday: 5th December (Sagittarius)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 190 cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: Blood

Rumors about Crowley

1: The thing that Ferid (leader of his clan) told him and makes him feel troubled is…

Let’s make „Nabe“ (japanese hot pot)

Nabe – a container with various ingredients, As a vampire who can only drink blood he feels puzzled/confused

2: Crowley’s favorite spot is where Ferid is.

Even though he feels tedious towards anything and everything, he’d respond if Ferid calls him.

Chess Belle

  • Birthday: 1st April ( Aries)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 151 cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: Crowley-sama’s blood

Rumors about Chess

1: As a follower of Crowley the thing that Chess is trying to do her best is to study.

She doesn’t want Horn to make a fool out of her and besides that wants to increase her knowledge about humans. That’s why she’s trying her best.

Horn Skuld

  • Birthday: 21st September (Virgo)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 167 cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: Crowley-sama’s blood

Rumors about Horn

Her bust-waist-hip measurements are

B 100 / W54 / H90

When she drinks blood directly, her corpulent boobs are a bit of a hindrance.

She needs to pay attention that she won’t make her chest dirty.

Lacus Welt

  • Birthday: 21st August (Leo)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 175 cm
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: blood

Rumors about Lacus

1: The blood Lacus prefers to drink is the blood of young boys.

If he had to say, it’d be the blood of young boys. The blood of young girls is for Lacus’ taste too tender.

René Simm

  • Birthday: 9th September (Virgo)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 180 cm
  • Blood type: A
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: blood

Rumors about René

1: The reason why René cooperates/conducts with Lacus is….he’s the first friend he made.

It’s usually rare for vampires to hang out with each other, but for René Lacus seems to be his first friend.

Lest Kerr

  • Birthday: 5th May (Taurus)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: ???
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite food: ???

Rumors about Lest

1: In order to win the the battle of who would become the (most) powerful person, he’s putting a great effort to expand the territory he’s in charge of.

He’s considering to control the whole world and be on top, even though he’s the third among 3 progenitors

Lucal Wesker

  • Birthday: 20th February (Pisces)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: ???
  • Blood Type: A
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: the blood of children

Rumors about Lucal

1: Lucal who fusses over garments shows attachment to his fashion item: a hat.

Recently he likes bowler hats. He prefers rare hats that he hasn’t seen yet.

The vampire’s part was hard to translate tbh. Please forgive me if there are mistakes and tell me per dm if you know a better translation for any part.

Please do not repost this or claim it as your own. I needed quite a long time to translate these facts. (Reblogs are appreciated)