Xavier Samuel 'Bait' .gifs

Wow! This took a day! Here are 20 NEW Xavier Samuel .gifs from the 2012 film Bait. I even threw in one with good ol’ Phoebe Tonkin because I love her. Also one from Sanctuary just for kicks. They’re of all shapes and sizes and they look different to contrast the lighting and make it sizeable, don’t hate. LIKE if you’re using and only reblog if you’re an RPCHA. Please credit if using, all rights to myself, yadda yadda, love Vee.

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Lily Collins 'The Writers'

Some shitty quality Lily Collins .gifs from The Writers trailer. All of these .gifs are mine, are made by me and I guarantee there is no other .gif exactly like these. (yikes.)  Feel free to take these for your roleplaying purposes. Tell me if there are any problems. Like if you’re using and please give credit where credit is due. Yadda yadda, love Vee.

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Selena Gomez Teaser .gifs

Gah, I don’t even care if I wasn’t the first to make these… All of these .gifs are mine and I’ll promise to make more right now, I just wanted to get the lot of them posted. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE .GIFS ARE BIG AND WILL TAKE A BIT TO LOAD. Please like these if you’re using them and only reblog if you’re an RPCHA. Credits go to me for this, I don’t know what else to say, yadda yadda, love Vee.

[as requested/offered by diamonds1x1]

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