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the-true-space-fandom  asked:

any good fanfic recommendations? monochrome or ladybug preferred

Weeeeeeeell, ladybug is a ship that i found cute but I’ve never read any fanfic of it. BUT! If you are searching for Monochrome fanfic believe me I am your woman OwOb

Okay first of all, You’ve got to read @texanredrose​ mono fics which are well known to be numerous and fucking great :

- Fighting for Us : A very long military AU one shot that is always a pleasure to reread =w=

- Speak Now : A one shot semi-canon au that take place after the events of Vol 3 ( way waaaaaay after )  where Blake and Weiss are both idiots stuborn dorks

- Looking Back : A one shot modern AU this time. Blake asked Weiss to prom and got shot down. But maybe there’s more to that~~

- Defector : So this one’s sorta an “what if Blake was still in the wf and  was about to attack Weiss Schnee” AU one shot

- Black Cat Song: This is Hallowen! This is Hallowen!~~ Do you like Hallowen ? Do you like Christmas ? Do you like Nightmare before Christmas ? Well then this fic is made for you! Multiple chapters, mono fluff and angst with happy ending, what more could you ask for =w= ? (IF IT WASNT OBVIOUS THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE )

- Saga of the Dango : Only pure fluff where Blake get jealous of a dango and is ridiculous as always =w= ( with elderburn )

- Pour Enough : A prohibition AU, with Blake as the bartender speakeasy and Weiss as the bar’s new singer. Pretty much love at first sight =w=( even if Blake will deny it hehehe )

- It’s Funnier In French : ( i actually helped a little with this one uwu ) A one shot AU with German runaway Weiss and French Blake “I just used the most terrible pick up line ever and I’m so embarrased” Belladonna

- Of Love and Politics : Modern AU with Weiss as the governor daughter and Blake as an escort. Bonus: Weiss telling Jacques-ass to go fuck himself like the queen she is!

- Wrong Side of Heaven : A. Fucking. Angel/ Demon AU! With Blake as a Fallen Angel and Weiss as a pride Demon, what are you even waiting for?!

- Joint Venture : Blake and Yang both has internships at the SDC after graduation, working under COO Weiss and CEO Winter. And of course these 2 dorks has crushes on their hot boss, while their boss are mourning because they’re sure their cute interns are dating each other

- Loyalty : Read it. Just. Read it. This tex first mono fic ( and first rwby fic ) and also the best entrance in a fandom ever. But before you comment on it and point out incoherences : wait till the end. Everything will became clear.

Okay so that is for all of Tex mono fics. Now if you have already read all of those I advice you @keena-kapu​ mono fics

- Remnants of Heart : A PIRATE AU MONOCHROME FIC! Seriously you have to read it, its awesome =w=

- The Rock AU Monochrome version : Everything is in the title =w=. Also veeeery NSFW  and hot and reeeally great

- “For the last time, I AM NOT JEALOUS!” : Yeeeeah, Weiss is totally jealous hehehehe

You also have some of @redsuitwriter​ fics too :

- Two Kingdoms : A very interesting Medieval AU

- Where Flowers Bloom: Very fluffy, adorable story with elderburn and pyrruby in bonus =w=

- A Mile in Her Ears : Weiss thought she could win against her gf at a game of strip poker. It didnt really turned out the way she wished hehehe

They probably made more mono fics but idk them all so if you do, i would love you forever if you could tell me about them

And @donesses :

- Blake Has a Nightmare :  Everything is in the title except the fact that Weiss comfort Blake like the totally straight gal pal that she is no homo right

- Scars : A pretty good and very interesting retelling of the RWBY canon with mono, nuts and dolts ( and a jaune that i like for once ziuoefhoaeijfoaeid )

And if that still is not enough, here are some of my personal favorite fics :

- Catnip : Heh come on now, what mono shipper doesn’t know Catnip :3 ? ( if you dont, god im so jealous cos now you’ve got so much to read! )

- Weiss vs Zweinophobia : Where Weiss decides to help Blake overcome her “fears”

- Darling we’re chess pieces : By god, please. For the love of god read it. Its a fucking Monochrome one shot modern soulmate AU. But not the kind you might think, and its just soo good hnng

- Winter’s Blessing : Before asking the “big question”, Blake wants to know if she hasthe approval of the great Oschneesama =w=

- An Evening At Malachite’s : Weiss is dragged into a strip club by Yang and Ruby, and though she did complained at the beginning she end up with a pretty good surprise =w=

- Belladonna Lilies : I mean…..why would you want to read that….It’s just a Fantasy Victorian era monochrome AU……with 71 chapters…..and slowburn….nothing to see here right :3c ?

- The House of Belladonna-Schnee : Having four children isnt easy, and Blake and Weiss know that more than anyone hehehehe

Phew, there’s probably a lot I’ve forgot but anyone can feel free to add moar to this list if they want ^^


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