My opinion about the signs

Okay… I know this is not really my type of content but I always find these interesting to read so I thought I’ll post one myself.

Aries: you can count on them, don’t take things too seriously, get mad at small things, much fun to hang out with, somewhat egoistic, as soon as they find someone more interesting than you they will hang out with them (though, they will not forget about you)

Taurus: I always become extremly good friends with them, so relaxing to hang out with them, weird humour, very determined and stubborn, talk a loooot, in a relationship they need a lot of physical interaction, they make me feel like home, laughs about every little thing, cute laugh

Gemini: fun people to hang out with, their humour is so… unexpected like they say things you would have never thought about, tend to hide their serious feelings/emotions, take the side of the person they want to impress, think too much about how they can impress someone rather than just beeing themselves (even through their personality is way more charming)

Cancer: a little too sensitive for my taste, can get very annoying but they are too cute to be mad at, need a lot of protection, very giggly, great story-tellers (but they tend to tell you the same story over and over again), materialistic, put you first, loves from the bottom of their heart, pretty smart but dumb at the same time

Leo: warmhearted people, try to be funny and cool all the time (but fail eventually lol too cute), buys you a lot of gifts, attention-lovers, likes to meet new people, very vain when it comes to their appearance, very nervous when having tests/exams, naturally intelligent (unfortunately this doesn’t help them much in school), enjoys good food

Virgo: stress themselves way too much, overthink everything, usually very good in school, gets mad and stressed when things don’t work out as they thought they would, sort of a boring personality, they can talk sooooo much, very sensitive (!!!), tend to be too harsh on themselves, high expectations of themselves

Libra: naturally flirty af, cute smile, scared to be alone, talks most of the time about themselves, makes sure everybody is getting enough attention, very lazy, does things in the last minute, usually the one studying for a test/exam the lesson before, clumsy, needs protection, don’t like confrontations/fights, not good at making decisions or being on time

Scorpio: just like libras they talk a lot about themselves, get veeeeery obsessive over things and people, their staring is so intense that it makes me feel uncomfortable, cares a lot about their loved ones, scared to show feelings, makes very weird but cute compliments you would have never gotten from anybody else, sporty, try to flirt but that’s just a little… cringe-worthy lol

Sagittarius: now… these people are the absolut oppostie of me, always awkward when we hang out together, not the most loyal boyfriend/girlfriend/friend, always wearing top outfits, always looking good, cares a lot about their hair or in general their appearance, not the best in school, party every weekend, straightforward

Capricorn: makes sooo many cute compliments, I have this weird attraction towards them, extremly sexy, intelligent, can’t sit still, they are very weird people, humour consists of sarcasm and dad jokes and can be very dry, know way too well how to seduce people, not the best in expressing their feeling but they try, ABSOLUT SWEETHEARTS, gets shy when being complimented, very sensitive, never forget their mistakes and always regret them (no matter how small it was)

Aquarius: makes me feel like home at the very first meeting, either pretty chill or being pissed off at silly things, don’t like stubborn people, tendency to be very religious, very good friends, will do everything for and with you, works hard to reach their goals, plans everything weeks/months before

Pisces: I either like or can’t stand them, actually quite egoistic, not the best in using the right words, sensitive af 24/7, dark humour, cries a lot, scared to hurt someones feelings (even if they don’t like the person), avoids confrontations/fights by not saying what’s really on their mind, in a fight they will say the most hurtful things (and will regret them their whole life), using the victim-card way too often, most of the time smiling

a few things you probably did not know about the signs
  • aries: even though they don't express it frequently, they constantly crave attention from the people they care about and feel neglected/disliked if they don't receive that attention
  • taurus: they're incredibly secretive; even if it seems like they're talking a lot and opening up to you, you will never know the whole story bc they'll never let you know the whole story - only random parts of it
  • gemini: very aware of what makes other people happy and of how to cheer them up - actually surprisingly good at comforting people if they care about them enough
  • cancer: even if they seem quiet and reserved on the outside theyre actually completely crazy once you get to know them and it's almost scary tbh
  • leo: 100% ready to help you out through any crap you're going through and are likely to kill someone for you if you need it
  • virgo: they have a rly dorky sense of humour and even though their jokes are usually the lame they'll always be there to pick you up when you're having a bad day
  • libra: not rly nice and nurturing to EVERYONE (like zodiac posts make them seem), actually VERY selective about their friends and gives them the realest advice without ever sugarcoating anything
  • scorpio: too perceptive, even if they don't point it out they can tell when something's wrong before you've even decided to tell them
  • sagittarius: even though they're outgoing and usually manage to get along with different kinds of people, they have only a very small number of true friends who they are ridiculously loyal to
  • capricorn: they are veeeeery picky, especially when it comes to friends and the people they trust - even if they seem very impressed with you they might be just acting polite while judging u on the inside lmao
  • aquarius: they aren't unemotional, they probably do care about you a lot but just don't know how to show it
  • pisces: they let themselves get dragged through the dirt all the time and even if you treat them like crap they pretend they're okay when they're not and do literally whatever they can to help you and make you happy
2016-Mid 2017 favorite kdramas list.

Have in mind that this list only contains the dramas I completed and liked.


As we all know, 2016 was till this day the best year for kdramas. 


Lucky romance: I really liked the character of the main lead since he’s not that stereotypical perfect dude on his white horse. The chemistry between the leads was awesome but I had higher expectations for the ending. 

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Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo: I can’t express my love for this drama. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. Definitely on my TOP 5 kdramas.

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Jealousy incarnate: The drama was good overall even thought I think they dragged it a little bit too much. Perfect to watch when you are bored. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good drama, it’s just that I’ve seen better.

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Another Oh Hae Young: It’s was savage. Can’t say more. Actually yes, Savage and sexy ! 

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Drinking solo: I’m not really into these kind of dramas. I liked all the stories beside the main lead’s tbh.

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Cinderella and the four knights: Cute…Cute and Hella Cute..

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Uncontrollably fond: A VERY OVERWHELMING DRAMA…Grab some tissues for every single episode. It’s a roller coaster mates..

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My wife’s having an affair this week: A very mature drama. I enjoyed and learned a lot from it. 

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Moon lovers: Don’t GET ME STARTED ON THIS ONE PLEASE…I WON’T SHUT UP *Start crying*

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Descendants of the sun: I don’t know why I don’t talk about this drama a lot. It’s definitely one of those that deserve their fame. 

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The K2: It’s soo not the best kdrama Ji chang wook was in, but it was great anyways. I blame it on the plot development but the acting was great.

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W-Two worlds: Don’t kill me, but it’s the only drama I liked of Lee Jong Suk along with I can hear your voice. 

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Let’s fight ghost: I was really not expecting to like this drama. Turned out it was very good. Awesome plot, character development, acting skills and great main leads chemistry.

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Goblin: I was really into it when I was watching it, and was ready to make it on my TOP 5 but…I don’t know now…

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Age of youth: I’m so glad I decided to watch this drama. Everyone should watch it imo ! It’s very eye opening. 

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Fight for my way: I really think it will be the best drama of 2017. It was very realistic, and the leads chemistry was everything. I can’t believe people complained about it having to much kissing scenes *Laughing emoji* WTH..

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Suspicious partner: I was specially into the female lead’s strong will and personality. They could have worked better on the romance but well…

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Tomorrow with you: Veeeeery cringy. But good cringy LOL. Cute cringy if you want.

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Strong woman Do Bong Soon: Kinda reminded me of weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo. In a good way. The leads were the definition of cute and they both portrayed the characters excellently.

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Defendant: I just wanted to say that I love JI SUNG a lot. He’s precious.

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Circle: That was complex, mind blowing and very tense ! I demand S2.

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(BONUS) Secret forest: I’m only on the 10th episode and man, I donno what I’ll do with my life when I’ll finish it. 

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Also: 2014-2015 favorite kdramas list Here

sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if your opinion about deaf west spring awakening isn’t that it’s the best show to ever grace a broadway stage, then it’s just…. wrong????

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do you know and y lgbt musicians ? i like any kind of music i just want less straight people in my playlists

dont we all anon?

okay so theres of course a difference between gay/bi musicians and gay/bi musicians who are overtly gay in their song writing and im assuming you mean the latter so tracy chapman and other throwbacks will be notably absent 

some of these youre gonna know but ill list as many as i can think of just in case (italicized means either never specified bi or gay identity or qu**r, bold means bi, bold italics means gay and i dont know any trans artists):

syd tha kyd (aka The Internet): super smooth r&b lesbian queen, her tracks and rhythm mix so perfectly and you’ll fall in love with her voice. highly recommend the album Ego Death (esp “special affair” “get away” “curse” “under control” and, of course, “girl”)

angel haze: rap and hip hop with super emotional and passionate riffs that REALLY get me feelin some type of way. notable tracks are “moonrise kingdom” “detox” “gods” and “bruises”.

kevin abstract: hip hop and shoegazing veeeeery dreamy and almost angelic sounding music. his debut album “american boyfriend” is all about coming to terms with his sexuality and relationships as a teenager. highly recommend listening through the whole album, it plays through a whole narrative you dont want to leave any part of the story out. (i also ranked my favs here)

frank ocean: i kno you kno frank ocean and especially if you follow me you know i never shut up about him. genre bending r&b, hip hop, and rap. notable tracks are “slide on me” “bad religion” “pink and white” “thinkin bout you” “forrest gump” “nights” “seigfried” and “self control”

be steadwell: if you like a more stripped acoustic sound and also song writing that ranges from hilarious to super engaging story premises about lesbian witches than heres ya girl. my favs are “witch” and “ambidextrous” please listen to my girlfriend who might be cheating on me.

cœure de pirate: a++ instrumentals (seriously give her instrumental album a listen) and french indie. notable tracks are “aint no sunchine” “summer wine” “oceans brawl” and “drapeau blanc”.

zolita: alt/indie and i love her voice so much. gonna be honest i mostly just listen to “explosion”.

years & years: indiepop with some synthpop here and there. can go from a flow-ey melancholy sound to hardwon upbeat without losing any of the high quality shit olly alexander is bringin to the table. “shine” and “memo” are my personal favs.

troye sivan: dude. you know who this is. (“bite” kills me btw).

willow: yeah, willow smith. yeah, that willow smith. just listen to “marceline”.

kaytranada: hip hop and rap dj who dropped his album 99.9% recently and its   g r e a t  he collabed a shit ton (of course with my girl syd thats called gay and lesbian solidarity). heres what it comes down to: if you’re gay and you love to dance this is your guy. 

alicia keys: before you jump down my throat listen to “where do we begin now” and tell me she aint fuckin gay. yeah, thats what i thought.

hayley kiyoko: this girl comes up with probably 90% of fun lesbian content so no doubt you know her. dreampop icon, my queen, and goddess of Gay Aesthetics ™ dropped her ep citrine (now streaming on spotify). notable tracks are “ease my mind” “palace” “one bad night” “this side of paradise” and “cliffs edge”.

thats all i can think of rn anyone can feel free to add on

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Hiiiii!!!! Just drop in to seee how you doing how's your Comic coming along hope your feeling good 😊

Hello there!

Comic is fully drawn and I’m now coloring it. I’ve just reached page 20 out of 50, and I’m forcing myself to do not retouch the drawings which are veeeeery old by now, or I’m never going to finish it! Ahah!

Have a (little sad) Gabe from page 12 ;)

Talking about me, I’m feeling better and I’m holding on.

Started school, helpling family (hard times) and working on commissions, but also visiting friends often to take healthy breaks. Sometimes things seem to go too fast or messy and confusing. Drawing keeps me focused on stuff I like, on goals I’ve settled.

Thank you so much for asking, anon. So kind! Hope you’re feeling good too! :)

What Your Sign Seems To Be

Aries: you can count on them, don’t take things too seriously, get mad at small things, much fun to hang out with, somewhat egoistic, as soon as they find someone more interesting than you they will hang out with them (though, they will not forget about you)

Taurus: I always become extremly good friends with them, so relaxing to hang out with them, weird humour, very determined and stubborn, talk a loooot, in a relationship they need a lot of physical interaction, they make me feel like home, laughs about every little thing, cute laugh

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You should watch American Gods, ya know? Cause…

* Main character is a black man who’s very far from the stereotype.

*Some people where bothered because main character is not violent or hypermasculine, which is a sham, because we need more positive examples and less toxic masculinity.

* Main character is very pure even though he had made mistakes in the past.

*His wife is a very mean person, but that’s okay because she’s a strong character whether we like her or not. It’s important to have all types of female representation. She’ll not sugarcoat anything.

* Veeeeery diverse cast

*Beautiful and positive queer relationship between two muslim characters

*History and Mythology galore

*Mr. Jacqual e Mr. Ibis aka ‘married’ egyptian Gods

The series does have a lot of triggers: blood, gore, violence, lynch, xenophobia, but basically that’s it.

Also Bilquis, is a black goddess who’s quite sexualized, but this happens because she’s an african Goddess of love and sex. It quite bothers me as a black lady, but it’s also accurate to the mythology of this particular Goddess.

Dan and Phil should play (2/?) : Bendy and the Ink Machine

So, apparently I am making this a series :D I’ll update it veeeeery sporadically, but it’s gonna be a series! :)
Anyway! I really hope they play this game, if not now at least when more chapters come out.
(also pls don’t repost this without asking or erase my watermark thnx)

lillehavfrue  asked:

what book(s) on lesbian history would you recommend to a baby gay (me) who knows practically none?

tragically i currently only have one specifically lesbian history book, but i know a few overall lgbt history books which can also provide some perspective on lesbians of the past. i’m going to provide links to the cheapest editions i can find too because books are fuckin expensive

odd girls and twilight lovers by lillian faderman | the only specifically lesbian history book i’ve managed to get my hands on. it’s fucking awesome. it was one of the first queer history books i read and i absolutely could not put it down. any lillian faderman book is going to be a great lesbian resource, just search her on thriftbooks and have at it tbh.

the gay revolution by lillian faderman | a veeeeery comprehensive overview of the fight for gay rights in america from pre-stonewall to marriage equality. it’s pretty dense so i haven’t finished it yet, but reading it is so fascinating. 

word is out by nancy and casey adair | neither lesbian-specific nor a “history book”, per se, but hear me out: it’s a fascinating collection of interviews that provides a snapshot of gay life in america pre-AIDS, which is so mind-boggling to even think of. there’s no retrospective lens of academia or theory or anything - it’s just words, exactly as they were said, from gay people in the late seventies. you may know this as the book that made alison bechdel realize she was a lesbian. it’s great. 

charity and sylvia by rachel hope cleves | i lied, this is also a lesbian history book, but i haven’t actually read it yet - it’s a textbook for a class i’m in right now. it’s the true story of two women who were married in the 19th century in massachusetts, and it sounds lovely.

a queer history of the united states by michael bronski | so, so cool. this covers queer existence in the US from pre-1492 (!!!!!) to the 2000s. it explains why and how exactly america became a pseudo-christian heteropatriarchy and american masculinity and really demonstrates that queer people have been around literally forever.

i have a lot of other books i haven’t listed because i haven’t had time to read them so i can’t really vouch for them, but feel free to poke around in my goodreads list which is full of queer lit. 

Reasons why Jon calls Sansa “my sister” this season

This was actually going to be a reply to this post but I ended up writing a book because I have a lot of Jonsa feelings so here we are lol hopefully this is clear, I tend to ramble

I actually think that the writing has gone this way for a variety of reasons

Jon is calling Sansa his sister to feel closer to her. 

During last season, we see a lot of Sansa confirming that Jon is a Stark despite his bastard status.  In fact, since their reunion, Sansa’s every action towards Jon has been angled toward nothing but inclusion and acceptance. We see it in the magnificent work of art reunion hug, with Sansa showing vulnerability in her face before she goes in and closeness in the way she nuzzles closer to Jon’s face.

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 She apologizes profusely until he finally accepts and drinks from his cup afterwards. She gave him the Ned-replicated cloak (which was huuuge btw! I can’t even get into how huge that is, Sansa gave him Ned-level respect like!). Even with all this shit, Jon’s engrained belief that he’s not a Stark is still there. Then Sansa hits him with "You are a Stark to me.“ at the end of Season 6. I believe that this is where the shift in Jon takes place, and him calling her sister is Jon finally embracing his place with the Starks. Sansa made him believe he belonged every chance she had (which is a beautiful parallel to Cat who made Jon feel outcast whenever she had a chance ). Can we just get into that for a sec like Jon’s ‘I’m not a Stark’ view,  the thing that drove Jon away from Winterfell, the thing that made him hurt and isolated growing up, Sansa completely washed away. Thanks to her, Jon physically and emotionally has a place where he belongs, in Winterfell and by her side as a Stark, something he’s always wanted. And that’s beautiful as fuck. Excuse me as I get in my feelings over this full-circle type shit. 

 That being said, him saying sister could also be Jon’s excuse too. 

This is probably the more obvious Jonsa reasons tbh. His feelings for Sansa have been veeeeery volatile since their reunion (aka look at all the inappropriate chemistry )

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 and those feelings are only getting stronger by the episode especially from the end of Season 6 to now. Jon has been more and more aggressive towards the men that Sansa is connected to, so I feel like its easier for him to hide behind the “brother” title as a reason for his passion. Its very easy to explain away the hostile reactions with Jon acting as the “overprotective brother” than as anything else. It’s a facade that won’t fool people and Jon himself for long but I do think this is something Jon hides behind to keep his growing, non-sibling like feelings in check.

 Jon calling Sansa “my sister” is a way that he can claim or show his possessiveness of her.

 Jon referring to Sansa as “my sister” establishes his close connection to her and to others on the show. At first I was really sad back at 7x01 because it seemed to reinforce their sibling status but in actuality it gives Jon more leverage where Sansa is concerned. He uses it to enforce his closeness with her when they are talking  “You are my sister, but I am king now” basically meaning “You are very close to me/You are special to me/You are extremely important to me, but I have a higher status now”.

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And Jon also uses is to enforce his closeness with her to others. “Touch MY sister, and I’ll kill you myself”

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I definitely don’t think it’s a coincidence that he’s using all this possessive speech and saying she’s “MINEEEE” when he got all these men to threaten ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just saying. 

And Jon can’t exactly say “my Sansa” yet so calling her his sister is the best thing right now. 

Another reason for the sister calling is to establish a Jon vs. other men narrative. I think it is really interesting that all last season when Jon referred to Sansa as her name , we see inappropriate chemistry, Ned/Cat 2.0 vibes, power couple, etc. But now in season 7, the only time we hear Sansa’s name is when her past love interests bring her up TO JON while emphasizing his reactions to hearing her name.

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It draws an interesting parallel. Sansa’s name is being so romantically charged this season for a reason and the reason is Jonsa. TBH, it feels like Sansa’s name is what established Jon as a suitor last season and now the “my sister” calling is highlighting Jon’s fight against the other men for Sansa’s love. 

Though many of these reasons light the fire for Jonsa, there is a reason to dim the fire so to speak. The writers are so painfully obvious in their push for J0nerys this season so the sister calling can be seen as a way to put the attention off of Jonsa. To make them feel less threatening than the ship they are desperately trying and failing to make happen. “Jon and Sansa are siblings people, look at Jon and D@ny’s fiery chem chem!!!!”.  I understand why the writers would need to seemingly tone down Jonsa in the midst of the J0nerys set up because the actual JD scenes aren’t doing a good job selling the lustmance no matter how much they just “stand there and just feel the attraction” while our ship does more show than tell with our fire-lit scenes…..

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but that’s none of my business


Well, that’s my long ass response post. Feel free to add more reasons you can think of to this!!!