The Dummies’ Guide to Illustrator

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This is a tutorial I wrote back in high school intended for total Illustrator newbies coming into our newspaper staff. It tells you everything practical a newbie should know, with none of the fluff and fancy-schmancy tricks you don’t really want anyway. Download a pdf version here.

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Pen Tool Guides:

VectorTuts’ Beginner Tutorials:

Simple designs to practice:

Here´s the link for my new tutorial on Vectortuts, hope you like it, saludos.

Les comparto el link de mi nuevo tutorial para Vectortuts, espero les guste, saludos.

Lord English showdown!

Neato, my vector creation of Lord English, along side another badge of creative creations, made it to the first showcase part of a community challenge on!

I’m so glad right now, hours of work payed off!

Here’s a link to the showcase and the submitted vector i did.

Hope you like it alongside the other peoples creations, this proves that people got a good creative side of themselves, love it<3

This illustration was made for a tutorial in Vectortuts, i use a different style i hope you like it, try to experiment new things sometimes, for me was fun and challenging to release from my drawing comfort zone, its a good exercise try new things, here’s the [link] for the tutorial.

Esta ilustración la hice para un tutorial en Vectortuts, utilice un estilo diferente espero les guste, traten de experimentar cosas nuevas de vez en cuando, para mi realizar esta ilustración fue divertido y a la vez díficil por el hecho de salirme de mi zona de confort al dibujar, les recomiendo traten cosas nuevas de vez en cuando, es buen ejercicio, aquí esta el [link] para el tutorial.