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Zodiac Signs as Anime Powers

Aries: Sharingan (Naruto)

Taurus: Alchemy (Fullmetal Alchemist )

Gemini:Titan Shifter (Attack on Titan)

Cancer: Death Scythe (Kuroshitsuji )

Leo: Metal Vessel (Magi)

Virgo: Future Diary ( Mirai Nikki )

Scorpio: Death Note

Libra: Quinque (Tokyo Ghoul)

Sagittarius: Super Saiyan ( Dragon Ball )

Capricorn: Vectors (Elfen Lied )

Aquarius: Geass ( Code Geass)

 Pisces: Mystic Eye of Death Perception ( Kara no Kyouka)

An idea I’ve had for a while

Something I’ve had on the proverbial shelf for a long time but never really spoken about, that I probably won’t get around to until I’m out of Fanfiction to write is my own original work.

I grew up watching the 90s X-Men cartoon and I related to a lot of the issues that Static Shock tackled when it was on Cartoon Network so I will be taking cues from them.

I want to write a story that takes a look at a world where superpowers are a normal part of life, they’ve been around for decades at this point and explore what a world like that would look like, also it would serve as a way to talk about certain social issues.

Below is basically a rough outline of the setting/prologue and how the first chapter(s) would go.

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The signs anime powers

Aries: Spirit world warrior (Kyoukai no Kanata)

Taurus: Alchemy (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Gemini: Vectors (Elfen Lied)

Cancer: Sharingan (Naruto)

Leo: Shape shifting (Soul Eater)

Virgo: Geass (Code Geass)

Scorpio: Death Note (Death Note)

Libra: The book of Thoth (Musaigen no phantom world)

Sagittarius: Titan shifting (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Capricorn: Death scythe (Kuroshitsuji)

Aquarius: Kagune (Tokyo ghoul)

Pisces: Future telling phone (Mirai Nikki)