Betapa indahnya kehidupan seorang Muslim. Betapa pun banyak kelelahan yang dirasakannya, semua itu akan bernilai pahala dan berbuah pengapusan segala dosanya selama ia menerima ujian itu dengan Lillah (karena Allah). Inilah konsekuensi hidup seorang Muslim. Apa pun yang terjadi dan dialaminya, selama ia bisa menerimanya dengan Lillah, maka semua itu akan menjadi wasilah (jalan) baginya untuk mendapatkan berjuta kebaikan dari Allah Ta’ala.
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Vampire and Succubus Party (Thank you 3k) by GoshaDole

So the official Radio Gosha Facebook page just hit 3k!! You can find it here…

In celebration, I decided to a little celebration pic~! This showcases both my vampire and succubus character enjoying a drink together. Thanks again if you have  liked my page~

If you haven’t checked out Click Bait yet as well, you can do so here…


3rd part of The Great Chaos Caper is here!
Hope you enjoy!


Yves-José Malgorn – Retrogaming – Joysticks & Controllers

Yves-José Malgorn is a French graphic designer who loves video games. He worked hours to vectorize with love and passion the different joysticks and controllers of the past, as well as the famous light guns like the NES Zapper… A colossal work, as you can see. The Joysticks are part of the art show Geek Generation and on sale on the Geek-Art Store !

Dr. Bob Ballard and Nautilus Live will be diving on USS Independence this evening at the Greater Farallones National Museum Sanctuary off the coast of San Francisco, CA. In partnership with Ocean Exploration Trust, we have created original content related to the history and heritage of USS Independence and Bikini Atoll. You will find original articles, oral history interviews, historical timelines, and other never-before-seen content on the Naval Historical Foundation website.

CLICK HERE to view exclusive Independence and Bikini Atoll information. Follow @USNavyHistory on Twitter and our Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest dives along with Nautilus Live!