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Orion Tumblr Comic 52

And what the **** is a Sonic!? Eck! Jontron reference!

Cadance and Templar are back to help Twilight take over the throne while Celestia is…. Busy.,, With her…. Thing.

Commission Marathon!


To test my abilities, I shall do a COMMISSION MARATHON! The goal is 325$ by friday and I shall draw all day, every day! (I also kinda need the money…) So I can test if I can do this whole job thing XD

Paypal:  (or message me!)
Tier 1(10$): Simplified Pony Vector (simple background optional)
Tier 2 (17$): Pony with accessories and a complex background
Tier 3 (25$): Pony with everything with advanced backgrounds and accessories
Extra characters: +10 $

NO NSFW (Maybe suggestive)
Only mild blood
and tell a friend!

Until zen! Pizzah!!

Sheet made by @azure-quill


Canterlot High School VS Crystal Prep Academy. #TeamWondercolts or #TeamShadowbolts?


“We’re not about to let you win, so get out of our way
Think you got us beat, but we’re here to stay
United strong, yeah, we’ll take you down
You’re not so tough, now you’re in our town
All of the times we lost before
Not about to give up, we’re only bringin’ it more
We can smell your fear, we can see your sweat
Hope you didn’t spend money ‘cause you’re losin’ this bet!
You’ve got nothin’ on us
Na, na, na-na-na, na
Let’s go, Wondercolts!
You’ve got nothin’ on us
Na, na, na-na-na, na
Let’s go, Wondercolts!”


“Talk a little too much for a school that never wins
Maybe you should just stop 'fore you even begin
We are Crystal Prep High and we have a reputation
Every little moment is about our education
Put your ear to the ground
Listen to that sound
You’re a house of cards
And it’s about to fall down (fall down)
About to fall down (fall down), hit the ground
You’ve got nothin’ on us
Na, na, na-na-na, na
Let’s go, Shadowbolts!
You’ve got nothin’ on us
Na, na, na-na-na, na
Let’s go, Shadowbolts!”

((Boy, this was the longest vector I’ve ever did & probably the biggest file saved & I’m glad it’s finished! I can fairly say that “MLP: EG -Friendship Games” is an awesome movie with amazing songs! :D))

Vault Dweller Twilight Meets Mr. Handy

I don’t know why but I had an idea yesterday to make a little Mr. Handy vector image in the same kind of simple BBBFF/pointy pony style. (It might have to do with all the Fallout I’ve been playing which is one reason I’ve been so inactive here recently.)

So, I did and I like the way it turned out but it seemed kind of simple so I put him along with the Vault Suit Twilight vector I made a little while ago. Even then it didn’t really seem fished so I worked some computer magic and made a quick two frame gif. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out so enjoy!

Hello there everyone, it’s that time of the day again. It’s time for another addition to the 25 Days of Christmas Ponies! 

Today we have Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer, two reformed villains spending some time together, drinking hot chocolate and talking about how nice it is to be a good guy for once.  But what’s this? Sunset has a gift for Starlight. Aww, she’s so thoughtful.

Come back tomorrow for another Christmas pony! 


*Looks in the camera like they’re on The Office*

I don’t think Caramel is very good with giants, also where does he keep getting those pies? Why would he wasTE SO MANY BAKED TREATS? 

Featuring the appearance and ask of the lovely ask-twizilla, please check them out if you like big purple pones ^u^ I really dont draw the mane 6 enough huh.

Man I upd8 so infrequently, but heck, I’ve been busy and procrastinating this one for weeks so wooooo at least it’s done. Please feel free to send in asks if you’d like, and I may just respond to it with more infrequent art ;3