vector is dumb


See I knew I wasn’t the only one that loved this show. Please watch it. I want you to watch it. Tumblr wants you to watch it. I hear word that your parents and the government don’t want you to watch it so you should rebel against them and side with me and Tumblr. It really is the right thing to do. <3

Oh you might not want to look at the tag for it, though. Even seeing what actors play certain characters can be a spoiler in this show. I am not kidding. I can’t say the name of a character that shows up at the beginning of Season 3 because their name is a huge spoiler. So don’t look at the tag till you’re done.

There are times when I am raging and whisper-screaming at the top of my lungs at how frustrating some of the challenges in Killer is Dead can be and then suddenly I not only finally finish that challenge but I do it so amazingly I get AAA score.

The moral of the story is when I have a sword and a robotic gun arm, don’t piss me off.


Can I just say how awesome the first minute and a half of this episode is? The stuff with the signs at every cut and just everything going on inside Stein’s mind was just awesome. I literally had to pause and post this before continuing because I was so impressed.