vector brushes

I was playing around using the brush in illustrator because i’ve never used it before and also because i found out that pen pressure was a thing in illustrator. Idk why i thought it wasn’t, but i always used the pen tool anyway.

Working with the brush tool was kind of frustrating. I like using sharp and textured lines when drawing Scarecrow. I couldn’t get that with the brush. Even when i was drawing with textured lines (like effects), my strokes wouldn’t stay like i had put them down.

Illustrator does this thing where it smooths out your strokes making angles impossible. The only way to manage a sharp edge with a brush would be to do small strokes at a time. But making them with a long continuous line is not going to happen. 

The fingers were especially difficult as none of the brushes maintained the varied width when applied, (again they would smooth out, he looked like he had droopy melting fingers, haha). I had to mess around with customizing brushes and using shorter strokes.

I suppose i’m spoiled by Clip Studio Paint which also has a vector feature (not as great as illustrator but still a nice touch), but in CSP you can use any of your tools as a vector and that’s like the most amazing thing. CSP actually had a pen that smoothed/ warped your lines for “effect” like illustrator does….i deleted it immediately. lol. 

Idk how the brush tool is like in illustrator cc since i have cs6, but i’m assuming they’ve had to have improved it after theses years right?

Well, i’m going to sleep now. i’ve been fighting with this thing all day, haha.


Work in progress of a bit of an experemental thing :0 since animating and toon boom feels pretty smooth and all but over all like… the version i have.. the vectors n brushes don’t look too nice in my opinion… sooo i was seeing what i could do with premier,, and u know.. i kinda crave death but surprisingly not a whole lot

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anonymous asked:

(Fire alpaca anon) Mhm. I have a drawing tablet and I've used Clip paint studio before. I got it with my tablet. SAI and photoshop are expensive

they sure are, buddy

I’m gonna give some basic advice because you said you had no clue how to do it

Firealpaca doesn’t have as many features as CPS, probably. I just checked out the trial version and wowie!

lemme start with a screenshot of my firealpaca

(since tumblr kills the size, i’ll provide you a better view here)
(sorry the brush names are in portuguese)
(the layer and navigation windows are kinda easy to understand but-
a clipping layer is a layer to color the layer below
protect alpha will only let you color what is already in the layer)

I am not sure if CPS has a smoothing option, but the first thing I noticed when I checked it was that it wasn’t to my liking. So if your strokes feel weird, mess with the “Correction” first to see if you can make it better.

I remember i didn’t have my color wheel when i installed mine, so check if you have everything open in the Window tab, then go to the Color tab. If you don’t like the Color Wheel, there’s a Color Bar, too, so you can check that out.

Also, under the File tab, you can find useful configurations such as the Shortcut Settings and the Environment Settings. shortcuts are a blessing

The brush window doesn’t really show a prev of the brushes, so you’ll have to check them out one by one and see if you like it. Under the brush window, there’s a few options you can use to make a new brush. These colors on the list don’t actually mean anything, but the number means the size of the brush.

FireAlpaca’s brushes are not very customizable. You can double click each one for a few more options, but what you see is what you get.

Now, I’m not sure if CPS has a vector brush, but FireAlpaca doesn’t. The closest to that you can get is the last option on the Snap grid, and ITS REALLY BAD !!!! in my opinion

Speaking about the Snap Grid(that thing I said to keep off!!!), it can be really useful if you’re bad at drawing a straight line. Pressing a key from 1 to 7 will give you one of the grids available. When they’re on, your brush will only be able to draw in these lines. Like this!

And if you want to change the grid’s root/position, you can click that little dot between the last grid and the anti aliasing

about the text tool-
yeah, it’s not THAT much.
It’s basically the same thing as old windows XP ms paint’s text tool, but slightly better

You can’t color words individually in each sentence or change their appearance. The settings you have in each text layer will be the same for all the text. Just double click the layer if you want to edit it.

Just click the place you want your text to be and the text window will show up. Yeah, you’ll have to move it because the text most likely won’t be where you want it to be. That’s all. Simple af.

“hey pate i noticed your file shows its location, including your drawing folder with a horribly large name, is there a way to make it shorter???”


so far I don’t really know how to go thru the open files without a scroll wheel and it SUUUUCKS because my draw folder has such a large name rip me

well you probably knew all of that but REALLY if you need to know any specific tricks, please dont be shy to ask me because i love teaching even though im bad at it !!

also main advice when you’re new with a program is to check everything with a test drawing. it toOK ME A WHILE TO NOTICE LUMINOSITY WAS “ADD” AND NOT “LIGHTEN” BC I DIDNT CHECK THE LAYER BLENDING OPTIONS cries

im-sorry-everybody-deactivated2  asked:

Yamino ; v ;" sorry to trouble you but. may i ask, is there i way to ensure that stylized characters look like they belong in the same world/story/film? characters have different proportion but im afraid that i would design them such that they dont fit with each other at all. I cant seem to find any guides on that x v x"" tysm in advance <3

There are a couple things you can do.  The main one is to just draw your characters over and over and over, and over time your style will develop and shine through.  There will be certain ways you stylize anatomy that will stay recognizable on all your characters, the way you draw noses or eyes or feet.  This is most important part of having an artistic “style”, and nothing but practice and experimentation will do it.

Another factor is your tools.  When I look at any given art, I can almost always tell what computer programs or traditional media was used to make it.  Your medium will influence your style and give cohesion to any characters you draw.  In my case, I “ink” my comic in Adobe Illustrator using the vector brush tool, which simplifies my lines and curves.  The program further stylizes my already stylized characters, ensuring a uniform smoothness and softness regardless of who I am drawing.

Lastly, having a color palette and and lighting effects will do wonders for making everything in your style fit in.  

Just as some characters have their own unique palettes, there’s also some uniform colors in everyone’s palette. For example, everyone has the same colors in their mouth. (Well, there are a few exceptions, but they are so rare I eye-drop them from previous pages rather than clutter my watch bar.)  Scars on characters with the same skin tones are the same color.  I use gold accents on almost every single character: Gabrielle’s choker, the nuns’ crosses, belt buckles, etc.  Having a “theme” like that goes a long way to tie everyone together visually.

Not every blond character has the same yellow hair, but I pick colors within the same range to keep them visually uniform.  Oscar and the twins have bright, platinum blond hair, Olga’s is more honey/straw-colored.  In the case of the Wolf Witches, they all have different variations of brown skin (with the exception of Lupo who is more olive).  To make Azi’s hair and skin colors match her parents, I made them a mix of the two.

Hope that helps!