vector brushes

does anyone know or have recommendations for a good animation program?

ive tried my hand at

flash/animate cc: although i know its regarded as the standard amongst animators, its sort of clunky and buggy for my personal work preference. 

tvp: i think this program has a bigger learning curve, but has very beautiful traditional animation aspects to it. though i dont know how it fares well against programs like flash or toonboom in terms of keyframes.

toonboom: i was pleasantly surprised with this one. it sort of feels like a combination of flash and tvp. although animating can be a bit clunky like flash, i like it better than the latter.

csp: i dont want to drop $100+ on csp yet (i have the pro license already) since it has limited features compared to the rest, but nice brushes and vector features.

opentoonz: i downloaded this one since it was free and studio ghibli uses this too. there are too many features im unfamiliar with, so i guess this program has a bigger learning curve than the rest.

moho12/anime studio: im currently using a trial version of this one, but this program seems to be oriented around puppet rigging/bone animation. im trying to practice more frame by frame

anonymous asked:

what drawing program do you use, and do you recommend any types of brushes?

Oooh, hello anon! I’ve never gotten any of these kinds of queries before, so this is an interesting question to ponder!

(Disclaimer: I am incredibly new to art in all its forms and don’t know all the fancy terms for things, so don’t expect anything too… polished? XD)

First off, I use Clip Studio Paint!

This is what my desktop looks like with that program. Lots of layer options, some pretty good variety in brush types, vectors, comic making tools, text… I really like it, overall. :)

When doing line art, I typically use one of two brushes, based on what I’m doing. The first brush gives me really crisp points at the ends, and a bit of volume in the middle. It responds really nicely to pen pressure. The second has the same size throughout.

Moving on, one of my favorite brushes for shading is the smooth India ink brush at a low opacity!

And my favorite brush to use when I want to splash some texture is a grunge brush I downloaded separately, although regrettably I can’t remember where I got it from. ;A;

I generally choose brushes on a whim and see what works. I mess around with quite a few, but these are the ones I come back to most. Thank you for asking, friend!

viphalo  asked:

NIC i hope you are doing SO WELL i have!! a technical question. I really want to vectorize my brush lettering, with all the nuances of the lettering coming through. Your stickers/lettering always looks fresh off the page, in that the paint is more concentrated in certain areas/some spots are more transparent/etc. HOW do you do this?! Cause I want to vectorize my lettering without it losing the quality of being hand-done. Any advice greatly appreciated ily hope ur doing okay!!!

OMG HELLO I MISS U i dont actually vectorize my lettering!!! I scan them n i refer to a wikihow page to like clean them up HUHU i only vector like logos :((( IM SORRY I HOPE U FOUND A WAY SJSNSJSJ this is super late im sorry ily