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Sweet new tools in a Zbrush4R8! Looking forward to getting the hang of the new features, gizmos, booleans, deformers and vector displacement brushes.

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ob gif magic: combining two scenes to make an AU


I use photoshop CS6.

First you need to think of the scenes you want to put together and carefully select the ones that will go together. (As in, if you want two characters in a scene talking to each other, one will probably have to face each other and not facing the same way. You probably don’t want to combine a day scene with a night scene. Also consider the coloring of the scenes. Just choose your scenes wisely otherwise you might be spending hours for nothing).

I’m assuming that you already know the basics to making gifs, so just open the two scenes up.

Next, select all the layers and group them together using ctrl + g. It’ll honestly make your life easier.

Choose the frames you want to combine and MAKE SURE IT’S THE SAME NUMBER OF FRAMES FOR BOTH SCENES. I have 22 frames.

Choose a scene that you’ll copy over to the other. One might be easier to move over and work with than the other. In my case, I’m moving all the Sarah frames over to the scene with Rachel.

To move all your frames, select all the frames, click that little button as I’ve pointed out in the screenshot above and then click Copy Frames.

Go over to the other scene (in this case - the Rachel scene), select all frames, click that little button again > Paste Frame and a message should appear.

Make sure you click “Past Over Selection“ before clicking OK.

Now the Sarah layers are on top of the Rachel ones (I also renamed the group to Sarah and Rachel so we won’t get confused).

To adjust the size and move the layers, press ctrl + t and move it however it fits whatever scene you’re working on (y’know, make sure height/eye level’s the same - which btw is REALLY tough when tmas is so much smaller than all the other actors in ob and probably only works when she’s talking to a clone).

You can also adjust the opacity so you can see it better. Just remember to turn it back to 100% after.

Next, select the group you’ve copied over (Sarah layers) and then click add vector mask.

Click brush tool

Start removing all the unnecessary things/people in the way using the brush tool on the vector mask.

^ So far that’s what mine looks like.

I’ve added a new layer and colored in Sarah’s background/Paul black. This only sometimes works (well, mostly works in dark scenes) if you have things in the way but you can’t get rid of it using the vector mask.

Crop it, add some PSD’s, add some texts if you like and yEAH…

Congrats, now you know how to combine two scenes together to make an AU.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a msg.

anonymous asked:

(Fire alpaca anon) Mhm. I have a drawing tablet and I've used Clip paint studio before. I got it with my tablet. SAI and photoshop are expensive

they sure are, buddy

I’m gonna give some basic advice because you said you had no clue how to do it

Firealpaca doesn’t have as many features as CPS, probably. I just checked out the trial version and wowie!

lemme start with a screenshot of my firealpaca

(since tumblr kills the size, i’ll provide you a better view here)
(sorry the brush names are in portuguese)
(the layer and navigation windows are kinda easy to understand but-
a clipping layer is a layer to color the layer below
protect alpha will only let you color what is already in the layer)

I am not sure if CPS has a smoothing option, but the first thing I noticed when I checked it was that it wasn’t to my liking. So if your strokes feel weird, mess with the “Correction” first to see if you can make it better.

I remember i didn’t have my color wheel when i installed mine, so check if you have everything open in the Window tab, then go to the Color tab. If you don’t like the Color Wheel, there’s a Color Bar, too, so you can check that out.

Also, under the File tab, you can find useful configurations such as the Shortcut Settings and the Environment Settings. shortcuts are a blessing

The brush window doesn’t really show a prev of the brushes, so you’ll have to check them out one by one and see if you like it. Under the brush window, there’s a few options you can use to make a new brush. These colors on the list don’t actually mean anything, but the number means the size of the brush.

FireAlpaca’s brushes are not very customizable. You can double click each one for a few more options, but what you see is what you get.

Now, I’m not sure if CPS has a vector brush, but FireAlpaca doesn’t. The closest to that you can get is the last option on the Snap grid, and ITS REALLY BAD !!!! in my opinion

Speaking about the Snap Grid(that thing I said to keep off!!!), it can be really useful if you’re bad at drawing a straight line. Pressing a key from 1 to 7 will give you one of the grids available. When they’re on, your brush will only be able to draw in these lines. Like this!

And if you want to change the grid’s root/position, you can click that little dot between the last grid and the anti aliasing

about the text tool-
yeah, it’s not THAT much.
It’s basically the same thing as old windows XP ms paint’s text tool, but slightly better

You can’t color words individually in each sentence or change their appearance. The settings you have in each text layer will be the same for all the text. Just double click the layer if you want to edit it.

Just click the place you want your text to be and the text window will show up. Yeah, you’ll have to move it because the text most likely won’t be where you want it to be. That’s all. Simple af.

“hey pate i noticed your file shows its location, including your drawing folder with a horribly large name, is there a way to make it shorter???”


so far I don’t really know how to go thru the open files without a scroll wheel and it SUUUUCKS because my draw folder has such a large name rip me

well you probably knew all of that but REALLY if you need to know any specific tricks, please dont be shy to ask me because i love teaching even though im bad at it !!

also main advice when you’re new with a program is to check everything with a test drawing. it toOK ME A WHILE TO NOTICE LUMINOSITY WAS “ADD” AND NOT “LIGHTEN” BC I DIDNT CHECK THE LAYER BLENDING OPTIONS cries