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Fly Lo

Not only is Flying Lotus one of my most favorite artists of the year but he’s also one of my top favorite music artists in general. His music inspires me to create on so many levels. One thing about him is that even though his music is incredibly good a lot of people still don’t even know who he is. I put this guy up there with some of the worlds greatest musicians in my book. He didn’t put out an album this year but he did have his own radio station on possibly the greatest video game of all time (FlyLoFM on Grand Theft Auto V), a sick tour that made it to Cleveland which was the highlight of summer 2013 for me and he just recently dropped a random folder of all unreleased jams. Do yourself a favor and get hip to his music if you have not already. Gotta love artists like Fly Lo.


Earl showed out this year. He is one of the most impressive young MCs in the game right now. On top of that he has the best rap name ever. “Earl Sweatshirt”.lol His album DORIS took a hot second to grow on me but now I can say it was one of my top three favorite albums of the year.