yup, i did it.

the “[urinating dog]” agatamoji (agatean+edomoji, although it isn’t true “edomoji” in shape or meaning, i just took the stylings).

i just couldn’t help it, i had the idea floating since last week. i laughed so hard after reading the translated agatean bits of Twoflower’s vacation propaganda. 


will redraw it properly into an edomoji of sorts, since i found a guide how to draw them.


Unfold Human Consciousness.

A 3D map of Spiral Dynamics, an anthropologic theory on the evolution of mankind. We can witness an unfolding development, starting from its core 100,000 years ago, through the various stages of existence we have been through until today, and to our postulated manifestating future. The formation of our development rotates around the ideals of its time while it slowly unfolds into new states of being. The previous stages move towards the centre never losing their influence and adding to the grand scheme we call human consciousness.