My lover’s got a humour…

This is my part for Tima’s Take Me To Church MEP that just went up today.  The theme was “dark”, so of course, I did Foilshipping and tried to make it fit.  Wasn’t easy XD

The plot I was going for was that Yuuma is literally a wandering soul.  He’s been killed (thanks to Vector: it’s like his on-screen death except Yuuma went to grab him and also fell into hell with him) and is now a lost soul in the Barian World that is freely tortured by Vector.  Vector makes him roam his old memories, grabs him, throws him around, and even puts his body on display in an orange crystal.  Just…general dark shit okay? XD  Hope everyone enjoys x3

“…She is conventional with a rather reserved manner. Virgo woman is highly intuitive, she has the ability to sense what is off-key about a person. She has a very kind and sympathetic heart, she looks closely at people, deep inside to see their essence. Virgo woman’s gift is making order out of chaos.”