Vectagon is a eye melting, Super Hexagon-esque, procedurally generated arcade survival racer with TRON-style neon visuals and super-fast twitch based gameplay inspired by F-ZeroRez and Dyad.

From the developers on Biome (another game you’ll really want to keep an eye on), Vectagon assaults your senses from the get-go, with beautiful neon visuals flying by at speeds that can be almost hypnotic at times.  You won’t have time to stop and admire the procedurally generated scenery though as all of your focus will be on avoiding the walls which are hurtling at break-neck speeds.

To say Vectagon is hard is the biggest understatement since Alexander Flemmming said ‘blimey, this mould stuff might be quite useful’ – seriously it’s rock hard, you’ll need superhuman reflexes to survive more than a minute.  Not to worry though, every time you fail, Vectagon will offer up helpful words of encouragement such as ‘Get a Job, Hippy‘, ‘You Might as Well Give-Up‘ or simply ‘You’re a Dick‘. 

It’s a fun, challenging and seriously addictive game that insults your game skills and assaults your eye-balls from start to finish.  It’s also 100% free and coming to Windows, Linux, Mac and Mobile (and hopefully Steam), so you’ll be able to get your ass kicked on multiple platforms by VectagonTRON, mixed with Super Hexagon, a gallon of nitrus and an acid chaser. 

Play the Beta, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)

I just programmed some new friends for myself!

These guys are called Pulses, and they’ll follow the tunnel you ride on. They’re going to move to two sets of rules - the rules of the tunnel which the player follows, and the rules set by the Pulse Controller. This means they could start pulsing, rotating or a mexican wave!

I’m looking into replacing the current mesh generation system with loads of these guys in preparation for the beta, so let’s see what we can do!