I just programmed some new friends for myself!

These guys are called Pulses, and they’ll follow the tunnel you ride on. They’re going to move to two sets of rules - the rules of the tunnel which the player follows, and the rules set by the Pulse Controller. This means they could start pulsing, rotating or a mexican wave!

I’m looking into replacing the current mesh generation system with loads of these guys in preparation for the beta, so let’s see what we can do!

We're releasing Vectagon next week. Here's why it took so long.

Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. We’ll finally be releasing Vectagon on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Kongregate, Itch.IO, Linux and every other platform under the sun next week. It’ll be 100% free, with no adverts or other annoyingness. 

Vectagon has been 99% complete for over a year now, so I figured I’d talk about what took so long. 

The core of it is that i’m a perfectionist, but I’m also inexperienced. I wanted Vectagon to be worth a price tag, and for it to last a long time. I wanted lots of game modes, secrets, level editors, and I wanted it to run on every device perfectly, without sacrifice. But the more things I added, the more I found my lack of programming skill let me down, and the more I realised that the design of Vectagon relies on minimalism. Everything I added, I eventually stripped away. So while people enjoyed playing it hugely, to me, it always felt bare, and unfinished. So eventually I wondered away to start work on Biome, and didn’t come back for a long time. With my new skill and experience, I tried to remake the project, but in doing so I realised that it was always great to begin with, and that the time it would take to remake the game with the same level of polish far outweighed the benefits. Instead, my new Vectagon engine is going to be at the heart of another game, one that takes on the lessons learned making this project. But the biggest lesson I learned was simply to be happy, and know when to stop. So anyway. Because you should have been playing it a long time ago, and because I don’t feel comfortable asking money for anything less than perfection, you’ll be able to play Vectagon everywhere, for free, next week.