c.M32 Cegorach’s Summons

In the wake of the Fall, the surviving worshippers of the Laughing God dissapear into the Webway without a word of explanation.

641.M33. The War Begins

After centuries of isolation Cegorach’s followers return in spectacular fashion. The Masque of the Midnight Sorrow burst from the webway at (?) to fall upon a horde of Slaaneshi  Daemons. Their intervention rescues the (ambushed?) warhost of Ulthwe, and with their strength combined the Eldar hurl daemonic foes back into the

Warp. This is but the first of such grand entrances, the masques announcing their return to war with great (?).

666.M33. The First Solitaire

The Dance Without End gives the first ever performance of the Fall. Their audience are horrified, not least by the disturbing figure of the Galaxy’s first Solitaire as she (brazenly/bravely) bestrides the stage.

984.M35. In Conflict’s Wake

Asdrubael Vect (seizes?) power in Commoragh. Few know of his dealings with the Masque of the Veiled Path at this time, or the dreadful pact he seals with them upon ascending to his throne.

358.M40. The War of Mirrors

The Silent Shroud face Waaagh! Gutrippa in (?) World. Impossibly outnumbered, the harlequins use the planet’s mant webway portals to run circles around their Ork foes. Only a handful of Harlequins survive the month of conflicts, but they (?) such (confusion?) that the Waaagh functionally tears itself apart.

454.M40. Rhildhol’s Salvation

The Chaos warband of Lord Fulgulus attacks the Exodite world of Rhildhol. yet his attempt to desecrate the world brings him to ruin. The Masque of Soaring Spite, aided by the Wych Cult of Strife, falls upon Nurgle worshippers at the peak of their ritual a slaughter them wholesale.

778.M40. Fall of Pardassos

The Dreaming Shadow infiltrate the (?) tomb-fortress of Nemesor (Tolak?) of Pardassos. By sabotaging the tomb complex’s temporal machines, the Harlequins trigger a singularity cascade that exterminates most of necrons before they can awaken. (?), Lord Torlak leads his lychguard to hunt down the intruders, but is caught in an ambush by the Masque’s Death jesters and gunned down without mercy.

998.M40. The Cull

Imperial forces attempt to plunder forbidden archeotech on the dying world (Karadox?). The Midnight Sorrow strike without warning, orchestrating a blistering campaign of hit-and-run attacks. Eventually the terrified humans flee, abandoning their (tainted?) prize without ever learning the horrors it would have unleashed.

056.M41 Giant Slayers

Knights of House Terryn claim the maiden world of (Velos?) for the Imperium. In response, the (Frozen Stars?) deploy swarm of Voidweavers in the (?) known as the Giant’s Lament. Though the cost is high, the invaders arefinally wiped out.

113.M41 The Daemon’s Dance

A Solitaire duels Skulltaker (also looks like Skullfucker here, ahem) before the Gate of Souls, mirroring the hatred between Khorne and Slaanesh. At the duel’s height, the Solitaire drops his guard and is slain, the psychic echo of his self-sacrifice resonating through the Warp to banish a horde of Slaaneshi daemons about to breach the gate.

251.M41 The Last Laugh

The Veiled Path make a surprising offer of aid to defend the Imperial naval base at (Roth?) against pirates. However, as battle is joined, they turn upon their (?) human allies, ending this seemingly unprovoked attack by (?) the surviving defenders into space.

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anonymous asked:

I'm "that" ridiculous eldar dweeb. There's so much good stuff on the Craft Worlds (Eldrad <3!!) and Dark Eldar (Asdrubael Vect is the most fun name to say.) But there's not much on Exodites. Anything I find is fan speculation or vague (riding dinosaurs!!??). Will the Exodites ever make more of an appearance than as a side bar? Do they all ride dinos? Or are there varied Exodite civilizations? Has GW left them intentionally ambiguous to inspire fan creativity? Inquiring anon minds long to know...

I wasn’t exactly the Eldar’s biggest fan once upon a time, but over the past few years I’ve warmed to them. Given Games Workshop’s new direction I wouldn’t be surprised if they did an Exodite army one day. Dinos are popular with them, but I’m sure they have numerous, varied cultures and communities.


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