Don’t ask me why, because I have no idea, but this song just randomly popped up in my head…this specific version, out of nowhere, haha.

Tolkien Blackout Poetry 1/_ : Veanne/Melian

‘What then was Queen Melian like,’ quoth Eriol, if thou hast seen her, O Veanne?’

‘Slender and very dark of hair,’ said she, ‘and her skin  
most lovely of the hue of night.
If ever she sang or if ever
she danced, dreams
were nigh, heavy as with a strong wine,
in the wild places of
the world and in every lonely wood. 

As she went 
full of all solace, more beautiful
than a moment
in the dark trees.’


An American In Paris opens officially tonight at the Palace Theatre!

The new musical, with music and lyrics by George & Ira Gershwin and book by Craig Lucas is directed and choreographed by Chirstopher Wheeldon. The cast includes Robert FairchildJill PaiceLeanne CopeVeanne CoxBrandon UranowitzMax von Essen

Previews started March 13.