ve: sunny

Going to be giving Sunny his antibiotic injection later today. Will also soak him while we’re at it, and he’s out of his big tub.

The last of his stuck shed is gone, so it’s not for that, but warm water soaks are good to help his immune system fight the infection.

Also, the doctor recommended that he gets three large r4ts once every three weeks for a meal, or two, if fed once every 2 weeks. I think I’ll wait to feed him until we’re done with this course of injections. Don’t want to wrassle him on a full tummy.

Sunny is a big boi

We weighed him at the doctor’s and he’s at 13,3 kg, that’s 29.3 lbs. My arms and shoulders are sore from heaving him from one tub to the next.

On the other hand, he’s not offering much resistance, so at least there’s that. I’ll take 30 pounds of passive noodle over 30 pounds of angry snek any day.