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Chloe: if i never barged in on you while you were taking a shower things would be so different. I mean, we never would’ve won nationals, or the worlds,the barden bellas never would’ve found their sound so if you never joined we could’ve been the last batch, i would’ve never fallen in love with you, we could’ve never had the house for the bellas or that maybe i would’ve graduated earlier cause i had no reason to stay oh and maybe the whole world never would’ve seen fat amy in a whole different level

Beca: wait back up a bit, you’re in love with me?

Chloe: i mean i have been for more than 5 years but who’s counting amirite

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Such a coward... you killed her in the simulation and have the gall to feel jealous of her. For God's sake, you've already won. Hinata will be with you for life. She has nothing. At least let her have a few hours to play some video games.

Firstly she was the one I wanted to save. Secondly I can feel whatever I want. Thirdly when did I try to stop them from doing anything?

wow okay ignore that banner it is uhh,, not my best work i made it while half sleep last night 

heya guys! for those of you who see this and don’t know me, i’m jordan! i’ve been doing nanowrimo since like 2009?? and let me tell you a secret,, *leans in and whispers* i’ve never won. the most i’ve written before giving up was 15.4k and that was last year. but, here i am again, ready to suffer as i try to whip out a 50k novel during my second year of college. this should be fun.

anyway onto the experiment thing, i honestly don’t know what to call it. everyday in november i’m going to try to make a wrap-up post that’ll include: 

  1. my total word count at the end of the day
  2. my favorite line(s) i wrote that day
  3. a song from my noveling playlists i’ll be listening to
  4. probably me complaining about all the plot holes in my novel or other things that are giving me problems a mini wrap up of how things are going

but i would love if some fellow writers would join in to make it more fun, even if you aren’t doing nano but just simply writing everyday!

i’ll be tracking and using #allexsummersnano during november so feel free to use it and i’ll try to check it often. i would love to read some of the stuff you’ve written!

but if you’d be interested in doing this with me (or even just doing a few days) maybe reblog this post to get it around? you don’t have to be following me, i’d still love to read your stuff!

Event Charizard Winners!

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Winners have 24 hours to contact me via ask or message. I’ll choose a replacement winner if someone doesn’t respond in time.

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Bernie would've fucking won if he simply threw his axe at Alex's head. An experienced Zaku pilot against a normal person piloting a newtype mobile suit? C'mon, everyone knows Bernie had this.


Listen, I get it, life is hard and you’re dealing with some shit, but could you not tag my posts as “neurotypicals be like” when I talk about trying to remain positive in a world gone mad with apathy and suffering.

When I say I believe in taking light into dark places, I’m not talking soft pastel aesthetics and salt rock lamps. I’m talking burning this shit to the ground, I’m talking about rising up swinging against those who would put you down.

My hope does not negate my rage or despair. And it sure as shit does not negate my mental and physical illnesses either. 

I am hopeful, despite and perhaps even possibly out of spite, because I refuse to surrender my belief that we can do better. That we will do better. When you give that up, they’ve already won. And I’ll die kicking and screaming all the way before I let that happen. Neurodivergency and all.

And if you’re the edgelord off there in the corner talking about how hope is dead and the human species doesn’t deserve to survive? What the fuck are you doing to try and help fix that? This shit is your responsibility too. Fucking rise to it.

FYI I will not answer any asks about what Taylor said or the album, because what happens in the Secret Sessions stays in the Secret Sessions - she asked us not to say anything, she trusts us not to say anything, and I´m not ever breaking that promise.



A summary of each NWSL team’s season

Boston: Queens of losing or tying games that they should’ve won

Chicago: A ride or die team that must like riding roller coasters bc their season was a roller coaster


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Kansas City: Just give us more time and the ability to delete that long losing streak and we could’ve had a big comeback

New Jersey: We love making everyone’s heart rate go up and we love proving that Sam Kerr is unreal and we also love to prove that we’re fratty dog dads.

North Carolina: That new kid in school who’s perfect and super popular and you want to hate them but you can’t.


Portland: The usual except


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Washington: Queens of injuries and losing games in the second half


Playing around with some identity design. The reason why my username is blvnk: it comes from blank, as in blank canvas. The meaning of my name is white in Italian, so I just tried to give some connection. the “v” is just an “A”. I am 23 years old. I draw since I was kid - I actually never stopped drawing. I’ve won 2 drawing contest at school! My favorite traditional artist is John Singer Sargent and my favorite digital artist is Craig Mullins. I’m really inspired by them and by lots of other artists too. I started posting my drawings because of Harry Potter fanarts (way before my series of black and white sketches) but eventually I developed a love for all kinds of arts, especially concept art. I’m in Ravenclaw house and I’m proud of it. My native language is Brasilian Portuguese. 

Anti Hero (pt. 7)

Part 6

“Wait here,” Author says even as he pens the words. “We can take care of the Septic Egos another time after you’ve rested properly. Won’t that be fun?” Author walks over and ruffles Anti’s hair where he’s still doubled over on the floor. “Don’t want to wear out my little puppet, though.”

With that, he writes himself back at Ego Inc. where someone is banging on the door of his cabin quite loudly, and when the Author opens the door, he’s not shocked to find the Host on the other side. “Where have you been?”

Author smiles and opens the door wider for the Host to enter. “Why don’t you come in, Host? You look awfully tired.”

The Host is tired, ever since seeing what Anti did to poor Oliver, he hasn’t stopped moving, his mind hasn’t stopped working. He’s had to work fast to keep everyone in order, and while it pains him to use his abilities in such a way, he was forced to go behind his friends’ backs to ensure everyone’s safety. He can’t take much more right now. “The Googles are in a frenzy over Oliver, of course. They’re all ready to hunt Anti down and roast him over a spit.”

“A rather primitive means of torture for our android friends,” Author comments as he pours himself and the Host some tea. “But I’m sure that Dark won’t let his remaining three androids go on a glitch hunt.”

The Host takes the tea gratefully and shakes his head. “This issue with Anti has everyone in an uproar. Dark has no idea how he was so completely fooled himself, and the others are afraid of what this means for the future. Except Wilford, of course.” Host takes a sip. “As usual, he’s very happy to have an opportunity to shoot something.”

Author can’t help his frown. He can’t have that candy-brained maniac putting bullet holes in his new subject, not when he has such a perfect one now. “But you won’t let him do that, right?”

The Host sighs and drops his head a little. “At this point, the Host is not sure what the correct course of action is. He merely hopes that his faith has not been misplaced.” Host turns his face up to the Author.

Author smiles and takes a sip of his tea, assured that his plan is working perfectly. “Don’t worry, friend, your good faith has not been misplaced.”


Anti sleeps because he was told to, but nightmares claw at him all through the night until he drags himself awake and out of bed. He’s in the attic again, cold and drafty and smelling of mold. Already he misses the warm nest of his pillow fort. Already he misses…

Anti shakes that thought from his head.

There’s a rustle in the corner of the attic, and Anti draws his knife, ready to fight. “C̩̙o̴̭̙̻̳̼͉m͍̩è̳̮̦̥̩̣ ̻͘o͍̝̜u̜̲̯̰̖̟͡t̞̗͚̳͍,͓̫̥͎̰̬̱͠ ̱͔̟c͏̣̤o͈͙͇̙͞m͕̼̭͞ẹ͔͖̩̭ ̨̳̳̱͕̹̩͕ou̗͈͕̥͎ͅt̖̲̀,” he growls, and Google Red steps into the light coming in through the single, round window.

“Glitch,” the droid says in mock-greeting, an edge in his voice like the serrated length of Anti’s blade.

The glitch is frozen, unsure of what he should do, whether he should fight or run or… just accept whatever fate he deserves at this point. Red grips his hands into fists. “You put a knife in my little brother’s core. He trusted you,” Red seethes, barely containing the full force of his rage. “He trusted you, and you killed him!”

Anti gasps. So the Author lied to him again. He couldn’t save Oliver, just another trick to get Anti to obey him. And now his only friend is dead.

In Anti’s shock, Red is on him in a moment, knocking the knife from his hand and pinning Anti to the wall of the attic. Anti shakes his head, tears in the corners of his eyes as he squeezes them shut, not from fear but from the crushing thought that the last time he saw his friend’s face… the last time…

“I didn’t want to. I couldn’t stop the Author. I-I tried.” Anti has to force each word, but it doesn’t matter. He can’t hurt Ollie any more at this point. “I didn’t want to hurt him.”

“Look at me,” Red growls, and when Anti doesn’t open his eyes, Red shakes him. “Look at me!” Anti turns his hollow gaze to Red’s face, at the anger and hatred there. Then Red’s eyes flash yellow, and he smirks.


if you think you love keith as much as i do then…. 

dAMN right this is no competition but you’ve WON! YOU ARE WINNING!!!!! congratulations and welcome to the keith-loving club!! it’s a very good club because honestly keith deserves so much love, appreciation and respect so purchase your tickets now and hop aboard the keith train we’re taking off next stop S4 B)