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The problem is that some of you guys don’t even realize that you’re at fault. You’ll justify Sana being sidelined in her own story because you, as an audience and as fans, continue to sideline her in the show - in a season she’s the main character of - it’s nothing new to you. But Muslim WoC are angry, because we’ve waited for so long to be represented, we’ve waited for so long for our stories to be told and we’ve waited for so long for people to hear us, and when we were finally given that opportunity, our character (and ourselves by extension) were overshadowed by other characters and their story lines. To be frank, it’s quite disgusting. Especially when a clip about Sana struggling to put herself together, struggling with her faith, her friends, her identity, struggling to just exist without crumbling apart - and yet her entire life is basically glossed over. When all you can talk about is Even and Isak holding hands, you’re consciously choosing to ignore a story of equal relevance and importance in favour of your white male characters - their unique struggles don’t strip them of that privilege. This is fiction, it’s a TV show, and this is how we’re treated; white people’s stories still hold more value than our own, even within our own stories. Our struggles are tokenized and God forbid our sadness begins to interfere with the happiness of your favourites. We’re speaking to a greater issue at hand here. Because, we, as a community, as a group of women of faith, are continuously sidelined in our own stories, and you choosing to ignore our narratives, choosing to gloss over our pain, choosing to strip us of our identities and cultures when they don’t fit into your framework, and then justifying yourself and your characters. No. It’s unjustifiable. 

Character Appreciation🌹Troy from Crooklyn (Zelda Harris) She reminded me so much of myself. Crooklyn was the first relatable movie I saw as a child. It made me so proud to be black at such a young age and i’ve been representing every since ✊🏾💕


EXACTLY! I’ve suspected Rey represented the ‘hope’ (which is what Kenobi has always been) for the Skywalkers and you girls nailed it! Rey being a Kenobi makes so much poetic sense from a literary perspective. The entire story comes full circle for both families. 

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What does the lesbian bride flag look like?

I messed up something earlier, so here this is now:

This is the lesbian pride flag. However, lesbians can also use the rainbow flag if they feel like it

This one specifies that it’s for sapphic people by adding this icon.

And then here’s just the classic pride flag.

EDIT (I messed up!):

Here’s the lipstick lesbian flag, it’s typically used for femme lesbians so it’s a little less inclusive than the first one but also good for feminine wlw. It’s the same as the first one other than the lipstick.

This is also a less-accepted lesbian flag created in the late ‘90s that has been sort of popular on the internet lately. It does have the triangle referencing the holocaust though, and as far as I’ve found the axe represents some ancient matriarchal tribes, so I could see people seeing this as more controversial, but I can’t find a whole lot on this one since it isn’t very widely used.

(If I got anything wrong please let me know!)


UQ Holder Censorship! Is Germany Getting an Alternate Cover?

Volume 13 of UQ Holder was only released a month ago, its cover featuring a nude Evangeline. Of course, this sort of ecchi image is nothing new for the series, but when it is featured on the outside of the book, it is an entirely different story.

What’s interesting is just how different these covers are. So far, they’ve represented what was happening in the volume, but it seemed like the idea was abandoned and instead opted to go with a previous plot-line.

Negima are not estranged to censorship, as seen by the censored covers for the standard and limited edition releases, so it’s not absurd to think they’d make a change. It’s a strange choice to simply go with a completely different design rather than adding clothes to the naked character. What’s interesting is that this “new” cover is actually the backside of Vol. 10’s, but the design is not yet finalized and may change in the future.

Another interesting point is just how early they managed to nip this in the bud. Volume 10 hasn’t even been released and this particular volume isn’t due to release until March, 2018 in Germany, so it may have been obvious from the start that this cover would have issues outside Japan. There’s definitely a chance this change won’t just be limited to Germany either.

​What do you think? Do you think other countries may have an alternate cover as well?

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Can you explain the Ouma sprite where he has white hair? Does it symbolize or mean something?

Rather than just his hair being white, the sprite is more of a complete inversion of his color palette! He goes from having a predominantly white color palette with some black thrown in to it being the other way around. It’s a really fun sprite, considering the whole theme of ndrv3 is “truth vs. lies,” and how neither of these things is actually as morally black and white as the cast would like to paint them as.

As the most morally grey character in the entire game (if not the entire franchise), Ouma’s palette being so marked by black and white is very telling. The inversion sprite is a very nice touch, and I’ve always taken to represent the idea that truth and lies can change very easily depending on your perspective. Just by looking at something differently, by changing your viewpoint just the tiniest bit, your entire worldview shifts.

The truth can become very horrible when seen directly–and lies can take on new meaning and become considerably less manipulative or deceptive when you realize they’re actually being told to comfort you. As with everything else about Ouma, once you think you have him pegged, he shifts. First you think he’s one thing, then you take a closer look and he’s another.

There’s also the fact that black and white is so heavily associated with chess imagery. The ndrv3 artbook already recently confirmed that Ouma’s scarf is in fact deliberately based on a chessboard (every day I hope a little more that Kodaka might confirm my SHSL Chessmaster Ouma theory), so his black and white color palette as a whole is probably meant to reinforce that further. Having a sprite that switches his palette from one to the other is a fun way, of… well, “flipping the chessboard around.”

I doubt a single sprite is meant to symbolize anything too deeply, but it’s undeniably a fun trick on Kodaka’s part to get the player to pay attention and realize there are clearly unique things about his sprites and his character overall. After all, there’s a lot to read into with Ouma’s sprites overall, from the intentional similarities with Junko’s (her blank sprite, mostly) and Nanami’s (too many to count, actually) to the fact that this is, as far as I can remember, the first time a palette inversion was ever done with a DR sprite.

This is just my take on it, anyway! I think it’s half-parts symbolic of Ouma’s character, and half-parts just Kodaka having fun messing around and experimenting!

Ruminations & Resonations by Libra

A place where I spend some time ruminating on various topics, and find what resonates with me. Nothing here should be considered a hard and fast rule, but simply my thoughts - and, perhaps, a starting point for a discussion!

So, calculating your Tarot Birch Cards has had a recent boom in popularity, but from what I have noticed, it seems like most people have a basic understanding of the calculations needed to FIND their birth cards, but don’t really go much farther into understanding what each card represents. I’ve had a bit of an obsession with Birth Cards for quite a while now (it was one of the most popular readings I sold for a long time!), so I figured I’d share some of my thoughts on Birth Cards!

Starting at the very basics for those just jumping in, your Birth Cards are a set of cards that you calculate using your birthday - coming out of the calculation with your Personality & Soul Cards (and I always like to also add in the Shadow Card, which I’ll get into more of as well!)

The calculation is pretty simple, in that you just have to add your birth month, day and year together: MM + DD + YYYYY = XXXX. Then you take that number and add the digits together individually until you get a number between 1 & 22 (X + X + X + X = ??) The first number that you get that is between 1 & 22 corrosponds to your Personality Card. If it was a double digit number, then reduce it down again to get your Soul Card. If you managed to get a single digit number as your first number under 22, your Personality & Soul Cards are the same card!

Now, there is also the Shadow Card that I think is really important to look at. You find that card by look at your Soul Card number (between 1 & 9) and seeing if any other Major Arcana in the double digits would reduce to that number, aside from your Personality Card. For example, my Personlity Card is 11 Justice, and my Soul Card is 2 The High Priestess. 1 + 1 = 2 ; but so does 2 + 0, so 20 Judgement is my Shadow Card!

Ok, so that it a lot of talk about how to get these numbers … let’s get on to the meat of this Ruminations & Resonations session - what thsee cards actually represent! I’m going to start with the Personality & Soul Cards, since that is the pairing most people know already. The first way that I like to look at these cards is to look at then exactly as they sound - representing you Personality and Soul in turn. Your Personality is the face that you wear, the appearance that you give off. Your Personality Card shows your behaviours based on how you want to be seen. It can almost be seen more as a persona that you wear! On the other hand, your Soul Card correlates more to your deepest character, your inner fibers of being. The Soul Card can show your moral compass, what is important to you deep down. When something is important to you, when you need to trust your gut, you tend to act more like your Soul Card than your Personality Card. It’s almost unchangeable, the self that you always return to, whereas your Personality is more adaptable.

Another way I like to look at this pair is as though they represent Ego versus Self. In this case, your Soul Card is your innermost true Self. It’s the bigger picture, who you are when you are most connected to the universe and less concernced about mundane things. It’s where you find purpose and meaning in life, it’s authenticity. To contrast, your Personality Card then goes to represent your Ego, the side of you that has been created by your life and situations that you’ve encountered. It’s the side of you that you found benefited you to bring out, the aspects of yourself that society has deemed acceptable. In this case, it’s also important to look at the Shadow Card, because your Shadow side is created in tandem with your Ego. If you learn to bring out traits that are beneficial, it follows that there are traits that become suppressed because they are not. Your Shadow Card represents a side of yourself that was just not as acceptable when your personality was being shaped. This card is what challenges you, and in that way, it can also be the card that gives you the most potential for growth as you learn to work WITH this side of yourself rather than struggle against it!

The last way that I tend to look at these cards is in relation to reincarnation. In this way of reading them, your Soul card is kind of your baseline - it’s the Soul that you return to between lives. The Personality Card is you in THIS lifetime, so it shows more of the lessons that your Soul chose this life to learn. And then in this case, your Shadow Card is going to show you the challenges you’re likely to face in this lifetime! These do tend to run towards internally based, rather than external challenges - but, as above so below & what you carry inside, you’ll see outside yourself, you know?

All 3 ways of looking at these cards work in conjuction with each other in a way, but I find examining the cards through different lenses really leads to some intense personal growth. Birth Cards can be used as a cool party trick reading, but they also hold a huge depth of information if you’re willing to put the time into working with them! I’ve been studying mine (pictured above) for YEARS and I’m still finding new information about myself when I sit down with them again. I hope you can find a connection with yours as well! I’d love it if you reblogged with how you’ve interpretated your Birth Cards and if my ideas here have enhanced your understanding at all - and ESPECIALLY if you have a way of reading your Birth Cards that I haven’t mentioned!

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Re morrigan in ACoWaR. I would say she's bisexual homoromantic. Like she feels sexual attraction to both men and women but women are the only ones she connects to on a romantic level. I guess it would depend on her whether that makes her bi or gay. But honestly as someone bi with a constantly shifting attraction, I've never felt more represented in a book before

right yes, I skipped over addressing homoromatic in that meta, but I agree. tbh…what Mor described is how I’ve been feeling lately and i didnt know homoromantic was an option until i read her scene and then went on tumblr and was like…oh i can love dick and sleeping with men and also really only want to form close romantic bonds with women. those things are not contradictory and im not an asshole for feeling like that. 

I’m happy you felt represented friend. As someone who also has constant shifting attraction, i did as well. I cant wait to write fic about bi Mor!!!

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What do the colours on the abrosexual flag represent?

I’ve done some searching…and interestingly there is almost nothing about this. The most I’ve found is “ An anonymous tumblr user coined the term.  The flag was created by a tumblr user named Mod Chad after another anonymous person requested it.  The anonymous user said, “could you guys possibly make an abrosexual pride flag?? maybe something along the lines of the typical five color flags that fades from #46D294 to white to #EE1766.”  It is unknown why this person chose these colors specifically.) “

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What are your ideas for Mairon's ability to shapeshift? I've never seen it represented in your writings.

It’s true, I have never written Mairon shapeshifting. I guess it’s because in the main I’ve written scenes where there would be no need for him to shape-shift… he’s pretty comfortable in his usual form. 

What are my thoughts on his ability to do it? Well, I’ve always thought of Mairon’s shapeshifting as a painful, difficult process: something that requires a little bit of a sacrifice to do. It’s not an instantaneous thing, like *poof!* he’s a werewolf - no, it’s more of a slow metamorphosis, of breaking down skin and muscle and reconfiguring it into something monstrous. Destroying the old to create the new, and perhaps disfiguring both. Perhaps with each change, he loses a little part of what he was before - something minor, but something integral, and something that does not come back whole when he assumes his regular form again. So each change requires time, and pain, as most organic processes do. Hence, I think that he does not shape-shift very often, not unless the situation is in dire need of it.

So yeah, those are a few thoughts of mine, running a little contrary to the fandom norm I think :P   

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What does the sun/moon mean?

Copy and paste from a previous post I’ve made

Sun: Represents your personal identity, your ego and your inner expression. It represents what you are trying to become and it’s the core of who you are.

Moon: Represents your emotional development, your deep inner emotions/feelings and how you express the unconscious side of your personality. It explains why you do what you do.

Ask Anything Astrology!
Pagan Questions Accepted!

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🐼  If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?

Oh wow.  At this moment, Ben Platt. I’d love to just…sit down and have a conversation with him. Like a totally normal conversation. Just. I’ve never seen myself represented as accurately and fully as he does in Dear Evan Hansen anywhere before. Not in TV, or movies, or books, or other Broadway shows. Never. And it means so much to me that he’s given the world that representation. I would thank him for everything he’s given me and other people like me, be in awe of how much talent that man has, because it’s truly incredible, and then thank him again.


blessed Beltane one and all. my first batch of sabbat cakes didn’t turn out but I was able to save the second batch and they came out quite nice! I’ve arranged my crystals around the chalice and as the nature of Beltane, place my athame in it. I’ll be planting the roses when the weather in nice enough (where I live, it can snow at any moment still for a week or two) and I’ve included ribbons to represent the maypole.

Three Months of Moving On

As you guys know I’m going to college this fall. I’m leaving my small hometown of 18 years and taking off, so this is huge for me and very different than anything I’ve done before. I want to make sure I do it right. Since this is a huge new doorway in my life I’m going to use the summer months as my “Three Months of Moving On” to get my heart in the right place and start truly fresh.

I’m going to be using the cycles of the moon and some other tools to guide me through this process in three steps.

The first step is June. The full moon in June will be the 9th, the night before my graduation. This is the apex of what I’ve accomplished represented at its fullest. This is my moon of success.
The new moon in June is the 24th, the last day I will be participating in local area festivities or clubs. This will be my moon of last hurrah. June is the month of savoring my time.

The next step will be July. The full moon in July will be the eighth. Summer will now be in full swing, and this will be my moon of celebrating freedom.
The new moon in July will be the 23rd. This will be my moon of breaking old bondage. July is the month of setting free.

The third step shall be August. The August full moon and lunar eclipse is on the 7th. This will be my moon of acceptance.
The new moon and solar eclipse in August will be on the 23rd. I will be in my first week of classes. This will be my moon of starting fresh. August is the month of moving on.

I’m gonna make more detailed posts about my plans for each month as well as each moon as they approach. Thanks for joining me on this journey. If you’re looking for a fresh start this summer feel free to join me and share how things go for you. Love and blessings.

lcn71 replied to your photo “Thruway sky”

I just followed bomberqueen based solely on the fact that she has “new york–state not city” in her bio. We are of the same tribe.

LOL, you and me and approximately 11 million other people! (I just looked it up, 8.4 million in NYC, 19.8 million in NYS as a whole.) I’ve lived in Rensselaer, Monroe, Westchester, and Erie Counties, too, and currently divide my time between that first and that last one, so I feel like I’ve had a representative sampling of The Upstate Experience, if you know what I mean. 

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OHMYGOSH! WILL JUNGKOOK WILL HAVE A MISCARRIAGE??? Because in the CHERRY part 36. Jungkook accidentally drops on of the cherries he's eating, and since it looks like those cherries symbolized(?) their future puppies is he going to lose one of them?! holy shit if that will really happen my poor sweet Jungkookie and Jimin-ah will be devastated. CHEERY is giving me a lot of feels since Jimin presented, but I can't stop reading and waiting for its update. STRONG POWER TO YOU AUTHOR-NIM~~~ <3

Ooooooh I don’t think I could ever write about our boys losing one of their babies! Or about anyone losing their baby, for that matter. You have a good eye because if anything, the cherry dropping would’ve represented a miscarriage, but nope! It’s not a miscarriage~ but it does mean something!!! Good eye, nonnie! : ) thanks for the support~

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CAN LUCY JUST DIRECT EVERY EPISODE PLEASE. like there was a lot in tonight's ep i wasn't happy about but all of it fell on the writers, the directing was a+++ (as it always is when she's in charge)

I agree. It was a solid episode directing-wise. 

I’m pretty upset rn, and I feel silly about it, but what are emotions anymore these days?? I feel bad for feeling bad…but it’s like…a culmination of things. What’s going on in the real world, combined with what Shinwell could’ve represented… but the writers didn’t care about that. Like, you probably weren’t gonna get a 6th season, you could’ve tried to treat Shinwell the way he deserved… and then to have that juxtaposed with Kitty’s treatment…I’m just so full of disgust and anger and bitterness.

Also the opposite of my dream from last night happened - no action for Joan and she didn’t get to emote for one second. 

I could dump hot oil on these writers I really could

Other questions about DC characters that keep me up at night:

  • When Martian Manhunter was disguising himself as Bloodwynd, does that count as blackface? I would argue yes but also literally any human presentation that J’onzz adopts is a complete illusion, like, he is a totally nonhuman entity - which obviously doesn’t mean he can’t and doesn’t understand the human construct of race and the implications of him changing his human presentation from a white dude (John Jones) to a black man (Bloodwynd). 
  • Seriously have Carter and Shiera ever had a lifetime or lifetimes where they weren’t like, a straight cis man and woman?? We have never seen any evidence of this but we’ve also only seen a very small fraction of the lives they’ve lived represented in the comics. Carter’s knee-jerk straight cis dude conservatism would seem to indicate no but you never know, maybe beneath that lies an understanding of gender that is much more complicated than we understand! 

  • There’s a lot of weird sentient AI in the DCU (Amazo, Sirius the sentient spaceship from Hawkworld, that one character from The Flash in like the 70s, Braniac, etc etc!) so how do people in that universe generally feel about issues of AI autonomy and rights and consent etc?

  • As long as I’m dwelling on obscure Hawkman stuff - look you guys know what you’re in for with me lately - at what point does someone just become a furry in the DCU? Like, remember Feralyce from the later Hawkworld and early 90′s Hawkman comics? She was basically a furry, right? Like we were all thinking that, weren’t we?