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in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

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alt! u nerd

                 alt meme. / considering muse : ben from the woods.

                 he does what he always does in these situations : he runs off and cries. walls of defense crumble down around him, tears flow down his face and he can feel his skin burn up, the heat indicating he was blushing without the desire to. hands push open the door and he rushes inside the bathroom, feelings swirling around in his chest and thoughts loud in his head. a voice is heard behind him and he spins around to see isaac. the boy with sad eyes that draw him in, angelic face that ben adores from afar.. he wishes to save him from this world, to protect him from all harm.. yet he can’t even talk to him without his heart banging fast as he freezes up. 

                 he calls out to him but the words he has always wished to say won’t leave him and he stands there, lips parted and the truth of a crush long had tainted him.. he doesn’t speak and isaac leaves ( and he feels himself screaming inside but on the outside he’s just standing there, dumbfounded and lost ). he shakes his head, hands moving to lay atop the counter, staring at himself in the mirror. 

                                    stones don’t break. 

                 and he speaks, he says everything he ever wished to say to isaac to the reflection of himself in the mirror and he leans forward, head colliding with the mirror as isaac’s name wisps from his lips. then he hears a door open and his dad is there.. but leaves before ben can manage anything but a soft  dad, i . he had never managed to muster the confidence to tell him.. 

                 his sister, she was confident and fierce and everything ben wanted to be. she came out to them and she wasn’t afraid, always having that  have me as i am or don’t have me at all  kind of air about her. but not him.. he was timid, quiet and scared. how would his family handle another one of their children coming out to them ? how would they handle the realization they won’t be grandparents ? how will they take it ? ben never wanted to find out, terrified of it all. 

                 god, he dragged kayla into this too ! his best friend.. kayla was always there for him, the only person to know that he was not only gay but that he had a crush on isaac andrews and he was nothing but supportive of him ! he truly didn’t know how he got so lucky.. but he messed it up ! pretending she was his girlfriend without even asking if it was okay wasn’t what he should have done ! but, yet again, he was so scared.. 

                 he stares at the mirror, muttering   stones don’t break  again. eyes moved down to his hands that shook like the leafs on the autumn trees, rattling around in the fall wind. he repeated it again, voice more rugged and low than before, anger infecting his veins and flourished inside of him, raging in him, setting his insides aflame. in seconds, his arm is extended back and his fist slams against the mirror, shattering it into pieces, broken glass falling onto the counter and floor.

                 he stands there for a moment, bleeding as small shards of glass were stuck in his hand. and, like many times before this, he wished he was different. he wished he was better than this.. maybe if he was, then the messes he continued to make would cease and he wouldn’t keep hurting the people he cares so much about.. maybe. 


Early summer doodles that I should’ve posted in June but couldn’t 

[II.] There’s no such thing as too many Tords

no offense but my type of characters are ones that are selfless ( betty cooper ) , independent ( isabelle lightwood ) , emotional ( daphne blake ) , complex ( brooke davis ) , and deserving of respect ( EVERY FEMALE CHARACTER EVER !!!!! ) 

@notinhabited continued from here 

HABIT cocked his head, swaying side to like a slithering snake. He was soaked too. After the aggressive dunking and drowning of Evan- Listening to Evans pitiful pleas. He could read just how {broken} Evan was. It made him grin. It made him slither closer to the male. 

A hand SLAMMED into the wall beside Evans head. And HABIT was nose to nose with the smaller male. Concealing his laughter and simply baring his teeth. 

“You still think this is about you being a p e s t? Don’t make me LAUGH.” HABITs grin twisted in the most gruesome way. Finger wrapping around Evans throat. And squeezing. Squeezing to take the all air way. Maybe crush his vocal cords. 

“You couldn’t be more idiotic! Vin was the vessel I’ve w a n t e d all along! You were just being used until he was r e a d y.” 

HABIT threw him across the room. And gripped his hair again. Dragging him. Heading for the dark room. 

That was to be expected though, wasn’t it?”  

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Do the cloud thought thing for Mas!

“Masnira, mystery taken form. She’s the most guarded, dark person I’ve e’er known, ‘n’ yet I find myself workin’ under her. We share the same world view, or at least close to it, but I know for a ploughin’ fact that there’s somethin’ else she’s got goin’ on other than just managin’ the Collective.”

“No one’s perfect. No one’s infallible. That includes her. Someday she’s gonna slip up ‘n’ reveal somethin’ she shouldn’t’ve, ‘n’ when that day comes I fully intend t’be there. For now, I’m content with what I do for her.”


Maggie Valentine loves the outdoors. She’d be happy if she could just camp out in her backyard forever, tending to her garden and collecting fossils and critters–which is why she’s finally ditched City Living and moved to a new town! I mean, who needs friends anyway when you’ve got n a t u r e???? 

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So? Anymore adventures for you? I hope so. You seemed to be having a lot of fun. You don't have to share, just hoping something good is happening to a cute girl such as yourself.

Well Uncle Sam has gone back to NY so that’s that for now. but he wants me to visit him sometime lol. I teased the guy I babysat for last night but haven’t written about it. I had more I was going to write about the Thicks n stuff but I’ve been busy n haven’t made time…