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"This whole cast and crew get death threats and social media attacks that range from mild to extreme, all in an attempt for fans to try and control the content and give themselves more agency. I've talked to our creative staff, there's no way in hell they'd let this kind of fan-servicing inform the narrative." -actual cole sprouse talking about people who think they can tweet/bully their way to the storylines they want? for fucks sake, these actors are people too. I see lili get so much of it :(

yep, agree….and yes, Lili does get a lot of it. As does Cole..which is probably why he was so unimpressed with Cambot’s stupidity

Welcome to the Mother Goose Adoption Agency

Thank you to everyone that has shown interest and shared your thoughts on this project. I am excited to present the first (that I’ve seen) adoption agency for Sims 4. 

A brief explaination:

This is a fun, side-project that I have been working on for a bit. It’s to help story teller simblrs create a unique gameplay. Adopted sims from in game need a lot of work because we all know how great EA genetic randomization is. But here at the agency we provide already edited children and toddlers for the best gameplay possible.

What you get when you adopt:

When you adopt through us we provide you with unique Tray Files (this means that you are the only one who will have this child/toddler in game). You will also receive Adoption Papers (png) that you can post on your blog and an Adoption Certificate that you can place in game. (Simlish Versions are default available but we can do English Version upon request)

How long will it take after I have submitted an application?

Our goal is to place the little ones in the best environment to suit their needs. Just like any adoption agency it may take a bit for everything to process, but we dont want you waiting too long. The limit on applications so far is 7 days. We usually wait for a couple of applications to come in before we make our final decision. After the first application has been accepted then we will notify you within that 7 days if you will be granted the adoption.

How often do you update your catalog?

We update our catalog weekly and May 1st we will be accepting children/toddlers from simblrs. If you’d like to give us a child for adoption please visit my Submit Button located on the sidebar of my blog. 

Bring one of our sweet children into your forever home today!


On November 24, 1946 Theodore Robert Cowell, weighing 7 lbs and 9 oz, was born at The Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in Burlington, Vermont. He was left there for adoption for 3 months before his grandfather, Samuel F. Cowell, insisted Louise bring him home. Ted was then raised to believe that his mother Louise was his sister and his grandparents were his parents. 

According to Ted’s great aunt Virginia Bristol: “When I heard Louise was ‘not home’ I knew things were not right. Next thing I heard was that Sam and Eleanor had adopted a boy. I was smart enough to know damn well they weren’t adopting this baby. No adoption agency would’ve given them one; Elanor wasn’t well enough to take care of one! I knew it had to be Louise’s baby. But they wanted to cover it up. All we ever got was evasions. I had a very secretive brother. (MacPherson 1989, 145)  From “A Visual Timeline” 

I’ve been thinking about Dirk’s reactions a lot lately, about the way that he argues. It’s really interesting, because he isn’t afraid to defend himself, not at all. He argues back with Todd, and he talks back to Riggins, but he argues like a child with no real goal.

Things like, ‘no, that’s not true’, or ‘i don’t want to go’ are token protests. As if he’s learned that it’s OK to say something, but just like with crying, he knows it won’t make any difference.

If you love Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, you’ve have to give C4′s Utopia a try. Them’s the rules.

Here are some similarities:

1. Both star poor, weird sunshine children on the run from the government.

2. And badass women characters suffering through fictional nerve diseases. 

3. PRETTY COLORS. PRETTY CANDY-COLORED VIOLENCE. It’s obvious that DGHDA was inspired by Utopia’s color scheme (and impeccable choice in yellow jackets). I mean Max literally name drops Utopia in the show bible on how he wanted DGHDA to look.


It dials up the violence and intensity and is overall a darker show, but if you’re looking to watch something oddly wonderful and violent like DGHDA, I’d give this a peep while Dirk is still in hiatus. 

Man, digging through articles to find anything that wasn’t about the economic impact of EPA regs was nearly impossible. In fact, when I finally found stuff on health benefits, it was STILL in terms of economics - talking about how much money was saved by limiting mortality when air pollution was cut back. I felt pretty slimy talking about human lives in dollar amounts, but that’s all they care about, after all.

I did find stats on EPA regulations being a net savings from the government themselves, though, which was a win. The OMB report has been removed from, but the wayback machine snagged it for me. Now I’ve cited government agencies at the government twice. This gives me some small amount of satisfaction. 

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Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but did you work at a non-profit in the past? I'm wondering what that experience was like for you. I'm currently working at one in a position that seems to have more and more duties tacked onto it. It's getting hard to deal with my job since I have no licensure, but I'm expected to act as a therapist and social worker for a high-need/high-risk population. Is this normal for non-profits?

Oh yeah. I’ve worked at a bunch of non-profits and still do in part. My first job was with a non-profit. I can tell you that I have yet to work at non-profit that didn’t push me to work beyond what I was comfortable doing - I’m just much better about telling the agency to politely fuck off. 

I’ve worked at agencies where non-clinicial staff were “counselors” or support staff that did a lot of the day to day management and support for the clients. It was really hard work without a lot of support according to my friends in those jobs. Do you have a supervisor? Is that the primary person giving you the directives that make you feel uncomfortable? You can go to your supervisor or to HR if you are feeling like you are being asked to work outside of your scope of competence. Good luck!

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i keep thinking about the holy trinity of MCR fics and how we try to find a third addition to round out AoaF and Unholyverse and.... what about Gerard Way's Vampire Detective Agency? I've seen it on most fic rec lists and I've personally read it four times, I think its really good.

it is really nice, but i dont think its as fundamental as uhv and taoaf? maybe those are just…. unparalleled

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I've read another translation somewhere (on Twitter i think ?) his agent said that Henrik doesn't want to play a gay character at first (AT FIRST) (to try out new things and other roles I'm pretty sure), there's nothing wrong with that. I'm sure Tarjei feels the same for his next roles too. It's so easy to blow things out of proportion when you translate stuff, people need to chill ...

yeah that’s how i translated it too, “to begin with”

And I agree there’s nothing wrong with him wanting to try different roles and different projects, absolutely not! 
But for her to use those words in an interview as like, him not wanting to play gay is why he’s gonna play other roles, was weird. 

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T and his agency might've reached the same conclusion with him that it would be better for his career to stay away from gay roles, I can understand the logic behind the decision. What I can't understand is WHYYY H's agency said it? And why they phrased it that way? I'm not sure if H can say anything under contract, but I really think he should. He and his agency look so bad right now. Proud of Morten, Ulrikke, Ina for voicing their opinion, and proud of T for being chill and not embarassing.

I’m so proud of the others! It was great to see their reactions.

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Fatimother ... i need to vent .. i don't want to go to college I want to make money from my looks like modeling I've already met W agencies and everything but I feel like I need to go to college but I just .. don't want to waste my time and be in debt for life

dam now that’s a #moob .. but hmm.. maybe community college can be good for u? Cuz you’ll have something there for U that won’t leave u in debt for 29 years u kno.. that wat I think