“I do wish you were here with us. It’s been such an adventure, but nothing like our times in Narnia. America is very exciting, except we never see Father. He works so very hard. I was invited to the British Consul’s tea party this week by a naval officer, who happens to be very handsome. I think he fancies me. It seems the Germans have made the crossing difficult right now. Times are hard. Mother hopes you both won’t mind another few months in Cambridge.”

Yahoo User: “Does Anyone Actually Hate/Dislike Skandar Keynes (Edward from Narnia). Thanks, i need as many yes’ as possible?”

Another Yahoo User: “YES! I had a run in with him pretty recently, and talk about disrespectful.. ”

So you’re telling me this smol bean is a disrespectful prick?

Okay. Sure.


Leslie named their secret land Terabithia, and she loaned Jess all of her books about Narnia, so he would know how things went in a magic kingdom - how the animals and the trees must be protected and how a ruler must behave.