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Last updated: 30 June 2015

This list encompasses all of the Chronicles of Narnia fandom. Thus, you may see characters based on the novels and/or the movies, as well as Narnia-based OCs.

Will be updated when more are found. If you have any you want to add to this list, please submit them to me. Any blog inactive for 6 months will be taken off. 

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[Fic] “Follow the Story (One Queen, Bearing Gifts)” - Chronicles of Narnia

Remix reveal day! I wrote two stories this year: They Have To Take You In (A Sheepish Story) for Gramarye and Follow the Story (One Queen, Bearing Gifts) for rthstewart. I’m going to talk about each in a separate post. 


Follow the Story (One Queen, Bearing Gifts): 1,825 words, June 2015. On Ramandu’s island, Lucy and the Star’s daughter speak of stories, choices, and new beginnings. 

Remixed from Follow the Star, by rthstewart

I told rthstewart that I’d write her a Madness fic, and then I did. :-) 

This remix is a little unusual in that the main change was to its canon. In other words, I took a story that was written for the Disney film version of VDT and stuck it into book!verse. This required a fair bit of conceptual mangling, given how different the plots of the book and movie apparently are! (Full disclosure: I have never actually seen that movie.) I had to change the topic of the entire first half of the conversation, but I hope I kept the general sense of two girls talking about their futures and reaffirming each other’s hope and faith. 

The story is also an excuse to patch two minor continuity holes in VDT. First, what became of the sailors who accompanied the sleeping lords to Ramandu’s island? Second, what is the origin of Ramandu’s daughter, and what is she, metaphysically speaking, since she doesn’t give off light like non-disgraced Stars all seem to do? I feel that my answer to the second question renders my authorship blindingly obvious, considering it’s a variation of my origin story for the siren in Into Something Rich and Strange – or more accurately, the siren’s origin is a variation of this theory, because I came up with this one first. It just took me two years to find a story where I could use it. Victory!  \o/ 

Rth’s story also includes some dialogue about Lucy’s name and its meaning, which struck me as a perfect segue into the odd namelessness of the other main character, who is only ever identified by her relationships with men: Ramandu’s daughter, Caspian’s wife, Rilian’s mother. You can judge for yourself whether my attempt to address that situation worked. 

This fic is also a little frustrating for me in that it’s not an obvious AU, and yet it doesn’t quite fit into my Lost Chronicles of Narnia timeline – because of that name issue, ironically enough. In my main continuity, the Star’s daughter already has her own name, which is Tarazeth. So I think this will remain a might-have-been, much though I like the idea of Lucy getting to have an on-page conversation with another female character aside from Susan.

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「JINS PC」でパソコン作業の「目の疲れ」がほとんどなくなる

パソコン作業で一番厄介なのが目の疲れだった。 今までは目薬をさすことで目の疲れに対応していたが、目薬を使っても疲れが残る。 そこで「PCメガネ」を使ってみることにした。 「PCメガネ」はパソコン、スマホ、テレビなどのディスプレイから発するブルーライトをメガネのレンズでカットして目の疲れを軽減する効果があるとされる。 ブルーライトを発するディスプレイを長時間見続けると、目に負担がかかるとされる。 デジタルディスプレイから発せられるブルーライトは、眼や身体に大きな負担をかけると言われており、厚生労働省のガイドラインでも「1時間のVDT(デジタルディスプレイ機器)作業を行った際には、15分程度の休憩を取る」ことが推奨されています。…

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Is There An Unexpected Price For Late Night High Tech Excitement?
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